Day 206: Hot Dog! Bikini Shots!

I have written about going from Prude to Sexy in prior posts .

In pure delight, I have reached several of my goals regarding Prude to Sexy, including the guitar purchase and kayaking. I still desire to take those guitar lessons and start belly dancing. Might trade in the ankle tattoo idea for a belly button ring, though….

My middle son is convinced this is all a midlife crisis. My husband is quite smitten. And my dog, well she is happy as a clam with all the walking we’ve been doing. I’m averaging five to seven miles a day of walking, and hope to continue when the rain makes its way to my town and sticks around.

My BIG GOAL of bikini purchase and wearing the bikini in public was achieved last week at a lake with hundreds of people!

Although, in all honesty, my bikini is really “boy shorts.” But the attire is skimpy enough to qualify as bikini in my book. I haven’t worn a bikini or anything like it in over twenty years. My stomach hadn’t seen the light of days in decades.

When I wore my bikini at the lake, I spent the whole two hours processing with my husband about my bikini and my body. I still harbor some childhood bleak memories of naked grownups at nude beaches.

And I’ve been revisiting the past, some of the haunting tauntings that occurred in my freshman year of high school on the east coast, where kids called me slut and such because of my figure.

I’m learning to embrace my body….and reprogramming thoughts I have about words like voluptuous. 

It’s taken me over a week to post my bikini photo, and this IS a thumbnail size photo. But it counts! OH, and did I mention, since February, I lost 21 pounds?

And for those of you that want the Full Effect… you go!!!!

62 thoughts on “Day 206: Hot Dog! Bikini Shots!

  1. All I have to say is you look MARVELOUS! Such great legs you need to do a bathtub post like I did !!! 🙂 🙂 Really Sam — you did that bikini proud and I hope you are basking in feeling voluptuous and beautiful. Sending huge hugs and Love — your fellow sea-sister and bikini lover( just so uncomfortable in any type of one piece) ~ xxxooo

    1. Oh, Darling Sea Sister…thank you so very much (said in Billy Crystal voice) Bathtub post….that would be a big step for me. Yours was a classy shot, though. 🙂 I am feeling beautiful in my perfect imperfections. My legs are toned all up, which is nice. Learning to love the wrinkles now! hehe
      Love you and appreciate your support sooooo much. Where’s your bikini shot??? xoxox Sam

      1. 🙂 giggling — gotta get a real bikini shot – have one on In my home page header but got the bottoms wet posing and had to throw the peasant skirt over or I’d be bottomless! Haven’t been out and about much – maybe by summer’s end will get hubby to play photographer. You should feel beautiful – you ARE! xo

      2. awe thanks….:) I’m trying….don’t know if I’ll ever get there. But I love my spirit…
        Laughing wondering what your viewers would think of you bottomless…probably best not to go there…LOL

      3. Don’t tell — my bottoms were hanging on our umbrella – I was posing and a wave came and I got all kinds of sand in them – and we thought photo shoot over — but then threw on the skirt and was probably better — bikini shots should likely only get thumbnail status — except for pups of course – how cute is that one!! xxoo Love u

  2. Whoot Whoot!! :)My SIL in law took about twenty pics of me in my bikini last week. I figure I better keep em, because in twenty years from now (I’ll still think I can wear one no doubt) I’ll look back and think how awesome I looked twenty years ago in a bikini…lolYou look great and keep going!

  3. You are too funny. So what did you put in the dog’s water to get her to pose like that?!?

    Congrats on going from crab shell to bikini. You wear it well!

    I’m going to go on a walk now…. 🙂

    1. She’s a real good dog. She was actually wide awake! lol. Was hoping she’d turn her head and look at the camera with her big eyes. LOL. Love the crab shell to bikini phrase. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your walk. 🙂 thanks for the support.

