Day 169: Strumpet

Mermaid temptress


Painted woman

Summoner of erotica

Naked flesh

A hummingbird with wings

Flying forward to suck the sweet of nectar

Breasts that sing to gathered suitors

Power erupted in every sway of ample hips

Firmness grants permission

For rapid and voluptuous spawning

A merry-go-round of lust

A claim-jumper of night sheets

Heaving and moaning till twilight calls

Chiseled harlot home

And error exposes

A dark

Fresh tar in summer’s heat

Sticky, scorching, with a clinging stench

Spit and spit

The leftovers of hollowed hearts

Without thought of where hooves tread

Before the curtain closes tainted impudence

And truth is captured

In  rearview mirror

And image crushed whole

~ Samantha Craft July 2012