537: Far

I still exist.
I am still here.
It’s just that I have slipped away, some.
Into that faraway, in between place,
of lost tomorrows,
and thrown away yesterdays,
of wondering and wanting to forget,
and of a thousand upon a thousand shards of pain,
entering slowly,
and staying,
far too long.
I see you still, amongst my daydreams,
In that distant corner,
My sister traveler,
My brother’s keeper;
I see you,
in the way I am,
And I ponder:
How did we make it this far?

6 thoughts on “537: Far

  1. Thank you so much for your blog. I have recently discovered that I have Aspergers. Being, off course, entirely over-analytic, I have scanned, researched, and devoured every website on Aspergers in females. Although all of them help as the pieces in my life come together toward this one thing, your words have been by far the most helpful. You so perfectly piece together all the thought processes that take part in my mind, thought processes that for which I have been called “only seeking the negative,” “analyzing too much,” “not thinking positive enough,” “being over-sensitive,” and the worst, crazy. This makes me feel so much better and has been a comfort in these confusing times.

    In desperate need of another escape, or outlet maybe, you’ve inspired me to make my own blog. I don’t know how long I plan to keep it up, but I know it’s a great distraction for now! And I figured if anybody is just in search of more words (like I always seem to be), more likemindedness, more not being so much alone, here are some more words to add to the internet:


    Thank you again for all you do and for being so open for all of us!

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