Day 146: Erotic Lentils

“Do not seek enlightenment unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond.” – Sri Ramakrishna

“I will not tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death’s door.” – author unknown

I have like 4 or 5 water signs in my astrological chart…hmmmm.

I am just beginning to be amazed by the many facets of Samantha Craft. One day deep philosopher writing words she doesn’t quite grasp, the next soulful author pouring out healing truths from the roads of childhood, later a poet easing an over-flowing heart, and then back to the unyielding sex goddess emerging from used up prude-nun from past life. The loins! The loins!

Wow! My husband is a patient man. Of course, he does get that sex goddess… Did I mention he is doing a lot more chores around the house without a whisper of remorse?

I keep thinking I am going to wake up and magically transform back into the person I was five months ago. Though I don’t think her vessel would fit this wild blossoming spirit. I’d surely burst out within minutes, leaving the old shell scattered and forever broken.

The world seems to be getting even more passionate, appealing, and ravenous by the day. If I have any challenge at all, in the spiritual sense, it’s the intensity of not wanting to run out of time on this glorious playground of planet earth. Just today, after walking in the sunshine, yes sunshine, while at the farmer’s market sipping lentil soup and listening to a flute player, I was just so gosh-dang giddy about living. And it’s not because things are going “well” in the humanistic sense. Really, if I got down to it, I could play you a sad song about my life to make you weep out yesterday’s coffee from your eyes. Seriously. I’ve got a laundry list of grievances I could lay down right now at your feet.

So my overwhelming sensation of joy isn’t because all is well. Not that type of sensation at all. Quite the opposite. I know all is not well; but I’m well in this knowing.

Sipping my lentils from a cup was purely divine erotica. The swirls of liquid brown, the small melted beans, the little onions—I took twenty minutes to sip my small cup of soup!!! I didn’t want the experience to end. It was so sexy and sensual.

Today was one of those days I would have danced in a water fountain, or pierced my bellybutton, or gotten a tongue stud, or kissed a stranger. It was one of those days that felt like Christmas morning.

You know what? I am very much amazed by how many people take walks and complain about life. I honestly don’t know what I would talk about, if I had a walking partner. I suppose I could say: “Look how that leaf is so very green. Look how it dances!” or “Look at that duck. Watch him dunk. See the ripples on the water. Oh the water!” And then stop myself from screaming in ecstasy…Oh, the water! Oh, the water! Not really…but close.

Perhaps I could talk to a walking mate like I talk to my little dog, that I now tie with her red leash to my pant loop so she can stride along my side and I can swing my hands high in the air. We are quite the pair. Her with her Groucho Marx eyebrows and me with my radiating smile. People don’t quite know what to make of us. I imagine they think we’re a bit too cheery to be real. But we are. We are real. And cheery.

I talk to her about things, my little dog. And she listens with a cock of her head, looking up like she knows she is special. And I look down, like I know I am special. And she moves her little legs super fast, and I move my bigger legs super slow, and we walk and walk in the beauty of the world.

I say things to her like: “Look at the water! Isn’t it lovely?” And I lift her so she can see. And then later I wait as she sniffs a butt or two. And I wonder why humans don’t run up to each other so happily, like pups. And then I think maybe that’s my next step. Maybe I’m going to be one of those ladies running up to random people and offering hugs!!!!  Not butt sniffs….not there, yet. But maybe next month.

I can’t wait to see how I will be tomorrow. I truly am a surprise a minute. So entertaining and full of life, and sometimes other stuff too, but nonetheless full and unpredictable. My husband seems to be falling in love with me, perhaps for the first time, as I am actually me for the first time, at least in my adult years. I think for him he’s woken up to a new partner all together. And I’ve woken up to a new me all together. Not improved or better or different, more so rebirthed. And in no way perfect, just entirely unpredictable in nature, mood, and words, and no longer willing to ever, ever tiptoe through life again.

If I am insane, I’m even cool with that. If I am awakened, I won’t say that, seems so silly to say such a thing. We’re all awake! Just some of us keep hitting the snooze button and falling back to sleep for a spell.

