Day 89: Things I Sometimes Love

Things I Sometimes Love


If I stuff earplugs too far in they hurt and at night they squish and press against my ear and the pillow but they allow me to stay in the same bed with my husband.



I could have gone on several cruise ship vacations for the same price I paid for my supplements but they keep me moving.


Clean Clothes

There is always a pile of laundry staring at me from the corner of the living room but usually no one in my family stinks.


Waking up my Youngest

He is sleeping so soundly, so soft and warm and cuddly, but after he wakes up he says cool stuff like: “Mom, guess what? I just peed, burped, and sneezed all at the same time!”


Lab Tests

They induce panic attacks and sleepless nights, and often lead to more supplements, but they provide vital information.


My Dog (Spastic Colon)

I often wake up to surprises she has left me in all forms but I  laugh when she eats my underwear and wags her tail so super fast her little butt shakes.



They make me over think and conjure up dread but knowledge is power.


Washington State

Yes, it rains and rains, and there are tons of spiders, but the greenery and scenery are  pure heaven.


My China Doll

I have had her since I was twelve and I think she is haunted with my spirit, so I am afraid to move her, get rid of her, or hide her in a dark closet, but she makes for interesting conversation.


Dark Organic Chocolate with Espresso Coffee Chips

Need I say more?


Tiny Black Ants

They are overtaking my kitchen but they also carry away crumbs.


My Little Brain

My brain barks, begs, and beckons to be heard but I live in a state of constant entertainment and fascination.


What are some things you sometimes love?