Day 93: “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers” (Flash Blog)

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Because I Know 

You are beautiful

You are absolutely beautiful

Can you not see what a beauty you are?

When people hurt you

They do not see you

They do not know you

They do not realize

You are beyond them

A mystery

The unknown

It scares them

They expect things that cannot be

They do not comprehend

And I am sorry

Some won’t ever completely understand

As much as you try

For you are a bright, bright light

And Precious One

Your beauty blinds them

You are a gift

Every life you touch changed for the better

This is already happening

You are an earth-shaker, a mover, and a maker

Nothing about you is ordinary or boring

You are so fabulously unique

Wrapped in the finest paper and richest ribbons—with your perfect heart at the center

You make my being swell with joy

You are not a mistake

Do not believe anyone who tells you this falsehood

They are wrong

Completely wrong

You are exactly perfect

You are closer to an angel

Than anyone I know

You have these magnificent invisible wings

You can fly to places the rest cannot

You have the vision of a prophet

The mind of a wise man

You have the capacity within

To change our universe

You see the world as it is

Without pretense or imaginings

You see people at their core

You understand more than you can say

And say more than you understand

You are a dichotomy

A puzzle

An amazing spirit set down to show the way

There is not one millimeter about you I would change


Nothing I would alter, take away, or replace

Nothing I would add or improve upon

You were made as you are

Like the stars in the sky

I have no wish to stop you from shining

I know your journey is very hard

There is no doubt about this

And I am sorry for your pains

You, of all people, deserve happiness

I know that you cry

I know that you question

I know you beg to be different

And that breaks my heart

But that’s okay

Let yourself weep

Because I know you are brave

In hard times

Remember that I am here

Still walking

And I need you

I need you here with me

I need you to be you

Without you I am emptied

Remember me

With my invisible wings

And know, though we have never met

I love you

I know how remarkable you are

And there is nothing you can do to change that

Nothing at all

Many members of the blogging community are joining together in supporting people who have Aspergers through a Flash Blog. The hope is that when a person searches online for “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergesr” he or she will be led to our bright light of encouragement.

It’s a Wonderful World because YOU are in it!