Day One: Eyes

Day One: Eyes

This is my journey. 365 days living with Asperger’s Syndrome.

We each view life differently. Our understanding of this life experience is primarily based on our individual genetic makeup,  societal influences, family environment and dynamics, adopted belief systems, and the limitation of the five senses. Some would go further and postulate that our  experience of this life is based on a collective spiritual, and perhaps even ancestral, journey, and/or that we are living a journey already preordained and set out in an exact blueprint. There is the concept of emptiness. There is the idea of heaven. The thought of the collective unconscious. The faith of a higher power. Some even hold true to the fact that we are living in multiple dimensions, creating infinite destinies with each and every decision, each and every breath. Others believe this life is finite–that the real reward rests beyond.

Each of us holds something to be true about our experience of the world: even if that truth is simply believing no truth exists.

I’m not here to conjecture the theory of my existence, and definitely not your existence. Nor am I writing to make some claim that I know the workings of the vast mechanisms of our minds–the place (perhaps) where existence is manifested. I’m here only to examine the workings of my mind and spirit, and how, in this present moment, life appears through the eyes of a female diagnosed with Aspergers.

14 thoughts on “Day One: Eyes

  1. Hey, I just stumbled about your blog the other day and I really love it! I can relate to so many things you write … it’s really comforting to read about the quirks and problems of another Aspergirl. Makes me feel I’m not that strange and that alone with my occasional weirdness after all.

    1. Yay! Love hearing this. Thank you very much. I have been able to embrace my quirkiness because of all the fantastic Aspie women (and men) I am getting to know. They are so wonderful, that I can’t help but love myself. Hugs to you, and thanks again. 🙂

  2. I apologize for my bad english. You’re right. All humans have the time to check them spiritual. Often we get something we think is bad, when in fact is good. There are times when human beings experience a state of helplessness, in which the individual believes no one will be able to help.

    As you know, for one thing in common, there are many truths. We believe in the east, situation of physically helpless, poor, a lot of problems, mental imbalance, etc., will eventually increase spirituality. I believe, that the accumulation of good behavior will yield good life, vice versa.

    Often, people become more healthy, prosperous, and solve many problems, by only improving their good behavior. You have a deep understanding. I like your blog.

    1. I cannot speak a second language, so I appreciate anyone that can. Your English is quite good. I understand what you are saying, and think we are in agreement with some of our viewpoints. Thank you for sharing and expressing your thoughts. I am glad that you are reading the blog and wish you well. 🙂 Sam

  3. Wow, so this is where it all began. c: You’re so talented.

    Yeah, I made an account. I’m making a blog, too.

    I need a place to ramble, a place to outlet my feelings, my experiences. I just need to. I have too many thoughts, too many opinions. Too many things that I just CAN’T seem to get out verbally, and if I manage to, they don’t… come out right. If that makes any sense.

    I’m excited!

    And jeez, girl… 😮 YOU CAN REALLY WRITE!!!

  4. Hi Sam! Having dipped around randomly for hours, I’ve now decided to begin at the beginning! 😀

    I wouldn’t say that truth doesn’t exist – but it’s beyond our understanding. It’s as elusive as quicksilver, and tends to ‘lie at the bottom of wells’. This is no excuse not to seek it, though. By seeking it, I find that we gradually get closer to it and gain a better understanding of the world and our place in it. You’re clearly a seeker of truth.

    Learning such a lot from you, and enjoying it too ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’re helping so many of us. 🙂

  5. I’ve only read a few, i came across a few blogs in order on the subject of clairvoyance and precognition and it really interested me. But what interests me the most about people is not their story and blah blah blah, its how they convey the story. I’m not far down the road in life but I don’t think I’ve met anyone that cares to address a subject so descriptively, and give their audience the sense of being in the moment with you, other than you yourself. I don’t mind if you reply or not, as long as I leave credit to the ones that were brave enough to share their lives so they could help others. I’ve never looked into or heard of “Aspergers” mainly cause I’ve never been the type of person to care for terms or recognizing things that seem like a negative thought in my mind. Things like depression, anxiety, ad, ocd. I don’t recognize them because to me, everyone, and you, all think of these things as negative or bad thoughts. But in the end, at the end of the road, they’re still their even if we throw them into the negativity safe and drop it to the bottom of the ocean. What in the world? That’s why instead of using them as negativity to bring myself and others down, We must look at everything as a positive and use it as a lesson to help others. Depression made me the happiest person alive. Anxiety improved my senses, so instead of looking at anxiety as a disorder, I use the SKILL to be more aware. And whatever you practice will only get better. I hate to leave a big comment. My mind just doesn’t stop and having someone to comment under gives me a sense of security. I’m excited to read your blog and thank your for your sacrifice.

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