315: My Aspie Friend Rocks!

copii aspie iarna (2)

This post is dedicated to the little girl who made this drawing. I do not know her and I do not know her mother. We only just connected online today. I was sent this drawing as a gift, and what a gift it is. The picture is called: Asperger Children in Winter The daughter’s words speak volumes: “I know Mommy, who can be my best friend, somebody who has the same syndrome as me; then he could be kind with me and understand me better; I’m so sure about that.”

I couldn’t help but to cry. If you are comfortable, please say a prayer for her. Hold her in light. I cannot wait for her to meet her special friend. I cannot wait for her friend to behold her beautiful heart.

First off I have to say at a recent Super Bowl gathering, one in which I only broke out in one hive, I was totally myself. So much so, that I had to private message a new “friend” after the party to say, “I am sorry I talked so much. I usually do that when I like someone. I am not very good at parties.” Fortunately, she messaged right back saying, “I like you, too.”

I felt like such a grade-schooler, but so relieved.

I don’t want you to think in the past couple days I have been depressed; I have not been. My vitamin D levels are freakishly low again, and that adds to my pool of spurts of melancholy, but all-in-all I am doing quite well. Miraculously, I walked through a valley of darkness, being plucked by vultures and all, and came out unscathed and rather well-lifted in faith. And as of late, I have been pouring my heart out to my higher power, whom I choose to call Jesus (and choose to not push on anyone else), and we have really hit it off.

I’m not sure what’s up with all my prophetic and spiritual writing, but I seem to be tapping into something, and my God seems to be the conduit. It is healing, remarkable, scary, and peaceful all at once, like a giant ball of chocolate flying through the air at dart-speed about to land in my mouth. I savor it, though the impact can be quite overwhelming.

Back to that party… Something funny happened. There was a lady there, a mother of the hostess, never did get her name, forgot to ask. But we sat near each other a good stretch of the game, particularly during the power outage (super-boring-sportscasters-don’t-know-what-they-are-doing-part). We were chatting a bit. Well, I was mostly giggling and cracking myself up, as is my protocol at first-time gatherings; that and stuffing my face with food.

Anyhow, we were talking about the Superbowl commercials, and I said something to the tune of, “So far the best commercial is the one with the older people.” I was careful how I worded my sentence. I didn’t want to say “senior citizen” because there was one sitting right next to me. I looked over after I made my statement relieved I’d dodged a bullet.

But then I kind of blabbered. Not being able to stop myself, I added, “Did you notice how I didn’t use the words senior citizens.” I paused to giggle.

Then more poured out to substantiate what had leaked out. “I was careful, as you are sitting here.”
I blushed.

Time to regroup and repair, I added more, “Two of my best friends are senior citizens. I like senior citizens. I really do.”

But nooooo, that wasn’t enough. I laughed again. “Oh, man,” I said, my face aflame. “That sounded so bad. Like saying I like black people, two of my best friends are black.”

The senior citizen, well she just started busting up.

Me, in the meantime, I’m wondering who the heck is controlling the mechanism between my brain, thought, and speech.

After that mishap, I set about to chat my new “friend’s” ear off. I think I basically told her every ghost experience and psychic experience I ever had in my entire life! And boy, I really didn’t know I had enough eerie moments to fill up well over an hour!

Luckily, when this oh so patient and kind lady wrote me back later that night, she also added to her message: “It’s nice to talk to someone who doesn’t think I’m weird.”

Now that there… that is just gem-talk, I tell you, pure gem-talk.

It is nice to talk to someone who thinks they are weird. So refreshing!

I love weird people. They get me, and they are typically so dang interesting.

My favorite weird person (and that is a high-ranking compliment from the planet she comes from) would have to be my super-fabulous friend Alienhippy. We met through blogging. I checked her out and studied her blog before I started mine. I don’t know if she knows I used her as a prototype. Don’t think I’ve told her that, yet. But I’ve pretty much told her everything else about me that she could find here on the pages of this blog. We talk every single day, from where she is in England and where I be on the Northwest coast of USA.

