Day 52: Stop Stealing My Articles You Boob!

This is our Scooby who passed on in February. His photo is here because he makes me feel safe.

If nothing else is gained from this post, at least you got to see a good-looking dog.

That’s our Scoob. He passed on in February at the age of six years. I miss him everyday. Today Scooby’s photo is here on my blog because he reminds me of the beauty and love in the world.

I’m not feeling too happy about people at the moment. Not you, but the boobs of the world! The people who seem to mess it up for the rest of us.

This is my dog Spastic Colon. She is still alive. I put her picture here because Scooby loved her and she's a Boob!

This is my other dog. I love her, but she is a boob.

I just spent three hours going through my entire blog and deleting as many photos as I could find. Fun times!

Hopefully you weren’t following my blog for the cute images.

If you cruise through my posts now, all those animal images Crazy Frog found are sadly gone. Sigh.

Vanished are the YouTubes as well. But there are still links.

At this point, I’m seriously hoping you like to read.

I removed the photos because of copyright infringement. I learned today, through my own research, that I ought not be posting others’ photos without permission; which makes a lot of sense in retrospect. Kind of that AhHa! factor.

I was researching copyright laws after I discovered some BOOB is taking my most popular Aspergers articles and posting them on his/her blog.

I want the word about Females and Aspergers to spread, but at the same time, I don’t want someone stealing my thoughts and my work.

Considerate and honest people contact me first and ask how to go about quoting my work.

Conveniently the “blogger,” who is supposedly some lady, has no contact and no comment section. I don’t think one article is anything he/she wrote.

I needed to do something about this injustice, so I made a cool sign! You can see it below.

If you go to the blog page I listed, which you probably are tempted to do, (as I know I would be) then PLEASE consider coming back to my blog afterwards, and supporting me with comments.

Words like that boob in the comment section would work wonders for my stinky-state of mind.

I know the article says Aspegersgirls—but I don’t want my work and my words on his/her page.

If you look, one of my articles still has my copyright protection on the bottom. Obviously he/she isn’t putting much effort into this.

I know this might not seem like a big deal.  But it’s a big deal to me. This is my heart’s work. Please consider not supporting bloggers who steal other people’s work. Don’t follow them. Don’t visit their blogs. It discourages other honest people, like me, from wanting to blog at all.

I will gladly remove the sign when my articles are removed from the blog page where they don’t belong. I also thought to include my own sign. Because if Boob gets one, then I should, too. I don’t care if this Boob’s blog hits go up. Hopefully it will only be for a day. Thanks for letting me do a mini-protest. Not that you had a choice. But thanks, anyhow.

The sign has been removed after contact with blog owner. However I will replace the sign, if needed.

37 thoughts on “Day 52: Stop Stealing My Articles You Boob!

  1. Yes, some people are boobs, including that person. *hugs* (but only if you’re ok with me touching you, lol) how about a mind-hug? No Aspie issues there, huh? If you want to include other people’s pics (Crazy Frog, I’m talking to you here), look up “creative commons”. Many flickr users make their pics available for use under the creative commons license.

  2. What a Boob! I support you Sam. Real sorry to read about this injustice, which is something that I think aspies are particularly affected by. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the support! 🙂 Yes, as an aspie I am highly affected by someone being unjust or breaking a rule. Which is why I was up until 2 — that an the panic still of knowing I had “had illegal” photos on my wall. lol 😉 I can laugh now, but at the time, not so fun. Thanks for the luck. Hugs Sam 🙂

  3. That BOOB! I’m offended for you. As I haven’t even figured out how to blog yet I’m assuming it takes some computer talents so someone stealing your work is just plain wrong.

    Please keep blogging because I need to know I’m not the only one of us and getting to read every real Aspergirls’ posts makes me feel like I belong somewhere.

    Thanks for the time you put in. Makes me smile (not today’s, that makes me frown with my forehead.)

    1. Perfect! Way to start a comment. So appreciated. Honestly, it’s not too hard to blog…but your point is good, and appreciated. The hard part is creating articles that people will want to read and that will hopefully help others. Thanks for saying to keep blogging. That helps. Love your last line. lol. Made me smile. 🙂 Hugs Sam

  4. Everyday Asperger’s has my support! : )

    I wonder if that other blog is trying to be sort of a compilation of the best autism-related posts in the blogging world or something. It seems that at least they are not claiming to be the original author of these posts, though they ought to make that more clear by defining the purpose of the blog at the top of the page.

