Day 60: Why People Read Blogs

Why am I here? Everyday Aspergers.

The Geek Posse got together and established a list of probable reasons why humans read blogs.

Why People Read Blogs (55 Reasons Humans Stare at a Screen)

1. Some are attracted to braggadocio and aggrandizement, and are prone to puffery.

2. Some are freedom-of-speech fans empowered by rebel-rousing topics.

3. Some want to know what contemporaries are thinking.

4. Some are dumbfounded and jealous-ridden, working tediously to uncover the truth behind the author’s large blog-following.

5. Some enjoy the adrenaline rush that accompanies provocative, offensive, and/or highly debatable subject matter.

6. Some are clueless as to why they keep coming back.

7. Some are stalkers, the age of twelve, or recently retired.

8. Some are scared to stop.

9. Some read out of courtesy and guilt.

10. Some are trying to promote their own blogs through the utilization of like buttons and commentary boxes.

11. Some followed a link from a search engine or social network, and still aren’t sure where they are.

12. Some are wisdom-gatherers from the forest of over-achieving, obsession, or boredom.

13. Some are paid to read; it’s part of their job description.

14. Some hate their job.

15. Some believe the author could easily transition from an online friend to a real world friend.

16. Some believe the blogger will give them an autographed copy of a soon-to-be published book.

17. Some are attracted to affective exchange.

18. Some are members of government, educational, or psychology agencies partaking in information gathering.

19. Some are entertainment junkies.

20. Some are in the process of making purchasing decisions.

21. Some are tense-issue seekers.

22. Some have empathetic listening ears.

23. Some dare to know themselves through others.

24. Some are bloggers who want to know their audience.

25. Some are victims of the bandwagon effect.

26. Some find relevance.

27. Some were pulled in by the ‘about me’ page.

28. Some are waiting to find relevance.

29. Some make connections with interactive readers.

30. Some are delighted by the unordinary and unexpected.

31. Some know that crazy people make great bloggers.

32. Some read what they could never say.

33. Some are adding a good laugh to their day.

34. Some like photos.

35. Some are fascinated by all things foreign.

36. Some are stay-at-home moms (mums) avoiding dishes and diapers (nappies).

37. Some long for ‘real’ friends.

38. Some read solely for enjoyment.

39. Some are voyeuristic lurkers.

40. Some want to hear the little voice in their head squeal again: “Yes! I know exactly what you mean.”

41. Some consider blogs online diaries.

42. Some are huge fans of geeks.

43. Some applaud brutal honesty and the raw truth.

44. Some are glimpsing into the ordinary.

45. Some are nosey gossips.

46. Some think the author is a ‘lovely’ person.

47.  Some people are curious about how others handle life.

48. Some are seeking direction.

49. Some want to get to know the writer.

50. Some appreciate fresh perspectives on ordinary facts and events.

51. Some love people who over-share.

52. Some abhor rubbish and repetition.

53. Some recognize talent.

54. Some need proof that normal and sane are nonexistent.

55. Some to know they are not alone.

Do I dare ask why you are reading?

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This list brought to you from Sam Craft’s brain. Like this list? Here are more.

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28 thoughts on “Day 60: Why People Read Blogs

  1. I started keeping a running list of which numbers I agreed with/identified with. #6, #12, #25, #26, #30,…… (It keeps going) but then I decided that I would probably be listing most of them. So really, I read because I’m curious, and I have a penchant for reading blogs. Blogs of people who are similar to me, and blogs of people who are totally different. Have you read my “Blog Reading Confessions” post yet?

