Day 169: Strumpet

Mermaid temptress


Painted woman

Summoner of erotica

Naked flesh

A hummingbird with wings

Flying forward to suck the sweet of nectar

Breasts that sing to gathered suitors

Power erupted in every sway of ample hips

Firmness grants permission

For rapid and voluptuous spawning

A merry-go-round of lust

A claim-jumper of night sheets

Heaving and moaning till twilight calls

Chiseled harlot home

And error exposes

A dark

Fresh tar in summer’s heat

Sticky, scorching, with a clinging stench

Spit and spit

The leftovers of hollowed hearts

Without thought of where hooves tread

Before the curtain closes tainted impudence

And truth is captured

In  rearview mirror

And image crushed whole

~ Samantha Craft July 2012

24 thoughts on “Day 169: Strumpet

  1. Ooh this one is filled with the power of creation, illusion and destruction! Being as I’m not always in tune with others, I suspect I was not supposed to enjoy the power I think it must have given its writer as much as I did. Oh well! I like it anyway!!

    1. Oh….I enjoyed the power aspect as well…There is power in sensuality and womanhood….guess best to use power in beneficial way. Love the way your mind works. So smart you are. Sam

  2. Great poem, lots of emotion in this. Met a few women like this stumpet in my time. I tend to avoid them they cause me too much headmess.
    Wonderful image, I don’t really know much about the mermaid apart from Ariel and the scary merpeople in Harry Potter. I’ll probably read up on them now, so I can get a deeper look into your poem. Thanks for creating a new puzzle for me. Hope you are ready for ALL the many facts my aspie brain might bore you with later…LOL
    I love you loads. Me. Xxx 🙂 ❤

    1. he, he……yes, I’ve met a few trumpets myself!!! 🙂 Let me know ALL about your mermaid research. They can be very mean and manipulative……tricksters they are. I shall create a puzzle anytime, Darling. My pleasure. Love you sunshine. Sam 🙂

  3. ooooo…. what an enticing and thought provoking poetic wonder this is Sam…. ‘The Strumpet’ – perfect title – and the imagery is magnificent. “the leftovers of hollowed hearts…” Just stirring to the soul. We need to get you a publisher pronto my dear sea sister 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you Robyn! You are a dearheart. Isn’t Strumpet a cool word. I think you should take a strumpet photograph…imagine that one! Could be a flower or weed…..something to think about. You are so sweet about the publishing 🙂 I feel like I’ve met my goal in reaching others…that was my “soul” purpose. HUGS seasister ~ Sam 🙂

    1. I am having to give my son the computer…will go to link soon….If not PLEASE remind me. So glad you loved….you singer, you! he he…..xoxox Sam 🙂 (bubble kisses)

    1. he, he…….. Sammy the Great!!! You are too kind…..always saying such sweet things. Much appreciated. I liked pouring some different emotions I was feeling into this one. Very emotive and powerful process for me. So glad you got a wow from it. ~ Samtastic (gave myself a Samtastic)

  4. Yeeehaaa!!! Nothing like a daytime ride on the “merry-go-round of lust” to take the edge off! Just the right touch of bawdiness, Sam! You go!

  5. Oh what do I see before me? My virgin eyes, do they decieve me, that I may read such a sumptuous buffet of carnality on this hot summer’s day. I blush…and nibble on chocolates:-)

    1. Divine words you scribe my lovely lady of the day…..may the chocolate soothe the inner desire and lead you into lover’s dreams…he he….he he…..Loved your comment, so!!! xoxoxo So clever you are. 🙂

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