7 thoughts on “536: I have Aspergers

  1. very succinct, clear and quite an intelligent argument and you have presented a very powerful expression of life of a person with Asperger’s that we are no different

  2. I loved this. Always love your verbal expression of confidence and empathy;)
    Btw I recommended you to David at Brock University for their archives. You can still retain copyright if you choose to archive. I learned about it from Cynthia at musings of an aspie. I am also having my blog archives this Autumn… If you get approached I just wanted you to know it was Cuz of my recommendation šŸ˜‰

  3. I have raised children I love but who can’t love me back. I loved my husband, my only true friend who died recently (26 months ago). It feels like I now have no life: no children, no husband, no job, no friends. There are lots of ways I know I am lucky but the isolation is so hard to cope with. Since my husband died, I don’t know how to speak or where to start. I feel too old to start again, exhausted with life at 55.

    1. Your pain is very validated and real. I feel for you and your very deep loss. I wish you peace and healing. Much love. I have a dear friend who feel in love at the age of 73, and I am much older than my partner… age is of no matter.

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