A Dog’s Poem



A Dog’s Poem (Valentines 2012)

The Reasons I Loved My Life

My luxurious golden coat of fur; everyone commented; everyone petted,

Playing keep away, and never ever giving up my fluffy toy, ball, rope, or underwear,

My handsome mug; some say I resemble the actor Richard Geer,

Deep brown bedroom eyes—for the ladies—and long lashes,

Eau de Toilette Water,

Quick leg lift, to mark my territory, even when running on empty,

The rustling sound of plastic bags and the jingling of my leash, before the spelling of W-A-L-K,


Pawing humans on the knee to receive free all-over-body-massage,

Big, manly hugs,

Wrestling with little humans on the plush carpet,

Rubbing my butt across plush carpet,

Ignoring cat,

Reaching that itch,

Ear rubs,

Rolling in the green, green grass,

Running crazy all over the house, after a bath,

Shaking bathwater all over the humans,

The scrumptious word: Treat,

Learning the meaning of sit, wait, leave it, down, and good boy,

The one, and only time, Violet, my miniature black Labradoodle lady, was in heat, {Maybe move that one to the top of list},

Those many times I appeared sleeping, and humans would walk by, and I’d lift my one leg in the air super stiff and high, and keep it there, until someone rubbed my underbelly,



Dog sitters,

Dog sitters leaving an entire peach pie on the kitchen counter,


When my hair grew back after the groomers,

When Violet had to wear those dorky purple bows in her hair because the groomer glued them to her ears; and I’ll I had to do was yank of my dorky bandana—Ha, ha,

Letting Violet eat my treats, sometimes,

Strange ladies on the road with doggy treats in their pockets,

The sand and the sea,

The tree-lined trails,

Sneaking up the steps to the trampoline,

The one time, by chance, I figured out if I reached up just right with my paw I could get the water dispenser on the fridge to squirt out,

Opening glass sliding doors with my nose,

When the humans were trapped outside because I accidently locked the sliding door with my nose,

Doggy doors,

Charging full force and knocking over the littlest human into the grass ten times in a row, everyday, for a good twelve months,

Little humans,

Blankets and pillows,

The expensive chair I adopted upon my arrival,

Grabbing a rope-toy super hard with my teeth and shaking it too death,

Rapidly torpedoing around the backyard in circles,

Dog-surfing—the van window down, wind in my fluffy face, big, teethy-smile,

That people could tell I was smiling,

Jumping over that old dog, back and forth, because it was the only way he could play with me,

My tail,

Being brave,

Slurping water from the hose,



Off-leashing at the canine park,

When I was brave enough to venture into the backyard on my very own,

Standing on my hind legs and dancing with humans,

Standing on my hind legs, reaching over the stovetop, and eating the entire pan of barbeque chicken,

Standing on my hind legs and licking the dishes in the sink,

That one chocolate Santa I found in the bedroom,


Lounging on the first step of our swimming pool during the hot summers,

Our old backyard,

Running at the side of my male human,

Drinking out of water bottles,

Parading around the lake,

People’s smiles,

People’s love,

Steak (again),

Hearing my name,

Big spoonful of peanut butter,

Knocks at the door,


Birds on the roof,




The oddity of lamas and deer,


The last embrace felt as you kissed me goodbye,

Your faces,

Your voices,

Your touch,

Your farewell,

Your wishes,

Your promises,

Your laughter,

Your tears,

And mostly just you,

Your love,

And everything about you,

My beloved family.

Forever walking at your side,


Our beautiful Scoob departed this world in February of 2012. I love you angel face.