Day 47: Ode to the Amazing Asperger’s Brain!

Fun Brain Musical Video  (Fun for All Ages!)

At the age of two and a half, from the backseat of the car, Joseph asked: “Who birthed God?” and “How do you know?”

Many People with Aspergers Have  a Strong Ability to:


Identify patterns

Think abstractly

Find creative solutions

Talk through problems


 Look at old problems differently

Speak their mind irrespective of social norms and standards

Uphold an adherence to personal beliefs

Think of new ideas

Have a high focus level

Experience intrinsic reward through thought processing


Here’s a look inside the amazing brain of a child with Aspergers. Below are approximately 5% of the questions my thirteen-year-old son, Joseph, who has Aspergers, asked me during a week’s time. Joseph asks questions at random, seemingly from out of the blue.

This morning on a four-minute drive to school:

What if the earth was square. How would that affect gravity? Did people understand the world wasn’t flat after or before they discovered gravity? I wonder what the world would be like if we never discovered the earth was round. I probably wouldn’t even be here.

Yesterday morning, while sipping his green tea:

 I wonder how the world would have changed if we had inventions earlier? Like navigational devices for the Titanic. You never know. But then again, then Hitler would have had access to such inventions.

 Questions all in a row:

How come people are bald on their head and not on their arms? Why don’t they improve things? Like the Titanic. How come the Titanic Crashed? Why wasn’t it steal plated? Didn’t they have radar back then? What a minute. How can we be a trillion dollars in deficit? Whose job is it to make zippers? I just realized something: we need dumb people to do simple jobs. Not that all people who do simple jobs are dumb. But we need them.

A few days ago, in the car:

 If everything is digital now, are we living more in a fake reality or real reality? When you think about it we are accidentally unknowingly transferring things to different dimensions. I mean where does electricity all go? Is it in the clouds?

Fantastic Video on Genius of Autism

Quantum Physics Musical Video

Crazy Frog side note: My dog licks dishes from the dishwasher. Apparently other people’s dogs lick dishes out of dishwashers, too. Good to know!

30 Second video of dog licking dishes…Don’t ask!

17 thoughts on “Day 47: Ode to the Amazing Asperger’s Brain!

  1. Brilliant blog – Topic, length and pic. 😉

    Never thought I say this I’ve got blog withdrawal symptoms – oh dear, what happened when I was not looking?!

    L x

      1. lol – thanks! I think I must get back to writing the 30 minute blog as it now taking me forever to write a short one….L

  2. You have awesomeness floating the blogosphere! A lot great things in this post.

    I can’t wait to see what my guys ask when they hit teenage years. They already ask a ton of questions. My mom said that I was given three who ask questions non-stop because I was like three children in one with my constant question asking…she said it was pay backs! HA! Oh, well I would rather have them ask great questions all day long. Although some days it feels like a lot. 🙂

    Speaking of vampires…(hee hee) I just saw that there is going to be a Dark Shadows movie! I was named after Angelique “The powerful witch” ha ha ha (Seriously, I was.) My mom loved that show it was the only soap opera she ever watched even though she doesn’t like anything to do with witches or vampires. Sorry I went completely off topic, but when I saw it today I thought of all of your vampire posts recently and had to share.

    Your dog picture made me laugh so hard. Lol!

    1. Go off topic all you want! I do. Lol. I love the line: awesomeness floating the blogosphere! Cool beans. Sometimes I tell Joe, “My ears hurt now.” That works. He could ask questions for an hour straight. Did you watch the brain video? I thought it was so awesome. I’ll have to look into the Dark Shadows. Hugs and great chatting. Your bloggy friend, Sam 🙂

    1. Funny! Yes, thank goodness for Google. My common response to Joe: “Hmmm. That’s a good question. Why don’t you Google it!” Either that, or we get into a long discussion—which I like too. Hugs ~ 🙂

  3. What a sweet, chipper post!

    I loved the questions your son asked. So intelligent and insightful. so he was asking about God when he was 2.5?

    My son was spelling and echoing sentences at that age! What a cool dude!


  4. your son is very intelligent…i admire his “aspie-ness” …when i was his age, i had soooo many questions in my mind, too…i wondered about all the gadgets that james bond used…looking back now, i say to myself…”i thought so…” i wondered about a small “storage cell” (computer chips now) that will hold a lot of memory someday…i wondered a lot about many things and let my mind wander to the unknown possibilities…i was ever so curious about stuff…oh my, the aspie brain is wonderful…lol…i love this read…it takes me back to my “years of innocence” 🙂 🙂 love and hugs!!!! 🙂

  5. Wow, how impressive! I wasn’t even speaking much at two. I don’t think it was the AS, though. I just spent my first two years in Norway, where the only person who spoke English to me was my mom. The others spoke primarily in Norwegian and had very heavy accents. It must’ve been confusing for poor little me! xD After I started speaking, through, everyone thought I was a very precocious toddler!

    And also, if your son ever wants to socialize, I’m around relatively frequently, and I don’t discriminate based on age! c:

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