435: My Purpose

sam 2013

Writing gives me my purpose and is my form of service—my way of feeling alive and connected to the love that is YOU.

I give to give. I don’t give for attention, praise, or to receive love. I just give.

I don’t give to persuade, prove a point, or convince. I don’t give to expose, debate, or irritate.
I just give.

It’s a hard concept for some to understand that of giving just to give, a hard concept for some to trust and believe.

I think if more people gave of self, expecting nothing in return, we’d have a lot more space in prisons, hospitals, and psychiatry wards. I think if people just started sharing and serving, not for fame, fortune, esteem, or recognition, (or number of followers), then the world would be a much brighter place.

Too often I see people helping in hopes of payment—spoken or unspoken.

My deal is easy and clear. I love you. Take it or leave it.

I have been paid more than I ever hoped to be paid in a life time, through authentic love-filled giving.

Because of YOU, I smile a lot. And I am taking that smile with me beyond this moment. That’s enough. More than enough.

~Sam (Everyday Aspergers)

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16 thoughts on “435: My Purpose

  1. So many of us have been helped by your generous giving spirit Sam. You will truly never know the long, long chain of Love that began with your first post, and continues onward and outward…a never ending, ‘Pay it forward!’…my world is so much bigger because of you and your words, and friends!! 🙂 Yep! Due to you! Wonderful how God works, pulling people together

  2. Beautiful! I totally agree with you. It can be difficult to get some to believe you’re giving them something just because you want to. I enjoy giving but have had to learn doubt and mistrust may follow 😦

    1. there came a point where I stopped basing my feelings on how others chose to interpret me. It took a lot of soul searching and hard work… Keep shining and giving and loving… regardless of what others attempt to push onto you. xo

      1. Thank you, I am almost there. It has taken me so long in therapy but I am almost able to not be bothered by what others think of me now.

      2. Well I am 31 so I guess it’s taken me my whole life. I haven’t been in therapy the entire time though. More like 1/3 of it. 🙂

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For being You. I would like to share some words I found. “I want to be an individual, I dont want a bunch of disciples at my feet.“

  4. I live off a little food and a lot of inspiration. Your beautiful words and the simple, pure sentiment that they express, provide me with bucketloads of undiluted inspiration. They’re just oozing with truth, beauty and love. I’m so pleased that I found you. Thanks, Sam, from the depths of my heart! 🙂

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