      1. Sure, here’s my blog link….

        Uhm, showing my tech savvy here… Is that what you wanted??? 🙂

  4. AWESOME!!! You look great! I am so happy that you achieved your goal and went out – a great accomplishment!

    I have several boy short bikinis. I love boy shorts – I don’t have to shave my bikini area with them! (Shh! Too much info!) I have gotten brave this past year and went out in a regular bikini and bottoms. I usually wear a tank top type of suit to cover my belly and boy shorts. (I have dysmorphia issues with my belly I have since I was five years old.) It was because I got tired of it looking like I had a pile of poo in my britches! 🙂 I also wanted a tan stomach again. I admit it.

    Plus the least amount of clothes as possible is what I desire. Unless it is winter time then, I would like to wear mounds of sweaters, socks, scarves, coats, boots, gloves, etc… However, I do wear mounds of clothes during the summer too because I am always cold. I was wearing a jacket outside when it was over 100 degrees here. If I am near water and it is warm I have this trigger to get my clothes off, it is cold and I start to freeze I want a ton of clothes.

    But no matter how hot or cold it is I always need at least 5 blankets on me when I am in bed. 🙂 I went completely off topic… the kids have taken over and I have lost my wits. It is all Lord of the Flies up in here! Ahhh!

    So happy for you!

    1. You are too cute. Now I know all about your seasonal attire. You remind me so much of someone else I know…..ME! Lovely images by the way…poo in britches…lol 🙂 I love tons of blankets in the winter. I need covers on me, even when It’s the hot summer. I didn’t find this off topic at all…it flowed just like my brain does…went exactly where I’d go without missing a beat. Perfect. Easy to follow. Bubbles of light and thanks for the support. 🙂 Sam

  5. How dare you,make me laugh out loud when I’m supposed to be depressed 😛 Very funny and cool post,my friend,thank you again for the smiles 😀

    The DC

    1. So glad you laughed. And sending you lots of sunshine. Are you getting excercise? If you are used to a lot and then go to none, that is likely to cause mood change. Hope you are okay. Keeping you in thought. 🙂 Sam

      1. About a mile 3 times per day (anymore and I’m down and can’t walk),between leisurely and almost faster than a jog,yes,but people are scared of her,she’s a bit…nervous…around new people,LOL 😛

    1. Your words are staying with me….”reclaiming my body and relationship with my skin” that is it exactly. Thank you for that. Just the words I neeed. Gotta love bikini dogs and cats. hehehe
      Hugs, Sam 🙂

  6. Great work, Sis! I am so happy you are making your goals and all.
    I do have one small concern: in that last picture of you on the couch, shave your legs. Too much of that special European look. 🙂

  7. Does that Spastic Colon have no shame posing like that on the couch? 😉

    You are awesome times 1000 to go out there – even as gorgeous as you are, it’s not an easy thing to do! Yay for you! What an inspiration you are. Not enough of an inspiration to get me out there walking in 110 degrees but still…. xoxo 🙂

    1. Excuse my language but she’s not a lady…if you know what I mean…lol
      seriously, you should have seen her with Scooby….lol
      It was sooooooooooo scary (wearing the bikini, not scoob and spastic c) And then I felt so proud about facing my fears.
      I heard you were having some icky weather, and some fire smoke, too???
      Hang in there, you will have a wonderful fall while I am in the clouds and rain.

  8. WOW!! This post made me chuckle and then laugh out loud with delight at your bravery (and the photo of your dog and bikini is hilarious!) Yes, you are lucky you live in a coolish place – a five-mile walk in Jamaica would nearly kill you in August! But this is wonderful. My stomach is like yours – hasn’t seen daylight for a long time. I have never ever had the nerve to wear a bikini, only a one piece! And you are looking so GOOD! Congrats…

    1. I used to live in a very hot summer place. This is only my second summer here. So I am loving the weather. The challenge will be to walk in the rain come fall. 🙂 Lovely to picture you walking in Jamaica though….does it ever cool down? I said I’d never wear a bikini….then this year happened…. thanks for the kind words. Hugs, Sam 🙂

  9. With a title like this…it had me slamming doors and all before I opened it… and then all I get is a thumb nail… what a let down…. love the post (as always) and man its nice to see a smiling face… poor hubby must have gone through hell with all the trick questions the donning of the costume must have created… love it … Is it too… do I look… etc etc must have been the order of the day… am I right???