Erotic Lentils

I am entangled in your simmering sweetness

Diving into you speck by speck

The heat savored by tongue

Morsels licked up like lollipops

Pick me a flavor

More divinely set for my taste

Pick me a lover

More satisfying

Than the empty bowl from which I drank

The sprinkles left inside me now

A curried-sunset within ocean’s shimmer

To nibble fondly in every direction

Into the inner depths

Through which

You have so easily crept

Sam Craft


“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.” ~ Groucho Marx

49 thoughts on “Day 146: Erotic Lentils

      1. I have received a couple awards , tomorrow I will post them , but I want to nominate you for the lovely blog award …just giving you a little preview…

  1. aint no reading no more this is blasphemy..erotic lentils I say pray pray to him he will pardon your sins..
    Sam you are a cutie pie…what a beautiful pic..i just want to hug you and then may be hug you again…you are a darling,what a beautiful poetry..
    ah the bliss of sipping a warm lentil soup
    the way it teases our senses and tase buds
    gotta agree with you
    its heaven its erotic and its biss
    hugs 🙂

    1. he, he. Silly, silly Soma. What a child’s heart you carry. 🙂
      So taking those hugs. Yes, it was Indian lentil soup. I love East Indian food. Being vegetarian, and trying to avoid gluten, there are so many delightful dishes. “Teases our Senses and Taste Buds” — yep, exactly! Hugs to you and your cuteness. 🙂 Sam

  2. Sam Craft~ You just Rock~! Mostly you bring a smile to my face and a sense that all is well and even when you are sad and confused, you are “authentic” and that’s what I crave in another and in me~ Love coming back to your blog after a few daze away from the computer (which I Highly recommend)~ Thank you for letting me swim in your soup~ 🙂

    1. Such sweet words. 🙂 I love the phrase “You Rock!” Oh, yes, I have craved authentic people since I was a small child. It only took 40 years for me to start finding groups of them. 🙂 sigh. I am honored you like coming here. Yes….a few “daze” (he, he) off the computer is good for the soul. I am praying about that for myself. Glad you liked the swim. You are great with words. Hugs, Sam

  3. Great happy picture, Sam! I love it that you see the value of a dogs’ companionship on a walk (or any time). We never think our human’s behavior is odd or embarassing. We always let you express yourselves however you need to at that precise moment. As for me, I think the crazier the better. It’s so much more fun than if my human were a dullard.

    Have an extrordinary day, Sam!!

    The Bamm

    1. Hello Cool Griff. My dog Violet (also spastic colon at times) would adore you! Dogs like you do allow us humans to be free and without restriction. You remind us what life is about. I’m laughing at dullard….never heard that expression….but I think I was quite a dullard a few months back. lol. You have a fantastic, light and love-filled weekend, friend. Sunshine to you. Sam 🙂

  4. Wow! I so much love the way your heart flows through. Erotic lentils you do enjoy. I can smile through every word, it soothes to not think much about life. You enjoy every little thing, and so your husband loves you for that and more. Surprising and passionate.

    Glad to know. The poem finds the perfect taste. Beautiful. 🙂

    1. I like the thought of smiles through every word.That is a grand thing to say. 🙂 Much appreciated. Thank you for your continued kindness and thoughtfulness. You are very wise and kind. Sunshine and happy thoughts floating your way. Sam 🙂

    1. Oh, yes, so very true. I have great joy only because I have experienced great sorrow. 🙂 Sam
      On Joy and Sorrow
      Kahlil Gibran

      Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
      And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
      And how else can it be?
      The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
      Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter’s oven?
      And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?
      When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.
      When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

      Some of you say, “Joy is greater thar sorrow,” and others say, “Nay, sorrow is the greater.”
      But I say unto you, they are inseparable.
      Together they come, and when one sits, alone with you at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.

      Verily you are suspended like scales between your sorrow and your joy.
      Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced.
      When the treasure-keeper lifts you to weigh his gold and his silver, needs must your joy or your sorrow rise or fall.

