Day 75: A Good Day in My Book

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Alternate Title: What Accounts for a Good Day in my Book…assuming I had a book, which I don’t. That’s why I blog.

I seem to be big into the alternate titles. It would be fun to make a list of alternative titles for people, places, and things. I bet you can think of a few alternative titles you’d like to call some people! Of course, I mean this in friendly, Buddhist-minded terms—like the enlightened one and the gentle being.

Okay, so I’m a goof. This I know. Nothing wrong with goof, except that goof is closely related to the spelling of goon and goob. Coincidence? I think not.

Backspace, Samantha.

Speaking of the name Samantha, I’ve been using the name Sam so much to answer readers’ comments that I’ve started answering some of my personal emails with the name Sam, instead of my given legal name. I find this quite funny. I imagine getting an email back from a close friend I have known for twenty years, and her signing her name “Rhonda” instead of “Lisa,” and that just cracks me up. I’d be thinking: This chick has surely flipped. Then I’d be thinking what does “flipped out” mean, and what is the origin of this saying. I digress.

If you ever read a post of mine and I come across as level-headed, straight to the point, dry and organized, please assume I have been taking over by a life-sucking pod like in the classic horror flick The Body Snatchers. I am not going to wake up one day, in this same human form anyhow, and be able to stick to one agenda or one point, unless I’m making a list. And even then, the list will likely meander or be super long. I don’t get how someone can just list a few facts and be done. If I tried to do that I would have so much stuff leftover in my brain, I’d need three more blogs to write the rest of the list.

Hmmmm? Have you ever noticed how some bloggers have more than one blog? Maybe it’s so they can appear sane. But I bet if you put a person’s multiple blogs’ blogging-words (posts) together, the combined words would create and entirely different profile. Something to think about if you work for the secret-service, FBI, or stalk people.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
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Don’t worry. I’m sticking to one blog with posts that could easily over spill into three more days of posts.

Backspace, Samantha.

I want to talk about how people used to say: The field of battle, and how they now say battlefield, and how the field of battle sounds so much cooler. I can picture a bunch of goobs upping their sophistication level ten marks, while munching open-mouthed on chips and dip, by saying, the field of football. But I’m not here to talk about that. But what other ways could we feasibly employ this sentence structure…Beatles song: “Fields of Strawberries forever.”

I wonder why I couldn’t focus in school? I still don’t agree with the one comment on my fifth grade report card: Has trouble occupying self when finishes work early. I’m certain I was occupying myself fully. I just happened to appear comatose and staring off in space. No doubt. Unless I was body-snatched since then.

Do you see how I did a full circle back to the previous prose in the last sentence? That is the sign of a gifted writer—or a rambling circular-state, similar to when a dog chases its tail. Dogs are cute. I’m okay with that. No butt sniffing though. Or licking, or poop eating, or garbage hounding…crap, for being so cute, dogs do a lot of gross-me-out stuff.

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Backspace, Samantha.

I better stop myself. How do I do that? First scroll up to remember what the heck the original title of this post was. Now focus.

Good day? Well so far today sucks rotten eggs. It’s only ten in the morning and I am yawning constantly, dealing with a leg cramp, messed up the time of my massage appointment (= no massage), waited in the waiting room for blood tests, until I found out I was supposed to fast (= no blood test), opened an envelope with unexpected and unwanted bill, and opened a new loaf of bread to discover clouds of green mold.

Here’s what a Good day looks like in my book:

A Good Day in My Book

  1. The internet works efficiently and I can log on and obsess about my social network group page and my blog stats.
  2. When I slept the whole night through without being disturbed by a dog’s bark, my husband’s restless leg, or nightmares where I find myself back at college, only I’ve forgotten how to find the classroom and I’m late to class.
  3. When there is some form of chocolate in the house that I can reach and open with little effort.
  4. When no one rants, raves, whines, or screams at me.
  5. When I can stay in my pajamas all day, not brush my hair, have no appointments, feel no attachment to doing chores, and my husband cleans the dishes and brings home takeout.
  6. When Netflix adds new television series to the menu. Especially intense documentaries, genius comics, and the show Weeds.
  7. When someone calls and says something nice, like I love you, Let’s get together soon, or Can I please, please, come and clean your house and watch your kids? It would mean a lot to me.
  8. When my dog doesn’t eat my underwear.
  9. When I can think of something to write without having to watch two hours of Internet videos first for inspiration and without having to delete the three page post I wrote while tipsy.
  10. When a reader truly gets me and I find a way to make her or him smile.
  11. When I reread Tony Attwood’s (Aspegers guru, author, speaker) email complimenting my blog and specifically the list of female traits for females with Aspergers.

All in all, yesterday was a good day in my book. Everything on the list happened, except no one volunteered to come over to the house and my dog ate my underwear, again. She only eats my underwear. Makes me wonder. But that will have to wait for another post.

Here Comes The Sun. Oh, and here comes Spastic Colon, my dog, with my underwear!

30 thoughts on “Day 75: A Good Day in My Book

  1. Oh, no! Now I got through your post and feel bad. I hope I didn’t cause more of a bad day!

    I will be hoping for the day to spin into a better day! My sister’s dog eat her underwear too…only hers. Hmm…strange dog underwear eating fetishes. Now that should be a book.

    How awesome for Tony Attwood to compliment your blog!! Now that is some great news and validation. I am excited for you.

    Love “Here comes the sun!”

    Since this is now my fourth comment I think I will end here.

    Sending you happy-shiny-love-bubble-vibes! ~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~ With a bit of virtual {{{{hugs}}}} 🙂

      1. Yea!! Thank you!! I am writing a post about inspiration and linking to several people who have inspired me. Do you mind if I link to you?

