Day 148: Protector



clanks like devil’s bells

burning muscles

closing eyes

through puffed out face

joints bent and scorched

monster in the mirror


so tired

fatigue overwhelms

long to give up

to sleep life away

to escape

without burden

without tears


don’t want to complain

to be here

in this space

where the future is absent

where pain draws his dark curtain of dismay

my innocent woe

a stage for fear’s echoed speech

rescuer where stand you

with fading voice I beckon

I beg

listen to your angel bright

and whisper your presence

trace the edges of my existence

with your dancing fingers

send feather-light kisses

through bleeding indigo sky

caress me in every thought

as eyes to tender sunrise

serve as prince’s cradle

my protector

lance turned syringe

siphoning fully

the chamber of ache

from the caverns

of my withered

and broken

weeping soul

by Sam Craft

June 17, 2012