Day 212: Joy in the Morning

Joy in the Morning

I kiss joy in the morning as thoughts of you bow down in gentle gratitude

And affection she dances lightly through the bedcovers, spreading rose petals, red above

How sweetness falls upon the day, fresh crimson, rainbows soft

And handsome tiptoes through merriment, his puckered lips smiling

Beauty she blushes, and gathers love in baskets woven by the twinkle of dawn’s amber eyes

Feathered pillow springs forward and welcomes tickles from hope, chuckle laughs wearing a shy pink

And bold blanket, he harnesses the voluptuous dream of the night, his treasure to marry

The floor becomes ocean and reins in a guild of seahorses made to roar with indigo passion

Folded in dreamland, bed castle winks and mattress plays cymbals in orchestra duvet

Strong faith appears, in this space between, where wishes wear sparkling ruby crowns

Tomorrow, she laughs and splashes butterscotch clouds at strawberry-popcorn glee

While always and forever tango close beside the groom of starlit night and bride of chamber music

Come find me here, beneath the giggling moonbeams and peek-a-boo painted bed sheets

Come find joy, before reason slips beyond the kaleidoscope guard and sleeping disbelief awakes

~ Samantha Craft, August 2012

Photos and Words by Samantha Craft. All rights reserved.

20 thoughts on “Day 212: Joy in the Morning

  1. Beautiful, very imaginative imagery and lovely love poem. I, too, am trying to write on Asperger’s and love– a subject very important for Aspies to know about with our fears of closeness. See my newest post, “Infinity in the Eyes” on

  2. Just delightful — having a late day – so this is my morning (4:02 pm) … don’t ask — but still and all your words once again just inspire and amaze me. Of course I love this: “The floor becomes ocean and reins in a guild of seahorses made to roar with indigo passion” ~ but so many other lines too… Just a beauty Sam – like you!! xxoo

    1. Oh, I am pleased you liked that image. I liked creating this. I was a little girl in the bed, but also a passionate woman. And my muse was there, of course. hehehehe. Can’t wait to meet you and have our tea and dressup. πŸ™‚ Hugs and love.

  3. Oh — and always forget because your poetry captivates soooo – but the images are also most spectacular — Brava for the photographer in you too sea sis!! xo

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