Post 235: Halo Gone

I had a halo this morning:

I wrote a short post about it.

And received wonderful, wonderful comments.

Then logic set in.

At first I thought a bug flew around my head really fast before I took the photo of me with my I-Phone.


A couple of hours later, after some reflection, I got the keen idea to go take some photos without me in the bathroom.

Would the pink light still be there?


It has to do with the way my bathroom light bulbs reflect in the room.

Sigh. No halo.

No angels.

So panic set in.

I couldn’t be presenting myself as having a halo or little pink angels, when in actuality they were light bulb filaments reflecting in my bathroom.

I had to delete the post ASAP.

That’s how my mind works…and body responds. Any form of dishonesty, even unintentional or accidental, or not really even dishonesty to begin with but a mistake, and I FREAK and go into repair/fix mode.

So I deleted the original post for 235 of my tiny pink angels.


Deep breath.

Shaking off unneeded guilt and fret.

Then I had more time to think.

I may not have a halo that I can visibly catch on camera.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t have one.

And it doesn’t mean those little lights weren’t a message of sorts.

For a couple of hours, I was a believer again.

For a couple of hours, I thought I was protected and loved.

For a couple of hours, I thought I was special.

And then I realized…..

It wasn’t for a couple of hours

It’s been a lifetime

With or without proof



My mother used to work for Virginia Satir. This old plaque hangs in my kitchen.Ā 

(My husband says: “Maybe that halo is yours. It just stays there in that spot!”—hopeful soul.)

18 thoughts on “Post 235: Halo Gone

  1. Love you and who you are. You make me smile everyday. šŸ™‚
    Thank you for being you and sharing your God given wonderfulness with us.
    Halo of pink angels or not you are a total blessing my lovely friend.
    Me. xxx ā¤ šŸ™‚

  2. I love this. You are something of an angel yourself, you know. šŸ™‚ And you make me smile. Your panic at thinking you made an insignificant mistake is delightful. If only everybody did… What an honest world it would be…

    1. I LOVE It’s a Wonderful LIfe….Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings!!!! Ring, ring, ring. I’ll look. I think my dog put them in her crate to sleep with. Hehehehe Bubble Love

  3. I totally would own that halo if I were you Sam… at least for this moment… tomorrow you may decide you want to take on a different archetype – maybe sea goddess or other.. šŸ™‚ Loved your post -and I too would have gotten very excited to take that photo … absolutely!! Love to you ~ R

    1. I can see you all giddy taken your halo photo. Great image in my mind. What color is your halo? I’m thinking yours is sea-green—heart and throat chakra—love and speaking truth. Thanks for the visit. Love you Sea Sis. xoxo

  4. Have we not all got halos… visible and invisible.??? yours merely made an appearance as a reminder to yourself on how special you are… you lucky girl you… wish I could find a sign… other than those that tell me the mistakes I’ve made….

  5. Ah Sam, how honesty and humour sometimes don’t mix! I’m glad you have kept a small version of the Angel-halo image, so at least people who missed it can catch what all the fuss was about. It’s interesting to me that there was panic over being honest and factual, to the point of actually removing the post and responses. I guess some folk might have taken it too seriously or literally, that in fact a real posse of angels appeared around you, visibly in a form that could be photographed… But messages are ours to be found, the image is lovely, so are you and if there are angels in your world, I bet they’re wearing pink and looking for some fun! X

    1. I really didn’t want to lose those comments, especially yours, but didn’t want someone to stumble upon that post and not read the follow up of what the image was caused by. It wasn’t so much the post itself I was concerned about, it was that I uncovered the truth of what caused the lights, and didn’t want to lead anyone on. Some people take orbs and such very seriously, and like you said, literally. It’s been nice chatting with you through this experience. I wonder what I will catch on camera next time??? lol hugs

      1. There’s a necessary amount of care to be taken with these kind of posts, for the very reason you post in the first place! Thank you for your care and concern Sam, many others take liberties with the people who read what they write and never think of the consequences. Good to be in such ethical company X

  6. People with Aspergers have good taste in wall borders. I have the same Ivy pattern wall border in my kitchen, but I sponged beige paint around the design to meld with my wall. Not Earth shattering, but fun anyway. I hope you do continue to blog,I really am a fan from my rocking chair.

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