Day 201: Strangled Love

Strangled Love

I cannot love you anymore

I am done

I have given everything

And you have taken nothing

But the best pieces

Now shattered and disfigured

Unrecognizable to even death


I cannot love you anymore

You are torture

The cruelest kind

That wrings the neck wet

And sticks probes of fire

To ignite electric harm

A fence singed into screaming flesh

I cannot love you anymore

My heart a piano

To be tuned and banged upon

To be opened

Used for company

And left in isolated silence

No longer

I cannot love you anymore

You are the slow bleed and I am emptied

You are the wind and I am chaffed

You are the widow black

And I am babe

Last light extinguished in poisoned bite

I cannot love you anymore

If I am sun

Then you are surely night

If I am proximity, then you are distance

If I am truth, then you are bundled secrets

If I am voice, then you be the empty echo

I cannot love you anymore

With throat aflame

Eyes streaked crimson

Ears mangled in blistered bursts

Soul purged of stagnant dreams

I dismiss you

I cannot love you anymore

This pleading woman

Garbed in netted veil

lingering in your vacancy

I strangle her with vengeance

Until she knows with last breath

I cannot love you anymore


Images and Words by Samantha Craft, August 2012


Photos taken at Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA


Captures my heart, indeed.

25 thoughts on “Day 201: Strangled Love

  1. WoW~ At first I thought that this poem was pointing outside of you towards another person but the more I read the more it felt like you were talking to a part of your~self~ Curious to know~ Great Write either way~ šŸ™‚

    1. Yes….indeed…it is pointing at first beyond, and remains pointing outside, but then points inside as well to where the pain/victim rests. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment and questions. šŸ™‚ Smiles, Sam

  2. Beautiful (and horrific) poem, but I can’t really figure out what it is about. Who does it aim at – a real person? Or like the guy above (satprem33) suggests, a personality dimension?

  3. I know you don’t mean me in this poem, it is too wonderful and I know has just poured out of you as usual.. Who it refers to is of little matter it is a masterful rendition of how you are feeling.. The Photos are absolutely wonderful.. the one with the web attractive…and the last with the little bird adorable… another great post… but I worry when I don’t see a smiling face from you… are you ok or do you need a cyber HUG..?
    Always worry when I see that the blog is posted under pain and yucky stuff….

    1. I couldn’t take a photo of me….my hair was a disaster! lol So kind of you to notice “pain and yucky stuff.” I’ll have to include a little note at the bottom for bulldog….. “B.D. tougher night but I’m good!” Thanks for caring! šŸ™‚ And not you in the poem, hehehe. Yep, poured out….a bit creepy what was inside, but so healing to allow to pour forth. Wasn’t sure about people’s reactions, but it’s another part of me, for certain. Hope your day and night is grand. šŸ™‚ Sam

  4. Great poem my lovely friend and such amazing photos too. I love the spiders web one, the spider is glowing. Is he a super spider, does he mutate? I LOVE the little bird he is sooooo cute. I love all the photos actually and so want to walk there with you.
    Well, I have read everyone’s comments here and found them all very interesting and I will add…great poem my lovely, bloody amazing you are.
    Love you so very much. Me…banana bread, the raven. xxx šŸ™‚ ā¤

    1. Those are my two favorite, too. And the stump that looks like a mossy forest guardian. We must get you out here somehow….wouldn’t that be grand! We could walk through all the trails together. Love my “bloody amazing.” I need that today. šŸ™‚
      I want to be raven…you can’t be raven…okay….I’ll be crow. lol
      xoxoxo Sam

      1. You chose crow first, you even wrote a post about it Basna, don’t you remember.
        I am raven, I have to be I know too many stories of ravens not to be… so there. šŸ™‚
        šŸ˜› ~~~~~ <——that's me blowing a raspberry at you, see. hehe

  5. Full of emotion and conviction, Sam, and at first, I thought it was pointing at someone else, too, but then towards the end, I realized it was directed more deeply inside; so profound and wonderfully written! Hugs to you, my friend! xoxo

    1. Thank you for you insightful comment. Yep. It is pointed outside and inside. I’d like to say it’s all outside…but never is the truth, really. Appreciate your words, and will be over to visit you soon. šŸ™‚ Sam

  6. You captured what so many of us have experienced, in one form or another. Your insightful passages are in tandem with some poems I have written while finding my way out from under the heavy boughs of the darkest forest I have ever risked to enter. Now out from under I can feel and see the Love and Light of this amazing life. Sweet release!! Love you!! xx

  7. Amazing poetry my friend….The shadow, the monster??? I know that is the subject here yes? — you are facing her and so courageously. So admirable Sam — you are doing the work (as they say in depth psychology)… Carl Jung would be proud. Sometimes we think this shadow is outside of us – but ultimately when we explore with open heart and mind – we find everything we abhor on the outside is only a projection of something inside us that needs tending to.
    ~~Your photos are so GREAT! A spider web/mandala — wow… this one looks really huge and cool. I love the birdy too… and the rocks “I dismiss YOU” — You are a gem ~ Love to u sister of sea ~ R

    1. It truly was a beautiful piece of writing. I was able to see myself in the poem. It felt like the poem was written “for me”, yet i can see myself writing it. I have hurt others unintentionally, as others have done the same to me. It is the cycle of life and love. But it is the courage to forgive and move forward. I am so glad you are still blogging as your posts truly teach me about aspergers and more importantly how i can improve my life as i try to be a better person.

      1. Thank you for your comment Tman. I love how poetry can often reach others. I am glad to know that it helped you in some way. Thank you for sharing, and I wish my joy to you. Sam

    2. Shadow and monster…yes….but also someone in flesh. I read and studied about Jung. I like his collective unconscious theory much. Thank you for all of your continued support. My mood “ain’t” so chipper today, but sure I’ll be better. “I dismiss YOU.” hehehehe That’s one powerful line….I think I need to use it more in my walking life. Love you sea sister. See you at your blog soon. Sam

      1. yes ~remember the collective unconscious — amazing work. I liked him best of all the psychoanalysts I studied… even took some coursework at the Jungian Institute in NYC at one point… definitely has the most spiritual emphasis. Sorry about your mood … we must be once again – in sync. Lots going on here. Maybe I’ll try to ‘dismiss’ a few too!! šŸ™‚ Love u too — and we need to put your glowing gravitar up i that silly box for you!!xxoo

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