Day 54: I Have Loved You For A Thousand Years!

To My Dear Son,

I have been selfish and blinded. I have hurt the most precious being on this earth, my very flesh and blood, my baby, my angel, my bear.

I am so very sorry. And you have every right to be mad at Mommy. You have a right to have emotions, to feel emotions, to have pain, to express the pain, to experience that pain, and to above all share that pain with whomever you choose to share that pain with. I love you so much that I am crying with joy. I am washing the tears from my cheek.  And I am crying big tears of “I am sorry.”

This is the most important letter I have ever written. The most important words I have ever written. And Mommy has written thousands of pages of words. You are that important.

When I was little, I promised myself every night and every day, in the morning light and in the dark, how I would love my child with all my heart. How I would never cause him or her pain. How I would be there. How I would carry the pain.

I would die for you. Right now. I would die for you. I love you that much.

I am sorry I haven’t shown you lately how much I love you. I am sorry I have ignored you. I am sorry I haven’t been present. It is my fault. And I am heart-broken because of the choices I made. You are not to blame, one bit. You did nothing wrong. You are perfect.

If you could see me now, crying louder than our doggy howls, crying so hard, because I never want you to feel alone or unloved, unnoticed or forgotten, you would understand how much you mean to me.

You would know that you are not Forgotten. That you are loved beyond measure.

You are my beautiful, divine, and loving son. I am the luckiest mom on earth! You make me smile with delight. You tickle me inside with your jokes and puns. You are amazing. You are brilliant. You are the joy that fills my day and the reason I fall asleep proud. You are a bright star that brings the family an element of surprise, adventure, truth, and great passion.

Our family is complete because of YOU!

Your passion is so huge that it fills the whole of our house. Your creations, inventions, and experiments—as they explode in our bathrooms, across our kitchen, on the balcony, and all around the house—they announce to the world: I am brilliant! I am creative! I am GREAT!

Our family is whole because of you. Because of your brilliance and charm. Your directness. Your ability to see and feel at a deep, deep level. Your gift of knowing things beyond this world. Your gift of bringing a smile to our face, over and over. Your memory is fascinating. Your strong will and determination is amazing.

You will go far in life. You have so very much to offer the world.

And I am so very sorry that I have not been there for you. I am ashamed. I am saddened. I was wrong.

I’ve been lost in my own world and pain. I’ve been hiding from events in my life. I’ve been afraid. I haven’t been brave like you. I haven’t been courageous like you.

But you know what?

You have made me braver with your words today.

Know why?

Because I love you so much, that your very words pulled me out from where I was hiding, and motivated me to stop being selfish, and to see the beautiful gifts in my life. Gifts like you, and your smile, and your loving eyes—and your huge, huge heart!

I am so blessed!

Look at you. Look what God has giving Mommy! A beautiful, intelligent, healthy, loving, charming, courageous boy. Who could ask for more? Why have I been so blinded in my own worries and fears?

You are glorious beyond words.

So this is both my sorry letter to you, my loving son, and my thank you letter to God.

Thank you God for my boy. Thank you for his angel heart, for his angel hugs, and for his patience with his mom. I know how blessed I am. Please forgive me for not appreciating this marvel you have placed before me, for this gift you have trusted in my care, for this wise being at my side.

“Thank you!” I shout from the highest mountain. “Thank you for this greatest gift in the whole of the world. Thank you for my glorious boy. For my super, fabulous kid who makes my world marvelous.”

Today, my son, I honor your words and concerns.  I honor you. I honor all of you. All parts of you. Everything about you is absolutely perfect. There is nothing I would change, nothing I would alter.

I can’t wait until you get home; I’m counting the minutes. I will get on my knees and say: “I’m sorry.”

Then I will wrap my arms around you, and say: “I  love you farther than all the universes can reach. I have loved you for a thousand years. Darling, don’t be afraid. I will love you for a thousand more! I will love you forever and ever! I am here.”

I love you my dear wonderful boy,

Your Mommy

14 thoughts on “Day 54: I Have Loved You For A Thousand Years!

  1. What a beautiful letter. I’m sure one your son will cherish for life. No doupt that you love him with everything. I’m sorry the group has taken so much of your time away from you handsome boy and wonderful family. “Life will find a way”, you will find ways to make whats important to you fit and all will be well. Yesterday was brutal and you need a break. I’m glad your son gave you just what you needed to take the initiative to relax and enjoy family life. You deserve it:-)

    1. Jackie ~ I’m so glad to get to know you. You have a huge heart and positive outlook. No doubt God has made your stronger and wiser through all of your strife and challenges. You are an inspiration. Yes, the group was hard…but I need to get connected with my inner Mamma Bear every once in awhile. I hope using “God” was okay. For some reason, I remember you being a woman of faith. Hugs ~ Sam 🙂

      1. Thank you Sam, I just hope you realize how much of an inspiration you are too. You are right, I am a woman of faith. I can’t explain any other way of how I survived my past. I like sharing other perspectives with people so they don’t just focus on the negatives or the end result. It’s enough to know that you are going through something negative without dwelling on it too much, if possible. Better to see the bigger picture and know that where there’s an effect, there’s a cause. Finding, understanding and/or realizing there’s a cause will sometimes remove the burdon of victimization from you. Hope I’m making sense:-) You know how I ramble on. LOL Anyway, hope you are getting much needed rest in the bosom of your family. Take care and talk to you later:-)

  2. Beautiful and heartfelt.

    I could not help but think of my own son as I read. I feel your pain, triumph and love. Writing such a sincere and moving letter must certainly restore the soul.


  3. Absolutely beautiful!! Brought tears to my eyes!! I needed to read this this morning and reflect on my own situation…thank you so much for sharing!!

  4. Sam: Even though it’s no fun at all, we parents all go through this kind of thing. We’re not perfect. Sometimes we have to take some time to get our heads together so we can take better care of ourselves—and our children. That’s okay. You are a caring person and I’m betting you guys are going to do fine. Hang in there!

    1. Agreed. I needed to process the feelings into words. It was so therapeutic that it broke the melancholic spell I’d been under. Yes, you are right, we are doing just fine. Thanks for always being so kind. ~ Sam

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