Post 236: I BE RED!


Yes, me!

I’m telling myself this, again:

For you Little Sam.

For no one else.

Post whatever you want.

Write whatever you want.

This is for you.

Stop doing everything for the world.

Stop thinking about the observer, the outsider, the watcher.

The only person looking


So, post your hair if you want to!




Waste of people’s time….


For someone who tries so dang hard not to judge others

You sure judge yourself harshly

all the time.

Let’s stop that.


Just Be.

Stop worrying about results

About thoughts

Yours and theirs.

The key is to unlock the inner critic

Then you can unlock the outer

Love yourself like you love your dearest friend

Be gentle

Be kind

And most of all


My dear heart


25 thoughts on “Post 236: I BE RED!

  1. Yes! Be you and love yourself most of all. You can’t love others until you love yourself. It’s a cliche for a reason: it’s true!
    Smile and be thankful and enjoy each day!
    BB Scott

  2. For someone who tries so dang hard not to judge others/You sure judge yourself harshly/all the time.

    Gosh that’s me. My best is never good enough. I hold myself to standards that I don’t expect from others and they don’t expect from me either.

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