Of She


Of She…
She mounts, as the tuft ribbon, torn
Riding the circumference of questioning
Mind turned, trembled-wavers
Across endless cause
I cannot, I can, I will, I shan’t
And over the mountain terrains
She treks
Feet, aching soles
Upon beaten battleground
Heart opening to the chasm of reason
She is, and she is not
Twisted and reborn into
This something new and un-new
Opened and closed
Reexamined and brought into the light
Distraught and brilliantly aware
Carrying the global basket, woes
Torrid tears racing down bones
Outlining, this shadowed-speaker
Born into prism
Walls, resurfaced and reshaped
Made into what almost is
Until fleeting moments weep away
Left idling, still,
In creviced thoughts
Of what has come
Fragmented semblance
Slivered whispers
Claimed identity
The torrential gathering
Of she
~ Sam, 7/25/15

5 thoughts on “Of She

  1. Aside from knowing that God loves me in my imperfection, I feel like I don’t know who I am in and of myself or to others either. I am grateful for the basic needs in my life being met and cling to God and the Scriptures to keep on going.

  2. Ok I am horrid with poetry but it sounded pretty! I am however taken with your art piece. I think it’s my favourite thus far. I just love the colours. It has a mystical dreamy aspect to it. Very inspirational. I keep staring it and by seeing it I think I understand the poem but regardless the artwork greatly speaks to me. I hope u frame that one;)

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