Post 237: Your Words

Sometimes the hardest thing about blogging is the readers’ comments.

When I read comments, in fact when I read any words, each word resonates energetically with me.

For the most part, some 99.5 percent of the comments I read on this site are supportive and kind. But there is always that half percent, that few that seem to rise above the rest, like serpents from the murky waters, and shatter what joy was carried with their jagged teeth and rugged scales of anger.

I can feel the anger in certain words. I can feel judgment, dismay, demise. I can feel jealousy, confusion, and mental clutter. I can feel some need to challenge, fight, or crush.

I have to remind myself that others’ words are not a reflection of me. I have to shake myself much like a dog, and flick away all the leech-like fear seeded in some comments.

I have to remember whomever writes words that are not beneficial to my spirit is in desperate need of hope and love. I have to remind myself that their pain is my pain. And the best I can do is to pray for the individual. To visualize the person finding support, clarity, and a release from whatever holds him or her prisoner.

Your Words





Love, love, love


Words from air

Words from mind

Words that soar out

To feed upon

To enrich

All these words


Dancing on the pages of my endless sky

Like clouds at sundown

Fading after their last performance

Some bleed upon the horizon

Seep into the waters

Some drift away


What words

Must I scribe

To show the power

Of word essence

How spirit

How position

Oozes out of letters

And finds substance



With hands that harvest or hold


Anything imagined

Inside this heart of mine

21 thoughts on “Post 237: Your Words

  1. Words do carry energy Sam — very powerful and I’ve learned to work at being conscious and aware of words both as giver and receiver… Also I think when we communicate via this technology some words may not be received exactly as they were intended – so I’m very forgiving that way… there is no vocal tone, facial expression, or touch…. still – It is amazon how much power words do have. Excellent post and good insight you have shared reminding us all to be generous and sensitive with the words we choose to communicate here in our wonderful land of blog — Much LOVE to YOU sea sis ~ ps: if there is ever a comment that is hurtful to your spirit – y advice would be “TRASH IT”!! Then it has no more power — BUT instead, YOU HAVE it all!! ❤

    1. Yep! I agree with everything you wrote! I usually do. lol. Yours is the first blog I will soon visit. You are so good with words and comments. I can tell the energy behind your words is pure and comes from a loving place. The vibrations of some are harder on my spirit. I cannot help this, at this point, but think I will in the future be able to shield myself more. You are such a wonderful Sea Sister. I miss you. And it is always so lovely to see your image pop up. I get all giddy and glee-filled, no matter what you write. Love right back at you. I like your comment about trashing. Although, I like to give people a place to express their opinion, and there is that fine line between expressing an opinion and being rude. Hugs and love xoxoxoxo

  2. Kindness, generosity, caring; warmth, respect, appreciation; goodness, ordinariness, accessibility, individuality and real love. Some words that come to mind when I think of you, your attitude and your blog missus, toodlepip! X

  3. You are so right, Sam. Words do have energy both written and spoken and there are some souls that are particulary sensative to that energy. I’m not sure if it’s an aspie thing or an individual thing in terms of the level of sensativity one experiences. I know the power of words and how they make me feel. So I totally get how the negativity weighs so heavily with you. It will take a little time to release the feel of that energy.

    I remind of you something you once written several posts ago. You wrote about energy both positive and negative and how the negative energy was the illusion and how that energy could be taken, changed and pushed back out as positive. You have the power to change the illusion my friend. Take that negative energy you feel from those unfortuante words and recharge them with your vibrant energy, push the energy back into the universe so that it becomes part of the continum as a positive.

    Sending positive energy to you my dear friend:-)

    1. Yes, yes, yes…I often have to go back to my own spiritual readings to remind myself! lol. You are such a ruby red gem of a gal. Love your positive sweetness and caring heart. So glad to know you. Thank you for your insightful comment.

  4. Absolutely beautiful and just what I needed to read today.
    You are so spiritually in tune my lovely friend.
    God totally uses you to bring so much comfort and healing to so many.
    Such a bright light you are!
    I loved reading this post.
    Love you so very much. Me. xxx 🙂 Hugssss

  5. Talking of the power of words, I always speak kindly or constructively about everything. I can’t abide moaners as my Ms Fixit surfaces ;0) I think if we had to describe how angry we are or what we think without words we’d be stumped. It takes away the emotional charge. The pen is as powerful as the sword and can be felt just as sharply. A a recently out of the box aspie I really appreciate your sharing. My place in the world has this year radically shifted into acceptance and away from suicide as a way to get out of a world where no one was like me. We are all One. xox

    1. I used to know a person who always complained about everything. I had to see them in a work environment once a week. I learned to talk about as much positive things as I could. Even would ask: “Tell me something good that is happening in your life.” I learned that question from a spiritual teacher. Also, to focus on raising their energy to my level instead of being pulled down to their level.
      The pen is very powerful, indeed. Thank you for your kind words. I am so sorry to hear you were suicidal; please make sure to seek support, if you feel that way. That concerns me. It sounds like you are better, now, though. I sure hope so.
      Much love to you and light. 🙂

  6. I love your words. You give voice to our strange, amazing souls that can be so hard to comprehend at times. This sensitivity you talk about – to others’ take on us, their words, sometimes so hurtful, I have struggled with this since I can remember! And I’m fairly ancient now! I was wondering…..could this cause physical pain?

    1. What a lovely comment. Thank you. Here is to all the strange-amazing souls out there that make life wonderful! Yes, words cause me physical pain, always have, and sensations in my body. Best wishes to you.

  7. Its it possible that some write like you describe..?? If I ever commented on a post that hurt someone I would stop commenting immediately,,, and I have found a few that I used to follow that gave a slight indication that they did not appreciate my sense of humor… I stopped commenting on their post straight off.. and in some cases I have even stopped following… I never comment with the intention to hurt.. and never will… your new photo on FB is just magnificent… I love that photo…

    1. Awe, thanks Bulldog. I like the red hair, myself. 🙂
      I get your humor just fine. It’s much like my relatives’ humor around the holidays. The stories a fly on the wall could tell! lol.
      That is considerate of you to move on when someone is upset, regardless of the reason, but a shame, too, as you seem like a very good-hearted and kind person to me.
      Their loss.
      Hope all is well in your parts.
      Sam 🙂

    1. Thank you Amber Raven. The feeling past swiftly. It comes like small needles and then quickly leaves. Thank you for your support. xo

  8. That half of a percent should write their own blogs. This is YOUR space, which you kindly share with others. There is a blog out there for everyone, so maybe the few naysayers need to find their own place, write their own blogs.

    I’m pretty new here , but you strike me as a kind, sharing person. Words CAN hurt–a bone can be set, but words are remembered. Please, continue to write for the 99.5% of us who appreciate your knowledge, insights, and the beauty of your writing..

    From reading this blog, I’m realizing I have a whole lot of aspie tendencies.

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