Day 156: Raven’s Call

Raven’s Call

Knight alone travels

Through crystalline snow mounds, high

Every step frozen

Sorrow’s songbird weeps

Sings sweet memories of days

Without branch or sky

Starlit amber eyes

Rest in slivered moonlight ray

Distant love divides


Limp maple leaves swept

Between piles of summer past

Where lost beauty rests


Vines linger and twist

Cedar choked in living green

Strong, tall and near dead


Stones cross river cold

Stuck and stagnant in iced blue

A hard fragile path


Raven bride dances

Dark veil swaying in harsh wind

Alone mourning wings


Clipped by hope of sun

As summer of fairy dreams

Hid behind shadows


Rose garden scent flows

Message to lost wanderer

Mistook for thrown thorns

The thunder loud roars

Lion in imprisoned den

Sky, dark blood stained paws

Fights this dark of knight

When about daylight beckons

Pure crystal turned black


Still she sings, raven

Her voice unmoved by winter

Calling sunlight home


by Samantha Craft

June 2012

21 thoughts on “Day 156: Raven’s Call

  1. I love this Sam!!

    Most beautiful and you gave me tears AND it’s been raining here off and on all day. Your flow of words a masterpiece on the canvas of my mind in perfectly fit visuals. Can you tell I liked it a lot? I like the song too. Oh, oh Dorian Gray…. fabulous. Smiles and love bubbles at you!! 🙂

    1. I am so pleased you liked it. This one really means a lot to me. It was my first attempt ever at haikus in my life, and I blended them into a story.It is for a friend who I am worried about. Of course I am the raven, as I’m always the raven….just like you! he he
      Isn’t the song fabulous…a song I used to play when I was very sad…over and over.
      Thanks so much for your comment. Means so much to get your thoughts and opinion. I respect your emotions and experience….glad you could picture this. It was very real…still is for me. Hugs and bubbles of light. 🙂 Sam

  2. So very touching and beautiful Dearest Sam. Sad and pulls heart strings throughout, but hopeful energy at your ending “still she sings..” thankfully this is …. You can have a Raven series for certain (maybe you do?)… Haiku attempt a success in my book! Your nature metaphors are fabulous!! ~ Sending sea love and hugs, Your shadow sea sister who needs to escape her agony pain today (that’s a plug for my post tonight) 🙂 🙂 ~ Robyn Lee

    1. funny you should say….I like the thought of a raven series….:) Thsi is about a friend and how I feel about this person and what said person is going through. I am the raven calling out to sunlight, the other the knight on journey alone. So I am fine, except pick up energy from my friend and thus feel sad.
      Thanks for noticing this was a haiku attempt…my first ever. I was a little bit happy about this. I made sure to include seasons, nature, and the third line to stand alone…he he…I’m such a nerd.
      Always look so forward to your comments. Just tell small white lies if ever you don’t care for something….lol…just kidding.
      So sorry to hear about this “agony of pain!” That is no fun!!! Love your humor in plugging your post, though….made me smile. I pop over at least once a day, to see if you’ve posted anything.
      Watching a movie, but hope to see your lovely art soon.
      🙂 Sea Sister Sam….HUGS!!!!

      1. yes – if your theme is like mine you can put a Raven category and then a drop down menu at top (i did this with pain shadow series)… then every Raven post you do can be accessed easily in one place. Would be very cool! So very compassionate to do this post for your friend who is struggling. I’m sure she appreciated. And yes – we pick up the energy, especially with loved ones (for me with everyone). One day I will have to ask you if I might have Aspergers … i have read your list of traits and so many fit — some don’t but truly know there is something with me.

        You did great with your perfect Haikus! I am just learning on that too… a friend who is a writer/teacher bought me a book. Just did a little, but think I do prefer narrative/prose poems. Yours is wonderful here though, as tells a whole story.

        Yes – bad day here with the pain — decided to escape with the piece I wrote and it will sound like I am either on verge of suicide or tripping I think 🙂 Oh well… Gotta go with the feelings sometimes and this was one of those.

        Hope you had fun with the movie… and will visit again soon — wish we really could do tea – and the sea!! 🙂 RL

      2. Yes, I tend to have a lot of compassion for those I love. Too much at times, if that is possible. I would be honored to talk to you about Aspergers. Do we follow each other on facebook? We could chat there in private or on twitter in private. Or even a phone call. Let me know. My hunch is you are empathic and that is most of it. I think Aspergers is an extreme sensitivity to the world and environment, a type of different intelligence that is neither better or worse. So sorry the day was a high pain day. Sigh…. empathy for you. I allowed myself to have SUGAR for the first time in one month and treated myself to a peanutbutter, chocolate, banana Jamba Juice…he he….Hopefully I won’t pay the price tomorrow. Your poem didn’t sound sad to me…it sounded hopeful and heart-filled, definitely not break-down material….and I know all about breakdowns…lol…
        Glad you went with the feelings. Those tend to reach more people in some ways. Tea and the sea…visualizing it in the future. I might fly out to Connecticut to see a good friend in the near future. Where are you again? Hugs, Sam (my facebook link is atop my blog; I am friends with several bloggers on my Sam Craft page) 🙂

  3. My goodness you have started writing Haikus too..hey what have you been eating…
    is there anything you cant weave….i am so proud of you Sam..sometimes it feels as if i am reading Bonita ( future… i hope she finds herself like you did) and i feel like reaching out and hugging you tight ( you know what i mean)
    love n hugs 🙂

    1. I know what you mean…and would love a hug from you!!! What a joy, to hear you write that some of me reminds you of wonderful Bonita….that makes my heart so happy. Yes…my attempt at haikus…it was quite fun and challenging and rewarding, all at once. You’re such a gem….I should write a haiku about YOU!!! hugs and lots of love Sam 🙂

  4. Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment (it was
    super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips and hints for newbie blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.

    1. Never did see your message. Sorry about that. Perhaps it is in my spam folder….I’ll have to check that place…haven’t in a bit. WELCOME to the blogging world, and thanks for stopping by. Tips??? For me, I’d say visit as many blogs as you can that you appreciate/like and catch your interest and leave comments on a post. Bloggers like to see who commented and will often check your blog in return. I try to follow most people who follow my blog, but that is hard, as then I can’t get to everyone’s blog. So I do make it a point to visit everyone’s blog who visited my blog within one or three day’s time. I would say be authentic, genuine, and as truthful as comfortable. People appreciate the real stuff. I have found nothing but wonderful people in the blogging community. Real photos of your life or nature are nice verses photos off the internet. And changing things up once and awhile…….this is where I am at now…but my opinions could change. I hope that helped. Also, under the like section of my blog or others, press on the photos to take you to others’ great blogs. I have some listed atop my blog on awards and blogs, too. 🙂 Good luck and hope you have fun. 🙂

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