Day 161: Star-Filled Knight

source unknown
Elf Princess Samantha (giggles)


Star-Filled Knight

Tether me to your virtue, wrap fraying rope around my body whole, and tie substance to thy pole

The north the south, makes no difference, just tether me straight against your being

Tether me too, upon your heart, and wrap ribbon round my eyes, to close me to the dark

The light about, spin round and round, touch the hidden pieces buried in memories dim

Invade my thoughts and dreams with energy of late eve, the uninvited visitor at my door

Enter and entice with sunlit eyes and shoulders broad, kneel down and greet me as knight to fair lady

So I may lower myself to cold floor waiting, and be enveloped in tinseled warmth and beauty bold

To desire little between sunrise and sunset, beyond the visions of the land where lovers blend

To walk through corridors of long ago nights, and drink the potentiality of forgotten lifetimes

My silent prince, my wandering warrior, trapped in the torrential wind of imaginary dragons

Breathe not such misery, embrace eternity, the talisman crystal-bright upon beating chest

Reach through the broken glass of illusion, and touch, the scarlet drape shrouding secret treasure

A cavern so deep and luxurious that only the trickling of your interwoven branches can reach

Like root, like dagger, like cherry off tree, fall into me, into the depth below so we may rise as mystic rain

The two as one, untouched in circumstance and reality, only moving as source intended, winter to spring

Blossomed at last, beneath the melting snow, turning upward in pure delicate petals of morning

To arise, fledgling of desire, fragile wings spread in jasmine air, the hint of freedom engraved through form

A universal centipede of walking stick, a mountain top moved, a stallion through clouds, magic made

From the simplicity of blindness, to release the worldly ways, and believe in the eternal flowerbed of life

To reach in my tethering sweet, and release passion through desired imprisonment of cherished belief

That all is as intended, the preordained ebbing flow of star children, their wishes blown on amulet waves

To stand at shore and await what comes, arms open, rope at side, and eyes set to the open endless sky

~ By Samantha: Princess of Elf Land where all dreams come true