  5. lol..fantastic! Glad you mentioned you weren’t at the butt sniffing part I am like you on a walk..people here..we all say hi.But…we are a little notorious for that..striking up conversations with strangers…oddly easier than with people who sort or kind of know you. Do it! Run around and be the happy smiler…never a regret to that:)

      1. Are you in England? I will be visiting my friend I met online in the next few years. I love her so. I have some cousins in England. Or are you Australia…or am I way off. LOL. Would enjoy some lentils with you. 🙂

      2. lol…No…Canada…are you getting as much rain this week as Victria and Vancouver…they are socked in:)

      3. We are going to Canada for the first time this summer. Probably twice!!! lol….I’m so clueless at times. 74 degrees yesterday. Today cloudy as all heck. No rain, yet, today.

      4. The part closest to WA…Southern British Columbia Province, likely. Probably take a couple day trips in July and stay the weekend. 🙂 We got all our passports ready.

    1. And what’s wrong with a little good butt sniffing? LMHO! he he 😉
      I love when people strike up conversations with people. I am funny the way I do it. Sometimes I just say out of the blue: “Oh, I love your hair. Where did you get it done?” But usually I try to follow the social norms. I think I’d like to ask, “Are you happy? Are you loved? Where do you work? What makes you smile?” Probably those type of questions, right when I met someone. LOL. I will do it….keep smiling. First time in my life it feels easier and safer to smile, than frown. Thanks for being you. I just adore you and your personality, talent, and energy. Hugs. Sam 🙂

  6. Your blog today was like your Erotic Lentils to me! I felt authenticated in my unreasonable joy (even in the midst of scratches and bumps) at beauty in nature, in the delicious taste
    of air, earth and water, and the warmth of fire. Also love your references to the stars and planets! I ‘am’ or ‘do’ astrology, passionately!

    1. Oh, goodie! That makes me SMILE even BIGGER. he he 🙂
      My cousin in Malta did my chart for me; that’s how I know about the water signs….I guess I’m very “powerful”…uniquely so. he he. But she hasn’t shared the chart with me beyond that. I think I might get a new chart done by a trusted person locally. I am such a Cancerian woman. What is your sign? lol…. sounds so funny typing that.
      Yes, nature… healing and inspiring. Thanks for being you and sharing your passion. Hugs, Sam 🙂

      1. I’m a talkative, wordy Gemini.. 🙂 which is another reason why I love your blog. You verbalize thoughts and emotions so well that they ‘feel’ like my own. Yes, you ARE powerful and doing much good with your honest, tender, Cancerian talents! My other passion (being a Gem means two of everything!!) is poetry. I love your poems, and the inspiration I get from them to write more of my own.Hugs, Joanne 🙂

    1. he, he, he…..”made me drop my spoon.” You are too cute! Oh, yes….”I’m having what she’s having!” Great line, indeed. A little bit of sunshine, like yesterday always gets the juices flowing. Enjoy the market, and hold onto your spoon! 😉 Sam

  7. You were right my friend…. I LOVE this post. 🙂
    Love our friendship, and thank God that He brought you into my life.
    You are so very inspiring. I don’t think a walking partner could cope with me either.
    My dogs get me in all my Aspieness
    They also pick the perfect people for me to talk to… 😉 😉 hehe
    I don’t think I should ever try tying ROCK’s lead to my trousers though.
    Can you imagine it…all 4’11” of me being draged along by a full size Rotty.
    AND…there is NO WAY I could pick him up to look at anything. :/
    Zazzy…maybe, she’s getting old now and doesn’t jump around so much.
    Still a tall dog but hasn’t got so much weight behind her. I’ll try it and let you know.
    The first part of your post had me giggling, you always know how to make me giggle.
    Love you so very much my lovely friend.
    ME 🙂 xxx ❤

    1. he, he about Rock….what a sillly picture I have in my mind. I forget how little you are. Like a true fairy in the forest. Picking him up…lol…
      So glad to make you giggle….of course you have the inside details as well. lol.
      Love our friendship, and you my big-hearted friend. xoxoxo Sam 🙂

  8. now i REALLYYYY want lentils:))) Reading this is so remarkable…It’s almost like a growth chart on the wall, and nothing makes me more thrilled then seeing you happy with who you are:))))))))