I love her so much that my husband just said, “Looks like are next family trip will have to be to England, then.” Of course, I adamantly concurred and set about to wonder how I’d feasibly survive that flight.

Alienhippy (that’s not her real name, in case you are that one percent wondering) is a dynamo of a friend. And this is why:

My Aspie Friend Rocks

1. She never says: “I am fine or I am okay.” When I ask her how she is feeling, she tells me straight up how she is, inside and out, how her physical body feels, her spirit, and mind. I don’t have to wonder, or guess, or pry, and there is such freedom in the realness of the experience of knowing. I won’t get into details, but I even know about her bowel movements!

2. She always, without fail, tells me she loves me so much. She used to say she loves me too much, but I told her that wasn’t healthy, as I be who I be. And now she just says she loves me so much and just enough. She tells me over and over, almost each time we touch base. She loves me so much that I feel this syrupy liquid of protective jell all about me all day long.

3. She has no hidden motives and is real. My friend she just tells me her heart and her soul. She tells me of her faith, her trials, her children, her life. She doesn’t hold back anything. Any subject is open for discussion. And I mean anything! You name it, and we’ve probably talked about it. And I never feel embarrassed or shamed or stupid for sharing. She gives me the freedom to be completely me, because she is completely herself. We laugh so hard and have invented our own secret code words. And we make up names for each other. I like to call her banana slug. Don’t ask me why. Because I have no idea.

4. She loves me no matter what. She would love me if I was green and slimy; she said so. I would love her no matter what size or shape, no matter what species, no matter what! She is just the bees knees and so wonderful. Her heart is as big as the universe and my heart fits right inside hers. I tease her that if she had a “package” I would totally own her. You see, we can talk like that.

5. She doesn’t lie. She’s like me: lying feels like we are dying inside. We have no choice but to spill our beans and be truthful, and because of this we have this unbreakable trust. We know we are what you see. We know we have no curtains hiding secrets. We know we won’t tell, won’t shame, and won’t break our trust. We have like an unspoken truce. We have a code of honor. And everything I say is taken to heart.

6. She reads me. She can tell when I am holding back and not saying everything. She can tell when I am sad, feeling broken or lost. And she not only reads me but helps me. She gets me. She knows my pains and understands how it feels. That’s how she can read me. She knows when to ask: Are you okay? And she knows when to say: You are beautiful inside and out. She even knows how to comfort me when I am looping and spinning in my head.

7. She is a reflection of me. She is so dang beautiful that I just feel so lucky to be her friend, and she loves me so much that I know I must be that dang beautiful. I am so very honored to know her. The compassion she carries for others is out of this world. And she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is the best mother and a very honest wife. We like to tease about our husbands, as they are so alike in their ways. And even are sons have the same name and ASD.

8. She gets my brain! Praise the heavens. I don’t have to explain anything to her. She understands my fixations, my breakdowns, my panic attacks, my insecurities, my passions, my obsessions. She’s been there and done that, and is still doing it. I don’t feel like I’m a loner traveling through a strange planet anymore. In her I found my people!

9. She is so smart it’s scary. Oh my goodness. I’ve never met a wiser woman in my life. The things that come out of her mouth, you’d think she was a senior citizen, a super smart one whose been around the block and inside the mind of brilliance. She just knows how to untangle things and find new angles and read between the lines. Her analytical mind coupled with her heart is just amazing.

10. She is unique. In all her aspieness, she is still a uniquely divine and gifted woman. Her aspie qualities just enhance who she already is naturally, a gift to me and this world. She has longed for a friendship like ours for years, and I have longed for a connection like I have with her for years. God matched us up, me and her, to show us our inherent goodness; for me I am her forever friend, the one she would swing with under the big tree in her childhood dreams and wish for, and for me she is my earth angel. In fact I know she is my earth angel, as last week when I was crying and at the end of my rope, I pleaded up to God, and I asked, “Why have you given me so much without assistance, without a sign, without hope?” And he kindly and adamantly replied, in a curt and matter-of-fact way only my God can, “I gave you Alienhippy, didn’t I?”

