336: I LOVE this man: Tony Attwood

Okay, this is unbelievable. I have had TWO good hair days in a row. Seriously, something is up with the stars! And just now, after thinking about Tony Attwood, I opened my email to find his message! Good hair and Attwood…. life is so good!

I have attended Mr. Attwood’s conference and met him briefly in person. Also, his books and audios were immensely helpful when my son was first diagnosed. This is his recent response to me. Yay!

Please hold Mr. Tony Attwood in healing light and love.

I thank him for the great works he does to bring a voice to Asperger’s Syndrome.

Part of today’s email:

“Your webpage is absolutely fascinating and I certainly enjoyed reading the information that you sent me. In your email you refer to my thoughts on whether you have indeed the characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome. I would say that, from what I have read, that that seems very likely as you have an insight into Asperger’s syndrome but especially the way that Asperger’s syndrome is expressed in girls. You certainly have an ability to communicate your thoughts in such an effective way…..

…you may be interested in the audio recordings of my radio interviews describing the characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome in girls. My own webpage is currently being updated and the links should be back on my webpage in the next week or so. You may be interested in listening to a radio interview I did for Brisbane 612 ABC Radio with Richard Fidler, http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2012/02/02/3421377.htm?site=brisbane.

Please do continue your work helping those with Asperger’s syndrome and those who love and support them and I look forward to reading more about your very important contribution to the understanding of Asperger’s syndrome in girls and women.”

I know, total coolness. :)))


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15 thoughts on “336: I LOVE this man: Tony Attwood

  1. That’s awesome! His books really helped when my son was diagnosed too… I did not know he was doing more on women Aspies;) I emailed him a long time ago during my sons diagnosis, but never got a response. Busy but you do have a way of putting things that we all benefit from.. He’s right… You should write a book too;)

  2. Extra fabulous blog entry!
    I’m sorry I haven’t connected with you on FB, but I deactivated my account last year (I do it often, but this time I reckon is for good). I still want to communicate with you though.

    One thing I found interesting is this: “You certainly have an ability to communicate your thoughts in such an effective way….. ”

    ^This is the very reason many people question my diagnosis; i.e. ‘because’ I can easily express my own feelings and thoughts on the net. I’m not entirely sure what it is other people pick up on, but I am always labelled as the most expressive, the most honest, the most emotional, the most witty (even)!, in any inter-web gathering-: All apparently the opposite of somebody living with AS, and so my diagnosis is speculated upon (I can feel it being speculated…again, how does somebody diagnosed with AS know that without the literal questions being asked; how am I reading between the lines?).

    It is such a conundrum for me, for I am extremely expressive, more than most. I guess most people go by those traditional AS traits, not ones presented in the female equivalent of AS. I often feel a sense of a ‘loss’ of identity when questioned (we all want to fit in ‘somewhere’), and since my identity feels so synonymous to the AS experience, I feel a little fed up at times, when questioned.

  3. I had my diagnosis at his (Tony Attwood) Minds and Hearts Clinic in Queensland. Its a fantastic centre. Great that you connected with him.
    Im having bad hair days of late so good to hear someone is having good ones!!! 🙂

  4. I too was fortunate to meet him at a conference and to have him read my novel and agree to allowing me to quote him on the cover. Love, love, love Tony Attwood. Hope one day he will make it back to Hawaii.

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