Day 58: Angel and Mary

Sometimes I get afraid to write. I’m afraid I won’t write the correct message, won’t express myself in the right light, won’t use my words adequately to express the deeper meaning. That I will get prideful, that I will depend on others’ input too much, that I will weep at criticism, that I will offend or […]

Day 132: In Short

Here are my favorite shorts I have written. I invite you to choose.  Day 12: Short piece about being me.  Behind the Curtain  Day 16: Short story about a friendship. The Bus Stop Day 20: Philosophical prose.   The Wounded Healer Day 34: A bitter-sweet short.  A Lonely, Heart-Broken Pillow Day 45: A short fictional rhyming story. The Land of […]

Day 61: Another One Bites the Dust!

Would it be entirely inappropriate to modify the title of this post to: ‘Another One Bites the Dust!  Bite Me!’? Probably. Most people wouldn’t get the vampire pun. This week I’ve lost a couple of blog followers. Pausing for sniffles. Even though Little Me repeatedly reminds the Geek Posse that we’ve gained cool new followers, […]