    1. “Does that look like my butt?” “Am I as big as her?” lol
      It didn’t help that my boys were covering their eyes and screaming in fear when they saw me!!!
      My husband was great. He actually pointed out every women at the lake that wasn’t as sexy as me….Of course he pointed to everyone. lol…I mean, who was he going to leave out and make better than me? Kind of trapped himself that way. lol
      He listened to my questions for TWO hours straight. So insecure I am. 🙂 But getting better everyday.
      Thanks for your continued visits. Such a treat to hear what you have to say. And it took me 9 days to post the thumbnail! At first it was just going to be a thumbnail of my legs. After I posted I called my husband to ask him if I was showing too much. LOL….I am such a goof. I did notice many people tried to click on the thumbnail to see if it was a larger photo….I was prepared. hehehe
      🙂 Sam

  10. The title of this Blog post got my mind going.. You are so funny Sam! I think what you are doing is fantastic! I mos def wouldn’t call it a midlife crisis. I call it embracing your authentic self. This morning J asked me if I had a boyfriend when I was at my highest weight. I told him yes, I did. Which led to me into explaining that I have always, for the most part, been able to separate my physical appearance from who I am. Lets face it, my weight problem is zip compared to the Arthrogryposis! Sure, I felt higher than a kite when I was svelte, toned and moving across the dance floor to my favorite classic rock, but that’s one moment (a in time. Now that my dancing days are on hiatus, I focus on other parts of the child in me that wants to come out and play. We are taught to ‘grow up’ and ‘put on our big-boy pants’… But that is so counter to our authentic free spirits.. that inner child waiting all these years to come out and play. Some call it going out of our comfort zones.. I’d rather call it going back into them. Then J said, “I guess I’ve never really been able to do that.” I am overjoyed that your amazing hubby is enchanted by the free Spirit in you.. Share it often, and soon it will feel like staying. 🙂

    PS. You look….

    The sexy canine photo made me laugh so hard I almost dropped my laptop!

    xxoo and a booty shake… K

    1. PPS.. You should have seen your 86 year old G shakin’ her booty (right up to the microphone) to the New Orleans Blues a week ago.. She can go from passed out in her chair, to Madonna in 30 seconds flat! Follow and enjoy! :)))))

      1. Oh, Just stop showing off your cleverness through words….great image….if only I could find the tokens to use in the vending machine. hehehe Oh…it’s free…you just have to push the button…wish someone would have told me that 4 decades ago! hehehe Love you!

    2. hehehe…..nope…not a midlife crisis….but my middle guy is very confused by me. lol
      I love how you love yourself. I know at times you have challenges. But you are such an inspiration to me. And I’ve always thought you were so beautiful no matter the shape of any part of you. Seeing you really helps me see my own beauty! I finally have my little girl back…the one that went in hiding at age 12….I’m keeping her now. She is fun, and real, and doesn’t care about making mistakes or looking silly. And she is loved! Thanks for the fantastic YouTube…made me giggle. So glad you appreciated Violet’s sexy pose….she was worried she was showing too much leg. lol
      Love you sweetie pie. ~ me 🙂

      1. Heck, now you just made MY day! This is such an amazing journey.. one in which the First Class tickets are available from the vending machines in our heads. Nice comfy seats, eh?? :))) lol xoxox

  11. You are beautiful, Sam. It might just be the dog in me talking, but I think if Scoobie Doodles sees that picture, you’ll want to be watching your back. A little loss of dignity there. OK, I did laugh- but don’t tell him.

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