Day 200: Goodbye Sunshine

For day 200 I couldn’t think of anything better than James Blunt singing and stripping! Now that’s hot (and snowy cold).

A fictional piece of writing based on emotions of the past.

Goodbye Sunshine

There were small dresses hovering above.  Light spilled in through the bottom of the closet door in the shape of a crescent moon.  From where I sat, I let the moon kiss the back of my hand.  Then I stretched my hand through the narrow crack beneath the door and wiggled my tiny fingers in the space outside the darkness.  After counting to three, I pulled my hand back and returned it to the thick warmth of my dog’s fur.

An hour earlier, draped in my yellow shooting-star-patterned nightgown, I head reached across the dining table, and said, “One plate for you handsome Mr. Thumper and one for you dashing Blue Pony.”  My animals stared back at me and smiled then, Pony resting on his side in the side chair, because he kept falling down with his bad balance, and Thumper on his tail with his paws on the table.  “No arms on the table,” I said, and placed Thumper on his rump.  “That’s better. Did you wash your hands?”  They nodded.  “Did you say grace?”  They nodded again.  “Good,” I praised, picking up my red plastic piggybank from my chair and taking a seat.

“Good job,” Mother said, as she walked in through the kitchen door.  She plopped down a platter of cold meatloaf and a blue bowl of buttered potatoes, and then lit up four candles.

I held my plastic piggybank up to my ear.  “What’s that? Let me see.”  I looked up.  “He wants to know if he can come to the sitter’s on Monday.”


The rest of this story is in the book 🙂


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16 thoughts on “Day 200: Goodbye Sunshine

  1. Drake was an ass. That little girl, is an innocent angel. Blue Pony needs some OT. Mom clearly moved on but -hmm, I already know that part and don’t like it! Ok – so it’s fictional. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about the protagonist!! You make me care! I hope recently you purchased a new plastic piggy bank. You should – just for her. 🙂

    1. Blue pony needs some OT. Oh YOU are just too much. Your crack me up! I should purchase a plastic piggy bank…you are right. Love your kindness and huge heart. xoxox Sam

  2. Sad to read this… know you said ‘fictional’ but suspect based on true events 😦 Often children find themselves in this vulnerable place ~ and feel unsafe and like they need to grow up fast so they can be the adult and take care of their loved ones. Justice was to me a symbol of stability in this little girl’s world…during the chaos. I’m glad she had Justice and see now where the bond (4th of July post) with him was rooted. Sending lots of Love – adore your nature photo today … and your own smiling face is bright and beaming. Going to listen to ‘hot’ Jason Blunt now… xxoo

    1. Yes, Justice was a symbol of stability. Yep….4th of July post can be traced back to these roots. Loved that you listened to hot Blunt…..Eye candy….lol….Huge hugs ~ Sam

      1. So will you get some feathers now and become the Egyptian goddess of Justice ~ in honor of your sweet pup? Half kidding but know you would look wonderful in feathers 🙂 Blunt — wonderful especially because he told me I was beautiful as I was icing my hip 🙂 xo

      2. When we visit….we will do photography, feathers, and goddess ceremonies. hehehe 🙂 ❤ You are such a joy to me….my friend gave me a song…I'm going to private message it to you on facebook…but will also post on my wordpress tomorrow. 🙂

    1. I cannot remember a whole lot from this time period, and so I gathered bits and pieces, and the emotion of the time, and created a possibility. So, in essence, your mind is correct. Thank you bulldog. 🙂 Sam

  3. Love (and lack of it) is a strange mix of emotions. Excellent writing, Sam. I always love reading the little snippets you give of your past and your thought processes.

      1. I have thought about that on several I have written. You do tend to bounce around; I like that, but I could see someone “outside” scratching there head at times on either your site or mine.

  4. It’s all in the journey.. Thank you for taking us along.. Can we stop for ice cream?? Seriously Sam.. You’ve blended it into a milkshake we can all taste through our own brain freezes. Savoring the sweet taste and moving past the pain. Love your beautiful smile and heart and soul behind it. xx 🙂

    1. Thank you for your words. Very much appreciated. Yes….this is a piece of the journey. I’m glad it tasted well……coincidence that the day you wrote this is the first time I EVER ordered a milkshake??? hmmmm. Love you bunches. xoxoxox and it was strawberry.

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