    1. LOL…..Thank you very much for your continued sweet support. What would I do without Sir David in the corner supporting and uplifting? A kind soul indeed you are. Cooking you up some spicy lentils…grab a spoon. Enjoy. Hugs, Sam 🙂

  9. HI Sam, I haven’t had much time to read your blogs lately – I did read this one and all I can say is you are just GORGEOUS!! I still love your writing and you still make me smile, which by the way is just what I needed tonight…. Love Lucille xxx

    1. Hey You! I still need a link to your blog. Your gravatar photo doesn’t take me there. And your emails aren’t in my inbox. So if you can send over a link or post in my pages: Blogs and Awards, atop this blog. Oh…you have to read Prude to Sexy next time you stop by!!! And my Aching Loins. Must catch you up, girlfriend! So happy to hear I brought you a smile. Yay! Blushing from the gorgeous comment; it’s the lighting on my I-Mac…lol….and that is such a cheesie smile. he he.
      Miss you. You are a friend from the start of this crazy journey. So good to see you. HUGS, Sam

      1. Ok I didn’t understand what you were asking for before but now I think I do re trying to get into my posts. I made all the posts non-visable apart from the very first one I sent, as I didn’t think the 30-day challenge looked very professional and I was wanting to sent this blog to some practitioners. I am still in two minds whether or not to make it visable or not?! I will have to figure out how to complete the gravatar link. I haven’t really been on the site for a while. hit bit of a burn out as a result of breast feeding through out the night with my 1.5 year old, but I’ve stopped breast feeding now, only now have I recovered and I should be back on the job and blogging some case studies soon. I will check out the two blogs you mentioned. yes you are a friend from the start of my crazy blogging journey too and I know the friendship will be a longstanding one too. So chuffed to see how well your facebook fan page is doing too, definitely one of the more interactive ones I’ve seen. Speak soon. Love Lucille x

    1. 🙂 Triple thanks, to you, Brother Scott. Today I have the wind knocked from my sails…the rain has come again. sigh…..I think Saturdays are my day to become a hermit and regroup from the adventures of the week. Trying to bend through the process and let myself heal and be. Happy for you, too. Hugs, fine friend. Sam the Super Soup 🙂

  10. hello again…missed out on a number of blogs — YOUR blogs!!!! lol…love this post!!!! as always, your blogs put a smile on my face…makes my day!!!! (just reading your blogs) 🙂 🙂 thanks for sharing all your wonderful, mysterious, profound, funny…etc., etc., thoughts, my friend…love and {{{{hugs}}}}

    1. He, he….:) You silly goose. There you go spreading your giddiness and cheer all over the blog again. Love you sugar plum. Thanks for all of your gleeful words and energy. HUGS, Sam 😉

  11. Ok you won’t believe this… hubby for 1st time cleaned out refrigerator and vacuumed today 🙂 LOL!!! We are on a similar path Sam – I swear it!!! I ABSOLUTELY head over “heels” LOVED this post. You are pure brilliance – genius and oh so lovable. Hung on every word….and the lentil poem — awesome as can be ~ lunch tomorrow decided ~~ Thank you soooo much ~ Keep it going 🙂 xo RL

    1. he, he, he 🙂 Go Robyn!!! I thought you were going to say you were eating lentils. But I get it. he he.
      So glad you loved. I had to have my husband read my post first, to give the “appropriate” approval. lol…
      Thanks for all the wonderful words about ME!!! Smiling.
      Enjoy your lunch….
      And takes one to know one, cutie pie.
      🙂 hugs, Sam

  12. Walks are great. They are healing. A great chance to notice every thing.
    I’m glad to know you don’t complain while taking walks. Though I suppose just moving gets people thinking and talking sometimes, and the complaints may arise…

    1. Oh, I do think we all need to let the icky stuff out, especially to a close friend, and I’ve been known to spill a thing or two to my friends while walking….just seemed that day that everyone was complaining about someone….lots of relationship issues I suppose. You are right, just moving gets people freed up to pour out the feelings. Walks are very healing. Thank you for the comment. 🙂 Sam

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