Day 61: Another One Bites the Dust!

Would it be entirely inappropriate to modify the title of this post to: ‘Another One Bites the Dust!  Bite Me!’?


Most people wouldn’t get the vampire pun.

This week I’ve lost a couple of blog followers. Pausing for sniffles.

Even though Little Me repeatedly reminds the Geek Posse that we’ve gained cool new followers, the Posse remains in perpetual mourning. Crazy Frog is convinced it is my husband who unfollowed us.

Along with all of the commotion—the dressing in black attire, the donning of veils, the depressing funeral music—the Geek Posse put anonymous slips of papers in an empty fish bowl. Papers that explain why we lost followers. If you are a regular reader, you might be able to tell which ones Crazy Frog wrote.

Reasons People Stop Following the Geek Posse

(Words found on slips of paper) 

1. They came to find out what a brain of a female with Asperger’s syndrome is like. They found out. They left.

2. It’s tax season in America—your posts are far too long.

3. You didn’t visit their blog enough.

4. People who knew you in high school when you were a homecoming princess and cheerleader (gag!) are entirely disillusioned.

5. That non-stealth creature that keeps stealing your articles, snuck out after seeing the dorky sign you wrote and posted about her.

6. You used far too much “churchiness” in that post about Angel and Mary.

7. They think you are a false prophet.

8. You published twice in one day!

9. Their name starts with the letter D.

10. Your music selection is way old school.

11. You post corny old songs.

12. You repeat yourself.

13. Some people’s IQ-levels are too low to catch your humor.

14. They think you are a real vampire, alien, or a frog.

15. Your mental health therapist unfollowed you.

16. Someone over identified with the Reactive Reaper people-type.

17. Someone realized you meant him when you listed number 10 in Why People Follow Blogs.

18. This picture of the dog in large size scared them:

19. You write too little about Aspergers.

20. You write too much about Aspergers.

21. Your blog is better than theirs!

22. Grandma is confused.

23. They left with the intention of rejoining your blog under a fake identity.

24. They finished their thesis research paper on frontal lobe syndromes.

25. They fear you will track them down and try to be their real friend.

26. A traumatized man fled in fear, after discovering you are premenopausal.

27. The word is out that you are Italian and can’t cook.

28. They were drunk when they pressed the follow icon.

29. They are tired of lists.

30. You removed the distinguished profile picture of Crazy Frog that was posted in the My Lingo section.

31. They pressed My Lingo Button.

32. They are pissed off that they might have Aspergers after reading your list of traits.

33. They don’t like the words boob, dumbass, or pissed off.

34. They think Aspergers sounds like a butt-burger; and they are a conservative vegetarian.

35. You deleted them from your Facebook group page.

36. You told your husband one too many times: “Fine! Stop following my blog, then!”

Geek Posse at Everyday Aspergers


27 thoughts on “Day 61: Another One Bites the Dust!

  1. If I could double follow you, i would.

    Your spirited retort made me chuckle. I value your authenticity, humour and sincerety.

    Lori (Whoa, there’s a “D” after that!)

  2. What do you mean “unfollowed” you? Subscriptions? We’re on WordPress and I’ve never got that whole follow business. I personally like 13 and what ?! with 27? I will have to rethink this now… oh the shame – just kidding! (You do know that I can’t cook – right?) 😉

    1. Good to know you can cook. I’ll keep following your blog then. You’ve got that whole “lawyer” thing going for you, too. lol 🙂 I obviously obsess over numbers more than you!

  3. I wouldn’t leave if you posted twice in a day–I just did!
    Now, I won’t do it often, but you can.
    Thanks for viewing and commenting on my blog. It’s wonderful to see what you say be increased by what others have to say!!!

    1. Hi Scott
      Thanks for the okay to post twice a day. lol. With my ramblings, one post seriously ought to be the limit. Great to see you here. I’ll have to re-pop over back to your blog. 🙂 Sam

      1. Would it be okay, or better yet, could you…post a link to my blog (if you decide you like it enough)? Won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t. I am going to read yours and post a link, but don’t let that influence you either. I am in this to say my piece and let others do the same.

      2. Might you consider joining our facebook page? You can post links there. I don’t have a blog role or list of other people’s blogs, per say. So not sure what you mean. Would be glad to help in someway. 🙂

  4. It was the dog and my grandma god bless her soul was super confued 😆
    you are funnny and if someone left it has to be they could not make funny posts..
    love ya Sam
    have a great weekend 🙂

  5. Love your since of humor and the lists are pretty cool too 🙂 I really love crazy frog and the geek posse. They are a great group of friends. Not very talkative today, but wanted you to know how much I enjoy your writing.

  6. I was going over the “clues” in my head, when I figured it out- maybe.

    I think it was the therapist (#15), in the office, with a mouse. That’s who did it!

    I’m right, right?!? Or maybe I could play again. Maybe it was the dog, he looks just crazy enough to do who-knows-what!

    I kinda like that dog…

  7. Bwaaaa! Haaaaa! Haaaaa! That’s it! That’s it! That is why they unfollowed me. They think that I am a real vampire….no, no wait they are upset that I am not a real vampire. Hee hee

  8. You do post corny songs 😛


    It wasn’t me. Even though you didn’t visit my blog 🙂

    Geez, woman, I think our geek posses must be related. Or, could it be that everybody has these same sort of geek posses in their head? It seems so unbelievable but … maybe it’s true!!!! 😛

  9. lol….corny songs….that is sooooo me! I can’t stop myself. lol
    I would love to visit your blog; I follow so many, I sometimes can’t get to them all in one week, but please give me a link! Cool—you have a geek posse too?!! Maybe everyone does. But ours are super cool! ~ hugs, Sam 🙂

    1. See, I wish I wouldn’t write smartarsey comments because after I do I worry about, “Oh, will she know I was joking? Did I sound really mean then?” Which sort of takes all the fun out of being smartarsey in the first place, duh 🙂

      If you click on my name it will take you to my blog. Now I feel bad about joking about my blog because now you’ll feel like you HAVE to come visit it and …

      Sheesh. I’ve got all cringey and scared about everything all of a sudden, baha. Going away now 🙂

  10. Silly! You sound like me. I like smartarsey….it’s funny. No offense taken at all! I look forward to looking at your blog. All is well. Appreciate your comments. 🙂 Sam

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