If you are an adult female touched by Aspergers looking for friends, do I have the group for you! You’ll be loved like a rock… though I’m not sure what that means. :))))


23 thoughts on “315: My Aspie Friend Rocks!

    1. hahahaha… great comment. YEP she be AWESOME. and thank you for all of your comments, Alyce. They truly lift my spirits. What a blessing you are. Tons of hug-balls rolling your way. That expand and smother with love upon impact and smell like chocolate. 🙂

  1. Sam I just wanted to say I once had a treasure like that (friend) and I also wanted to say… I stopped my facebook not because of the support group because IT IS an amazing group of people but I was feeling lost in it somehow. Perhaps it was the unfamilierness of facebook. Not sure yet.

  2. I am really glad for you. So happy you have Alienhippy as a friend. We follow each other’s blogs and I think a lot of both of you.
    I need a friend who is always like that to me. Not jealous, just wishing.

    1. wink-wink… yes, I let her know about your blog, because I knew you would be a “safe” person and kind to her. I wish you to have a friend like that too! You deserve all the best. Love and light Mr. Ted

  3. I’m still giggling over your senior moment. Too funny!!! I’m glad you met someone you were comfy with and that you have such a wonderful friend in Alienhippy. (Us English chicks rock 😉

  4. golly gee….laughing on the floor. Aren’t we wonderfully weird. Isn’t it so funny when we are talking to the nt’s and they think we are so funny and we have no idea why….happens all the time. Love your real friend…we are great because we have no idea how to be anything but totally real. I wouldn’t even know the first thing about game playing. Oh except when I am listening to an NT and I realize I haven’t heard I word they said because my mind is totally somewhere else. I do try to nod like I heard something. Yeah and when someone says “how are you?” and we are supposed to say “fine” I just don’t get it…I was 63 when I found out why I was so different…had to process that for awhile. But, now I am SO GLAD (except when I’m not). I am a God mistake, oh no…I’m a GEM! precious, different, wonderfully made and whoa I am back on the couch laughing…we can be so funny…..people see me walking along the seawall where we are volunteering this winter…laughing out loud all by myself..I had just told myself a joke..ah life is good except of course when it isn’…..

  5. I LOVE the way she did her name in the lower right hand corner….very similar to the way our 11-year old Aspie daughter puts her name down on drawings, too. More like a “trademark” or “logo”….great personal branding…and far different than any other kids would! soooo cool!

  6. That picture is so great!! What a wonderful gift. Yippie!!

    Leesy-loo is the bestest ever!!!! I LOVE her to pieces and oodles!!

    Love bubbles and happy sprinkles of sunshine delights to you!! Look at all of my!!!!!!

    That’s what happens when I am recovering from a not so wonderful place. 🙂 I am glad I got to read such a happy post.

    Much love and hugs to you!

    1. Angel, I love you too much too my precious wandering butterfly friend. Glad you are out of your spiral, always praying you through them my lovely gift. Leesy. xxx {{{hugs}}} xxx

    2. You are such an amazing gift to the world, Angel. I am deeply blessed to know you and be a part of your life. Love bubbles and sprinkles right back at you. I am sorry you were in a not so wonderful place. Wishing you so much goodness and beauty and peace. xo

  7. LOVE YOU BASNA!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing my bowel movements with the world, remember I know yours too…..LMHO AND….I have a blog. 😛
    I can’t wait for you to come visit, shall we go to Scotland, I’ve never been there and if you and Bob go I might be able to get Mr Locoman to open his wallet….Only kidding, but he will probably be dragging Bob to a few footy games. That will be great at least we won’t have to go.
    Speak to you later when you wake up.
    Love you so much and just enough…..hehe. xoxoxo HUGSsss

    1. I don’t poop….ever! hehehehe Yes, Scotland shall be grand. Bob wants to where a skirt….lol…he really does want a kilt. Oh, maybe Mr. Locoman can strike it rich! Hugs and love banana slug! I saw some banana slugs in the store….fake ones… I need to buy them for when we meet.. two per package…. notice I used the word package..hehehe xo

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