Day 202: For This






Images from the great northwest of Washington State USA. By Samantha Craft.


For This

What is love to me, my angels asked

I answered, your eyes in my heart

Shining bright upon the drinking flowers

I watered and listened

To the voices in my mind

And they came like sunlight

The waves I am

Blessing me with the softness of your face

I peeled back the day then

The greenery and cedar grand

Bowed in recognition

Of what I held inside

The joy

The hope

The invention of me, reborn

All stood back, the heaven’s cloud

And asked, as one

Are you certain

Is all worth


I stood there then

In quiet

My view slowly shifting

Reality a game

And I answered aloud

In the way a soul speaks from beneath

I answered


All is worth this

And the questions came:

And what of pain

Shall you hurt

For this

Shall you turn from your very wishes

Shall you sacrifice

For one moment

For one chance

And I sang

As the raven to her love

But for a moment

I would give my life

But for a moment

I would change eternity

And the unity spoke again

Questioning my faith

My desire

And you would alter everything

For this

They asked

Change your world

For this

And I answered with a tear

Yes, the silence said

There is no love

Without his embrace


~ Sam Craft, August 2012

21 thoughts on “Day 202: For This

  1. I have shared this beautiful post on a poetry site for friends of mine to have a look and give their opinion… I just love it… and the photos outstanding… but the words what can I say, between you and Robyn you fill my cup till it runs over.. thank you…

    1. Thanks for sharing. Having a harder day today (pain wise) so hope to get over to your blog soon. Your support and sharing is very kind. Hope all is well, and what a sweet comment; just putting me in the same sentence as Robyn is an honor. 🙂 Sam

  2. Sam
    Loved Your poem
    but i gotta tell
    Walking with my dog this morning
    i met a little boy and his grandmother
    she was bringing him to daycare
    he was crying as he was walking hand in hand with her
    i asked his grandmother if he was ok
    She said they just found out he was just diagnosed with Asp… sorry can’t spell this morning
    i am too touched by what i heard and saw …..
    He is 4 and hasn’t spoken yet
    only lots of crying and body language that spoke FEAR
    only FEAR
    which was sad to feel ….
    But he already knew how to read !!!!!!!
    and spent hours and hours with books
    His Grandmother said that His Mother was very very strong
    but she – the gramma was very emotional about what they just found out ……
    I talked to her for 20 minutes or so
    about what i had learned through YOU ……….
    and it seemed to soothe her – even for that little period of time ….
    She was crying by the end in happiness – kinda like that Hopeful Happiness – you know those kind of tears ?
    Thank You Sam for being a great Source to me ………..
    Because if it weren’t for You
    i would of not known what to say ……..
    or how to soothe
    Love you very much
    and ………..
    I am sure i will see this little boy and his Grandmother more and more
    They live in the same building that i do

    love xoxoxo

    1. Thank you!!!! Your comment certainly made my day. 🙂 What wonderful words to read. Very much appreciated. Love the sunshine you sprinkle wherever you go!!! You’re awesome. Hug and lots of love to you. Keep me posted about this family. oxoxox Sam

      1. I will Sweet Sam xx
        I didn’t see him today – it’s the weekend and cruddy out …..
        but i will let u know …….
        for sure …
        i am glad you are out there Blasting the message out with love ……..
        xzoxoxoxoxooxxo C

    1. Now I can tell you used to be a teacher; sounds like something I would have written atop a student’s paper. 🙂 hehehe Appreciate your positive words and support. Have been out of the loop, but will visit your blog soon. Hugs, LS

  3. Beautiful pictures and words sam. I know I am now sounding repetitive with my use of adjectives on your posts. But your each post is so beautifully written, I have to say it. 🙂

  4. Your photography is really fantastic Sam ~ colors super vibrant here — majestic trees look almost like they can walk and talk… and your poem is beautiful…spiritual and clearly a work of some Divine inspiration ~ I enjoyed immensely dear sea sister ~ much love your way ~xxoo

    1. I had company for two days…and now high pain day…I’m sure you know how that goes…so need to get over to YOUR blog! Miss it, much. Thank you for your kind words. How are you, lovely? Hugs from your sea sis. 🙂

      1. Oh geez sorry for your pain Sam. Yes – I do know ~ thought for me it’s just a 24/7 battle now – and company is really rare. Rest up and recover ~ most important !! xo

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