  2. What’s not to like about your blogs? Now, granted, I am a strange being who taught students who made daily comments like, “Do you know you’re fat, Mr. V?” (smiles and very serious, hopefully helpful, they think). But, still, you make me smile, almost daily, and that is quite a thing to do, some days.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks for those words. They mean a lot to me. I am glad that strange beings are reading my blog; I try not to spend too much time with people who think they are “normal.” lol ~ Sam

  3. Whoa! Tony Atwood! I now feel famous by removed association! Good for you, girl, you work hard to create and informative, humorous and penetrating blog. You write with such authenticity, I’m pleased to know you.


  4. Dogs eating underwear!!! Good grief I’ve seen that too much for comfort…I received the same type of note on my report card in sixth grade…A boy last year had aspergers and he delighted himself whenever he finished his work. I just had to make sure he was out of line of sight as he made his pencil into a plane….He always had uber focus on that pencil:) Your blog really reminds me of so many things, and I’m so pleased that you share it with us….

  5. I laughed at the dog not eating your underwear. Mine had a penchant for bringing my dirty underwear into the living room while I was at work. So embarrassing when I had a friend over after work. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad to hear other people’s dogs eat underwear. Now I want to Goggle it! Thanks for reading and commenting. lol about the friend coming over and catching your dog in the act! ~ Sam

  6. My dog eats mine too… Weird… But yea, she eats poop and cat food and dirty diapers from the trash can, so she’s just nasty… I was craving something before I sat down to read this. Easter candy isn’t cutting and now I figured it out… I want chips and dip, but I promise to eat with my mouth closed and not to talk with food in my mouth (cuz oh my goodness that’s disgusting). If only I could convince hubby that it is perfectly legit to make him go get it for me when I’m not pregnant… I don’t think he’s gonna buy it.

    I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve laughed that much all day. Thank you!

    1. lol! So glad you laughed. That makes my day! Now I want chips and dip. And I haven’t been pregnant in 11 years. Can’t use that excuse anymore. Bummer. Thanks for the comment and for the read. ~ Sam 🙂

  7. Sam, by the way, I love the name Samantha and if I had another daughter, that would be her name. I also love the nickname Sam! Okay, #10 is a sure thing. You made me smile! Wonderful post and our new 18 month old chocolate lab doesn’t go for undies, but he loves socks, plastic and bbq’s! We are learning what having a puppy is all about, but loving him along the way! Anyway, thanks for making my day!

    1. I’ve always loved the name Samantha. I love labs! They are my favorite. But for allergy reasons, we have a labradoodle. The puppy I brought home to my dad, without asking, when I was in college, was a chocolate lab. What does your doggy do with a bbq? lol You are welcome. 🙂

      1. We adopted him and has been a dream dog, but when he’s left home alone, he sometimes causes mischief! I think it’s part of still being a puppy, the fact that he was moved around a few times and still learning that we are his new family, and also that he is a lab. They’re garbage disposals! He pulled our bbq out about 20 feet and chewed the propane hose. If we even thought he’d do that, the bbq would have been somewhere else. Luckily, he was okay, which is our first concern and the hose can be replaced. We’ve cleaned up the yard and realized we won’t be planting for spring this year, nor buying new patio furniture right now. Hopefully, in a couple of months, he’ll be better and realize that we’re coming home any time we leave the house…but, he’s beautiful, lovable and is great in the house. He is also great outside when we’re home. I guess he can sense when we’re not…sorry for the long reply! Have a great day! 🙂

  8. 😆 Sam you are so incredibly sweet and funny,.. a big hug 🙂
    Hey thanks for that alert will check out for dry and organised posts and dont you worry i know what you mean, i will wear my super hero costume and save you..I just love you too much to let body snatchers take you and then blog too..How gross will be that !
    Nope never I am here, so dont you fear..hey that rhymed omg i am a poet 🙂

    Your teacher wrote that you have trouble occupying self when you finish work early. where is that wretched creature…
    I got that kind of remark a lot..And i used to soul is occupying my body,my body is occupying the chair how much more do you want people!!!!
    first we are expected to finish stupid classwork and then cant even be comatose….lets kill them take revenge..i am coming with body bags

    Absolutely love and agree with the 11 points on having a good day ,yay to all of them
    specially having chocolate near..

    have a great day Sam.

    1. I so look forward to your comments. I fear I’m becoming dependent on your sweet nature and witty humor. Good to know you’ve got my back. Which super hero? Does this super hero have access to chocolate? Huge hug back. Thanks for the rhyming support and revenge commentary. lol. Have a great day, too. 🙂 Chat soon. ~ Sam

  9. Cool on the Tony Attwood compliment! Of course, you have my compliments on your blog too, just sayin’… 😉

    I totally had that same nightmare about being late for class or not finding it or missing a deadline for like 10 years after completing all my degrees. That could be a post right there!

    And I’d have to agree that easily opened chocolate in one’s nearby vicinity is always the sign of a good day! 🙂

    1. I’ll make that #12: When Solodialogue compliments my blog, and I stalk her to see where she lives! hee hee
      Aren’t those college nightmares icky?
      Yes, chocolate. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. 😉

  10. lol…whenever 1 of those bad days makes 1 of those “unexpected/unwelcome visits”, Sam…think of #10 🙂 🙂 {{{{hugssss}}}} thanks for the smiles, giggles, lolzzzz, grins, chuckles 🙂 🙂
    proud of you…on Tony Attwood’s complimenting you 🙂 🙂 that’s awesome and i’m not surprised at all…i humbly join him in complimenting you, too, Sam 🙂 🙂

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