Day 199: If My Heart…

If My Heart…

If my heart were a river I would pour out and cleanse, cascade upon furrowed brow and kiss droplets of hope into cherished vase, filling the memorized grooves with relished joy

If my hands were a tiger I would romp upon you, creep into the caverns of your folds, where flesh hides secrets behind the woven mask of unrest, devouring the enemy of uncertainty

If my voice were a jungle I would swing from vine to vine, wrap you in canopy’s green until weary of delight, then slither and wind round your limbs with hissing desire

If my eyes were a waterfall I would forge into you, pounding with sweetness until with heated breath you collapse into the coolness of my welcoming, unsheltered in naked awareness

If my lips were a butterfly I would burst and fly forth to the nectar, escaping the dark fertile grounds to reach the narrow opening of acceptance, and merge there, face to face with delectable taste

If my body were a mountain I would explode from the fury of expectation, cutting a passageway through for traveler desired, the birthed fragments of rock my testimony of future gifts

If my mind were a raven’s nest I would shelter thoughts of the sun weaved through auburn hair, the gape of diamond neck, the peak of temple, the valley of chest

If my time were an artesian well I would spring forth and seize the last drops of love, and spoon the remnants into a symphony of water, where forever I would swim in the hallowed place of you


By Samantha Craft, August 2012


27 thoughts on “Day 199: If My Heart…

  1. Gosh! Your heart I love. Exploring your depth through nature, I want this imagery to never cease. You pour words with vividity, and yet you touch the chord of reality. I would swear upon this, as a spiritual journey.
    Loving you philosophically, dearie Sam. You shall breathe for more years, for you have many things to write. You make this seemingly easy. I’m in love today, satiated I’m.

    1. Wow! Now that’s a comment!
      Thanks so very much. Means a lot, as I know you are a genuine person and insightful.
      This actually poured out of me, almost in the entire form, earlier today. I saw the images and just wrote what I “heard.” So, indeed, some sort of spiritual connection.
      I am so glee-filled you enjoyed. I really felt this one myself.
      I love the thought of living longer to write… I do write to breathe. Your words just tickled me. lol.
      I’ll come see your lovely blog, now.
      And thanks again. Very much appreciated.

      1. and that is sweetly continued with your soulful words….You do breathe life in pictures of life, and that is why you become playful when you write things like this.
        Thank you, Sam.

  2. Oh Oh Oh Oh…. this is just a knock-out Sam. It is drenched with passion and your style of expression flows and flows. It’s like you could go on forever and the reader would keep reading and follow each word to the next with bated breath… till the end – and I truly loved your ending…
    “If my time were an artesian well I would spring forth and seize the last drops of love, and spoon the remnants into a symphony of water, where forever I would swim in the hallowed place of you”
    Geez- I would use even just that one quote as a post on my blog !!!! Love it Sea Sis xxooo

    1. Oh…yay…hoped you would like it. 🙂 Happy dance 🙂 🙂
      You are such a good commenter; you would have made a great teacher. The kids would have done their homework just to wait to get your comments back! Such an inspiration and soul supporter.
      So glad you enjoyed. Hugs to you beautiful sister of the sea. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much Sam.. really loved this…
        OH – and almost forgot – you look smashing!! Makes me want to get my hair done soooo badly – but can’t sit in that hair 🙂 Luigi keeps me there 2 hours as he is a nut perfectionist hairdresser!! But you must have turned heads today in your new hair and bikini 🙂 xxoo

      2. that’s the hair….but you know what I didn’t brush it all day…so I was surprised that by this evening it still looked good. You have gorgeous hair. And you’re like me, your looks change depending on your style. Such a pretty face though…you can’t go wrong with whatever you do. Hugs and love. 🙂 (love the name Luigi as a hairdresser…perfect name)

  3. “JUST BREATHE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayyayayayayyayayayyayayayayayyayayayyayaayyayayayyayayayayya
    i hear you loud and clear
    and you are all that and more Sam xx
    Cat xx
    Goodnight xo

      1. listening the second time to this song….Yep…can totally relate. Thanks for the gift and for the gift of you Cat….shining star so bright. And still want to post one of your songs on my blog…been meaning to do that…it’s been on my mind. Hugs and love. 🙂

      2. You can do anything You want sam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        You are the Gift
        You are the Sun
        You are the delicious poem about cupcakes 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxxoxooxoxoxoxxooxoxooxoxoxo
        Goodnight sweetheart sam

  4. I have started this comment over and over and just cannot find the words I’m looking for to demonstrate how I feel about your blog today… I’m blown away to put it but mildly…
    You are so beautiful within, that the words that pour out of you can be nothing else but true beauty… I’m speechless… sorry, speechless… don’t know what to say and that for me is a first…

    1. I am very honored and very humbled.
      Your comment is truly touching, and I will cherish your words.
      Thank you very much.
      I couldn’t help but chuckle at your humor…a first…hehehe

      1. I’m never at a loss for words, my wife will tell you that, she will often say “Oh just shut up” to keep me quiet… but this blog today has silenced me, a total loss of words… I just want to hug you….

  5. Sam, this is just beautiful! Such love on the page. Brings a smile to my eyes, and a recognition that makes me want to say… yes. I have known that. I have felt that.

    Thank you for capturing this so exquisitely on the page.
    Magical, my dear!
    Much love to you

    1. You have felt this….sigh…the intensity is overwhelming to me, at moments…lots of moments
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Lovely to read your words. Love to you~

  6. Oh MY~! A bountiful cornucopia of emotional and spiritual symphonic delights here today~ One of your Best for sure~ Your words and *presence* bring so much depth of pleasure to this heart and I feel Blessed beyond belief~
    PS (hope your ankle is feeling better)
    PPS ( Love your pict. So very Beautiful, U R~!)

    1. “A bountiful cornucopia of emotional and spiritual symphonic delights here today”…now that’s a grand string of words!!! my friend.
      Thank you so much for your kind, kind presence and words. Always a pleasure to see you here.
      Much love and joyful living to you,

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