Day 156: Raven’s Call

Raven’s Call

Knight alone travels

Through crystalline snow mounds, high

Every step frozen

Sorrow’s songbird weeps

Sings sweet memories of days

Without branch or sky

Starlit amber eyes

Rest in slivered moonlight ray

Distant love divides


Limp maple leaves swept

Between piles of summer past

Where lost beauty rests


Vines linger and twist

Cedar choked in living green

Strong, tall and near dead


Stones cross river cold

Stuck and stagnant in iced blue

A hard fragile path


Raven bride dances

Dark veil swaying in harsh wind

Alone mourning wings


Clipped by hope of sun

As summer of fairy dreams

Hid behind shadows


Rose garden scent flows

Message to lost wanderer

Mistook for thrown thorns

The thunder loud roars

Lion in imprisoned den

Sky, dark blood stained paws

Fights this dark of knight

When about daylight beckons

Pure crystal turned black


Still she sings, raven

Her voice unmoved by winter

Calling sunlight home


by Samantha Craft

June 2012