    And also, it’s impolite of them not to ask for your permission before taking your articles and using them.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I wondered that same thing, at first. But then it seemed he/she would have a comment section or contact information, if that was the aim. And then I thought if someone is going to copy or collect articles, the original author ought to be able to contact the person. And there is no real “about me page.” Seems very fake and manipulated to me. At least they kept my name there. He/She also collected the articles that get him/her to the top of Google—so seems more of a scheme than to help anyone. If that makes sense. Thanks so much for your comment. I really needed them today. 🙂 Hugs Sam

  5. If you really want her to stop, you can report her copyright infringement on your own articles that she has reposted by submitting this form: I don’t know if you have to do it once per article or just once for everything of yours that she has reposted. You could also contact some of the other individuals that she’s copied from and let them know, giving them the link to the report infringement page as well. Since she has no contact information available, I’d say she knows exactly what she is doing — it’s “scraping” content and it’s very common, and quite wrong, and people that do it don’t usually give a shit unless & until they get called on it. Scrapers suck.

  6. You can find heaps of free photos on the Morguefile archives. It is all photos where the copyright is expired and/or which are provided for free to use by artists (~anyone) for derivative work. You can edit and transform Morguefile photos as much as you like, you just can’t copyright your derivative work. It has to be free for use on the same conditions.

    Re. the thief blog: I can understand why you would feel invaded and rubbed. Posting someone else’s personal content without asking is very inappropriate. It is like breaking into a house and stealing a personal object and showcasing it in a shop window, not good…

    Just speculating: the author may not be a real human, so it may not help to put a sign up on your blog and appeal to the ‘her’ conscience/shame. Looking at the crappy formatting of your stolen post (everything cluttered together, no spacing) plus the blog’s lack of contact details and feedback options, I suspect it may be some sort of scraper-blog which automatically harvests web content based on e.g. topic tags and search rank, to create a traffic hub around a topic
    and generate lots of hits. Although I can’t see the purpose, in this case – I can’t see any ads or other obvious revenue-generating features.

    On the other hand, maybe the author really is a real human, obsessed with autism, who simply doesn’t understand what is appropriate net etiquette and what isn’t.

      1. if it is a real person, then she may not be aware that she is doing anything wrong.

        I still lean most towards to the robot hypothesis, though.

        (Sorry for the many additions)

    1. Thanks for the link! Super. Crazy Frog is happy. I wasn’t appealing to her conscious or shame at all—It just felt good to do. I doubt he/she will ever see it, or that he/she would care. I just needed to process the experience in writing and the poster helped. Yep. It took all my high traffic posts. I know, I thought the same thing. What is the purpose— no adds at all. I wonder if it is a project someone gave up on? I doubt it’s the latter–the obsessed person–since they are posting the high traffic posts. Great comment and helpful awareness. I appreciate you taking the time. ~ Sam 🙂 I’m feeling much better about it now. It’s part of my Aspieness—I get freaked out when surprised, invaded, cheated, or by pretty much anything unexpected…lol

  7. In a sense the whole Internet is like The Matrix:-) Except that participation is voluntary.

    Having personal content stolen and re-posted is extremely freaky and warrants a freaking reaction!

    I’ve had a post stolen by a scraper blog in the past but it wasn’t particular personal. I had also commented on a discussion thread about the same topic (camp dogs) on an online newspaper article, and somehow the scraper blog had commented there as well with a back-link to its blog with my stolen post. It was very weird and unsettling. I imagine your case is vaguely similar to that x 1000 because the content is more personal and sensitive.

  8. Sam: You are THE original, the other person is not. As one of your other commenters said, the BOOB site looks like a compilation of other people’s work, and not a blog that’s full of original work like yours is.

    If the BOOB blog author was attempting to reblog your work, then your name should have been mentioned in much larger font so it would be crystal clear to everyone that the credit for the work should have gone to you.

    I wouldn’t worry a whole lot about the photos: everyone copies and pastes them. Just briefly mention a link or the origin of the photo or give an image credit at the bottom of your post. I wouldn’t freak on it!

    Again, you are an ORIGINAL, Sam! Your readers are all proud of you and we don’t want something like this to get you down! Keep doing your thing and we’ll keep coming back for more!

    1. Can I adopt you? Thanks. You’re fantastic. 🙂 All the right words. Thanks for using Boob and Original. I stopped freaking now. I have the most patient husband in the entire universe. Thanks. ~ Sam Did you post yet on your blog? For some reason I follow your blog but don’t get updates in my email. So I pop over every couple of days or so.

      1. I’ll consider my self adopted! Hope things are going better!

        Not sure why you’re not being notified of new posts of mine. You might have to un-follow then follow again. If that doesn’t work, please do pop over every two-three days—I likely won’t post more often than that.

