Post 239: I Don’t Know You

I don’t know you.

I think I do, but I don’t.

There is so much about you unspoken, unseen, untouched.

And I long to reach these places,

to dip inside you with the full of me,

with every inch of my being and penetrate the ocean that is you,

the one that rises and falls,

ebbs and flows within.

You see, you touch me, you reach, you penetrate,

you dive, you dip,

you even fall into me.

I feel you plunge.

I feel your soul purge,

and your tears,

I catch them,

and my ocean is fed.

I am filled.

I am chosen.

I am one with the essence of your waters.

Until you wake, and look upon me,

and do not know me,

do not choose me,

do not wish me to be the one to carry your dreams.

And you run, like the weather runs in season’s change,

reforming without ever going,

so that what I see and feel, and even breathe, is still you,

but everything around has shifted and altered,

everything different.

Where there were flowers the leaves now fall,

where there was warmth, the snow covers,

And coldness wraps and invades, and eats away,

at me.

Yes, me.

This woman who thirsts for the places she cannot travel.

Whose mouth waters at the very sight of the one she cannot see.

Whom senses eternity in the acorn she holds,

in the sky she evaporates in her mind,

and the outline of the shadow where you almost stand.

20 thoughts on “Post 239: I Don’t Know You

      1. I have so much to celebrate. But it’s not enough to keep up from some kind of gravitational pull. Listened to Eckhart Tolle podcasts last night, Having someone ‘read’ bedtime stories to me on my iPad is quite wonderful. Love to you too! xx

  1. Oh this is just fabulous Sam ~ I’ve missed your passionate poetry — i confess. This is another I would love to pair with a photo and feature on my blog sometime… Need the perfect image – -but not sure… Loved it xo

    1. Thank you. You seem to love the ones that come from the deep depths of me. Sigh…… How are you? I’m heading over to your blog, now. hugs to you sea sis.

      1. Yes I do — they just always feel how I feel!!!! That’s why we are energetically entwined I guess. Struggling along…one step at a time here… wishing …. xxo

  2. Each person is like an Island in itself. The more you think you know the more you will discover you don’t know. This mystery is what keeps attached to each other,I think. Lovely poem.

  3. Sam, You just wrote the complete story of my lovelife. I finally came together with an Aspie man and thought, he too, was rejecting me. Late in our married life we discovered that he always had loved me……just had a difficult time accessing and expressing emotion. We now have an amazing connection. Thank you so much for your words.

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