Day 119: Whispering Graves

Above: Southern Coast of Maui, La Perouse Bay

Below: Small Japanese Family Cemetery found off residential road in Maui

Whispering Graves

The graves of every lowly dale

The graves of every crowning peak

The graves of ancient burial

The graves of generations past

They all speak the same

They all whisper:  Live now

They all whisper: Love now

They all whisper: Don’t wait

They all whisper: Hurry

They all whisper and whisper again

Through winds of evermore

We only need listen

We only need follow

Until we too are but whispering graves

Day 118: We Breathe One

We Breathe One

Everywhere I look I see your beauty

We combine to make perfect wholeness

You reach up to the highest of sky

I stretch my arms round to shelter

You dig down

Deep rooted in thirst

And anchor the ground beneath where I stand

We breathe


For the other

We dance intwined

In your being

I live

Wherever I walk

I find you still

Where the birds gather and nectar drips

I long to be

I climb

I sit

I watch from the highest of shelves

Transformed into eternity

With the complexity of simplicity

Of just knowing

All is growing

All is standing

All is bending

As directed

By the beating of nature’s heart


I shall parish


I shall cherish

Until the end times

When ash meets ground

And I sleep beneath your shadowed lullaby

Samantha Craft May 22, 2012

Images taken in Maui by Samantha Craft. May 2012

I see a finger pointing to truth, here.