    1. So, let’s see. That means for you: clueless (lol); wisdom gatherers from a forest of possibilities; bandwagon groupie; delighted by unordinary/unexpected. Good start! LOL about probably listing most of them. I will go look at your post by that title. 🙂 Sam
      Oh yes. I remember hitting the “like button” on that one. 🙂

  2. 😆 what a list Sam ha ha ha
    oh man had a great time reading them..
    ok my reasons are i am nosey gossiping,hiding from house work,attracted to about me page,in love with all the geeks,wanting free autographed book of fellow bloggers,looking for great read and some fun..phew i think i just quoted half of your list 😆
    great fun read Sam
    love n hugs 🙂

    1. I was thinking of you when I wrote the “attracted to Me page” because I remembered you liking my Me page. hee hee. I think I could check off a lot on the list myself, depending on my mood and the state of my house (and mind). Your fabulous! Big Hugs 🙂

  3. I only read your blog, no one else’s!
    I read it because
    a) you are so very interesting
    b) it makes a change to read something written with intelligence and
    c) it is often rather funny!

    oh and today I was trying to remember, (no I was failing to remember the correct spelling, pronunciation and well just the whole thing!) the word braggadocio and lo and behold! What do I find? It is on your blog so I add
    d) I love words, you love words.

    1. What a sweet comment. Thank you , Kelly. I will try my best to come across as intelligent! But I am rapidly losing braincells.

      Your words are very kind. I don’t think I pronounce braggadocio correctly — I say it with an Italian accent and think of dipping biscotti cookies. That’s great that you love words, and quite the coincidence because I don’t use the word braggadocio in my writing at all; (except, yesterday.) Nice hearing from you, again. And good to know why you are here. Hugs, Sam 🙂

  4. Great list Sam! I read Blogs because: I am voyeuristic, terminally curious, love how I can increase the fonts, play pop-up with the videos and embedded links (pop-ups in books always tore), travel around the world or around the block in words or photographs, learn how to do almost anything … except how to stop reading Blogs. :))

    1. lol. I thought of some more, and almost listed them, and then realized it doesn’t have to be a complete list for the entire world to relate to! Your comment made me laugh. Thanks. 😉 Sam

  5. I didn’t see anything mentioned about a frog? Maybe I missed it. That is why I come back for Crazy-Frog! 🙂

    Many reasons why I read blogs, most of it would be to remind myself that I am not alone. I forget that A LOT. It helps me to read your words, they are not only well written, but I connect to them. I relate to them. They challenge and move me. Those are a few reasons why I read your blog and other people’s blogs as well.

    Lovely list and I like how you ended at 55. Woot! Woot! Double 5! Great five made me think of Pi now I am chanting “Two Pi radii”. La la la

    1. Frog noticed that very fact himself. He is mentioned a lot in Day 66. I love Crazy-Frog 🙂

      You are not alone, ever!

      I connect and relate to your great words, too.

      Thank you for sharing your reasons; they are kind and thoughtful.

      I like 55, too. Today’s list ended in 36. Which = 9, which is three 3’s. lol

      5 is also the symbolism of our humanness. Big Bubbles of Light to you!

  6. Morning to you. I enjoyed the read and I clicked it off the email to read it all because it wasn’t yet 5am, so I had a little time before my day ‘real’ begins. Lately I don’t read a lot of blogs, know why I don’t [I avoid reading about politics and most current issues]. I’m not certain anything on the list makes a perfect fit for my reasons for reading the ones I do. I was as interested in the responses as I was in the list of reasons, though.

    Thanks for a good post. Gracias, J

    1. I steer away from politics and current issues myself. So much news is tainted by big corporations, money hoarders, and “meanies.” Also, I’m a ‘sitting on the fence kind of gal’, who watches and takes a long time to decide based on evidence and gut what I think is beneficial. Not into being a blind sheep. I appreciate your blog because it’s full of wit and not judgmental and no “do rightness” jargon. Those people who are high into doing right are the ones that are the hardest, as they often get blinded in their causes and forget there is always shades—never black and white. Up atop my blog, under “Blogs and Awards” there is a place to put a link to your blog, if you’d like. Thanks for stopping by. Always a treat to have Old Jules energy around these parts! Take Care ~ Sam 🙂

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