  9. I am so sorry for your problems. My parent’s run a popular photograpy site, Ramblin Cameras. Several years ago some one stole their photos and entered them in several online photo contests.

    I can put you together some icons for your crew. It’ll take me few weeks, but I’ll send you flickr links and you can use ’em till your heart’s content.

    Hang it there!

    1. Oh, goody! I’d love to use photos with your good energy attached. I found a free site, someone directed me to, and have been adding those to my blog.
      So sorry about that happening to your parents. The nerve of some people.

      Hugs to you~ 🙂 I stopped freaking about it. Had me a nice Aspie episode. Up until 2 am. Now mostly completely better and over it. What a freak-out!

  10. Scooby was a beautiful soul! So young to lose. I’m sorry. Looks like you have heaps of advice against the “boob” who was stealing your material! In a way, I guess it was a compliment. You have to be someone special to get that attention, you know? And you are definitely a fun read!

    When I went to check out the site, I could not see any of your material. Has it been removed already? I only saw a photo of an elephant with no content…? I hope it’s been taken care of. It’s a weird site which I had never heard of before this post. How did you find out about it? At any rate, I’m with you! I don’t think it’s a robotic thing… and you say that person was posted on your wall on FB? Perhaps, something has sunk in and she has removed the content? Hope so!! xoxo

    1. Was so happy to see you joined our group! Look forward to seeing you there. Scooby was the best dog ever. Yes, got lots of advice. Thanks for putting a positive spin on the boob incident. So far, so good, no one has used the search term “boob.” I checked. Three or four of my articles are still there. Trying to let it go. A person posted a photo of her blob profile picture on our group facebook page as kind of a joke. I think it might be a “scrapper,” from what people have told me—some type of robot collector of high-hit posts. On the bright side, more people are learning about Aspergers and she/he did keep my name on it, at least. I love going to your blog. It has such a good energy. It’s clean, crisp, well-written,the colors are easy on the eyes, and you radiate love for your son. One of my favs. 🙂 Talk soon ~ Sam 🙂

  11. My sympathies Sam. How frustrating. I believe in your site and your cause. You are a terrific writer and good person all around. Most people are takers. You are a giver who’s work was stolen. I hope you can find some solace in the fact that your words may reach someone who really needs to hear them.
    I have lots of my own photos, mostly nature shots. Whatever you may need let me know.

    1. 🙂 Was going to ask you if I could use some of your photos with a link to your blog below them! I would absolutely love that. You read my mind. Thanks for your kind words. I love the “giver” part—that makes sense. So glad we’ve “meet.” Thanks for all of your kind words. Ditto—write back at you. Chat soon. ~ Sam 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Bloggers (and other people in the public realm) are open to all kinds of copyright issues. I hope this one gets your point across. On the other hand, I can’t wait until Saturday Night Live does a parody on you. :)) xo

  13. I have found that many artists appreciate it when I share their artwork, or blogs. I link to the art I find. If I cannot find their direct website I use the link that I discovered their image from, or try to search for the direct source. I did start applying the name of the artist to the images as well as linking to them. Any content I use from other blogs I directly link to them as well and try to “spot light” them in my post.

    A lot of the images that I am drawn to happen to be free wallpaper downloads, again I link to the website.

    So far this has all been positive and I have had people thank me for showing their image/artwork and sharing their work on my blogs. They have appreciated seeing how their art inspired my poems also.

    It would be different if I had taken all of their content — I think, or if I did not link to them. The web is such a tricky vessel.

    1. Where can I find that wallpaper you speak of. I love your ideas. I’ve calmed down now. It was one of those 14 hour freaks, remove everything, panic, panic more, and then “What did I do that for?” LOL I’ve loosened my leash. Going to be using photos again. Love the idea of linking to original source. 🙂

      1. Lol! I had a couple of those panics in the last couple weeks. I am so happy to hear that it is quite “normal” Ha ha ha Normal. 🙂 As a matter of fact I had a 24 hour one the other day. I didn’t think I would ever get to sleep!!

        There are many free wallpaper websites. I find tons of them. I normally have a specific image in my head or I am in a fractal consuming mood, I will google a “word” and fractal together and I get a lot of images to choose from. You can google “free wallpaper” and there are many websites that will pop up too. Try to stay away from any that are in different countries, we have antivirus so it blocks any bad sites automatically.

        The artists that have contacted me have been grateful to me linking to them. I like it because I love to share art. So it’s a win-win situation.

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