Day 155: Rose-Petal Bride

source unknown

I broke up with normal sometime back. And today I marry the misfit. I am a misfit. I am a person who is not suited or is unable to adjust to the circumstances of his or her particular situation, that situation being a world in which there is manipulation, intentional harm, lies, judgment, ridicule and actions that cause hurt, rejection, and despair.

I like the misfit I am. I like that I stand for justice. I appreciate that I stand for transformation. I have pain in my interior and exterior, a fragile structure so it seems. But I am strong. I am intense. With an intensity and power to affect the world.

Rose-Petal Bride

Today I am bride to all misfits

I marry them all

I embrace their radiating beauty

I say I do

I vow eternity at their side

I wed those who strive for betterment and love

Who question the existing state of affairs

The bravest souls of all

The ones shaking in their boots with fear

Shaking so hard that they long to retreat and hide

But they don’t

They force themselves to stand upfront, straight and center and show their true colors

Oh, how I admire these misfits

My better half

And my equals

With their humbled hearts and humbled souls, and all the wounds they carry

How I admire their drive, their visions, and their limitless ability to pick themselves back up and carry on

The greatest of men are those that have the hugest of hearts, feel the knife of rejection and judgment, know they are different, but embrace this difference, this grand uniqueness to make a transformation in the world

I hold the misfits in the grandest of light today

Embrace their collective existence

Embrace their endeavors, humanity, and spirit

And offer my hand in comfort

May the misfits rise and know we do not need to adjust to the unjust

Rise now all misfits

I give you my promise of loyalty and admiration

I make you my own

You are the miracle of today

The bride and groom of tomorrow

How I marvel your veil of brilliance, creativity, and ability to continue onward in a place so often filled with trickery

How I love your tuxedo of light and gown of wisdom’s pearls

You are the answer: you and your dreams and desires

Follow them

Walk on the ocean

And I will follow you across our rose-petal path