Day 217: And the Award Goes to….

Search Engine Terms Awards

Yes, even search engine terms long to be noticed and adorned.

Below I’ve listed some of the less common search engine terms that led people to my blog. In my infinite desire to process and analyze and sort data, (and to chuckle), I have spent hours scanning through thousands of words to create a list of my favorites. (Yes, this is what I do for amusement.)

“Search engine term awards?” You query, with a wry grin.

“Well, yes! Why the heck not?” I quibble, with a devious wink.

The Picturing in my Mind Award

mermaid butt

naked man with a butterfly on his buttock

vampires naked

The Sweetness Award

memory of a little girl who once danced like a butterfly

innocent women pics

The Spit-with-Laughter on my Keyboard Award

invasion of the body snatchers kill and replace



organizing a messy aspergerian

Collective term for sloths

The Shades of Aspie Award

addicted to aspergers man

Sexy Asperger girl

Everyday naked people

Sexy Aspergers

Your sexy grandmother

wooing aspergers girls

do dominant guys like asperger girls

hot guys with asperger’s

aspies in bikinis

best female voluptuous sensual nude body

how i surprised my hubby for his birthday- naked

The Must Answer Award

can women with aspergers be sexy (Oh, Yes!)

asperger’s brain vs normal brain (Asperger’s wins)

do all aspergers girls lack empathy (nope, but you might)

how to tell if an aspergers guy likes you (ask him)

What are qualities women with aspergers want in a man (authenticity, humor, honesty, nice butt and eyes)

Can aspie girls be popular (yes)

What’s normal (good question)

why do aspies hardly text back (I think there might be another reason)

how to tell someone you have aspergers (I have Aspergers)

is it true girls lose their ass (no, last time I checked there were no assless women)

How do you make an Asperger man to love you (You learn proper grammar)

why are asperger people handsome (Because they radiate truth)

how to tell if someone with aspergers likes you  (If they talk  to you and compliment you all the time, send you little gifts, and smoother you in love)

do people with asburgers understand humor? (I’m laughing at your spelling!)

The Heart Smile Award

i am in love with an aspergers girl

caution i may hug you

embrace the beauty

aspergers visions god

what is aspergers indigo world change

incarnated angels asperger’s syndrome

for my song is a lullaby to soothe your soul…

i’m female, intelligent, emotional, imaginative – Asperger

need a list of care to take care of myself to look feminine everyday and pretty, beautiful for my husband to be?

my son has aspergers what is your superpower

The What the Frick? Award

not using the aspergers anymore

aspergers love to fish

husband hears wife ask rapist to please come again

Watch Out! Award

why am i attracted to other men than my husband all the time

Been There, Done That Award

aspergers crying music

asperger i cant help my blank stare

aspergers fixations love dependency

aspergers too much caffeine

aspergers need to escape reality

seven truths we must accept about  our ego

aspergers in children wont sleep and wont mind

aspergers need to write lists

aspergers mixing up words

choking on saliva while awake

I’m falling inlove

Why I can’t keep my friends, am I too intense

What to do when you are losing your mind


doll hiding closet scary

So Me Award

lady with messy hair & no makeup

california burger veggie patties real good food from this good earth

My Cupid Award

how to get to an asperger girls heart ( you just did)


Great unplugged concert. Love the second song…..sigh…..


28 thoughts on “Day 217: And the Award Goes to….

      1. “Interesting what goes on in people’s heads…. ” Yes it very mucan be 🙂

  1. ROFL! You have to teach me how to find how someone searches for your blog! i have no idea but i see posts like this from time to time. Should I search “vampires naked” for the answer? 😉 How on Earth did someone get here from that?! Did I miss that post? 😉

    1. Go to W in left hand corner of your screen. Scan down to Stats. Click on Stats. You’ll see a white screen. Look on the left column for terms used. click on upper right in blue ink, “Summaries” That will set you up. 😉
      Glad you liked…. I have written posts on vampires and used naked a couple times….lol….. I love the man’s butt butterfly tattoo and aspies in bikinis….who searches for that? lol…. Hugs! 🙂

  2. Love, love, love! So much laughter and it’s only 7:54 a.m. It’s going to be a great day. Thanks for the great start!!! 🙂

  3. The top photo looks like a little corner of Jamaica! (I’ve never seen an assless girl either… good word, assless!) Your post made me chuckle. 🙂

    1. Probably because I posted in the same 24 hours. 🙂 I am odd to analyze the terms…but it does settle and relax my brain. And it was fun, in an odd way. teehee. Thanks for the kind words. xoxox 🙂 .

      1. I would like to analyze mine – but we may be different here as I think I’d get a migraine 🙂 When we meet you will help me! Yours was so interesting… Ok – -into the tub I go – -have a cyst under my eyelid – lovely – killing – and was just making a bit of progress with my hip — never a dull moment — sweet dreams sea sis!!

    2. My right eye has been acting up all summer….I don’t normally have eye stuff. I hope yours heals super fast…what a pain…!!! Enjoy your bath and may every ripple in the water bring you further peace and healing. Much love. 😉

      1. bath was nice – i soaked my eye. Eye doc in the family who says that’s the best treatment (warm compress/soaks) … no – i don’t usually get eye ails either (not since I was 20 and had a case of conjunctivitis that went down in the textbooks ~ don’t ask) but nothing since… OUCH – another pain sensitive organ. Just woke up with it — just hoping it’s standard fair and doesn’t need excision (some do) … Thank you for vision of ripples of healing – I think it worked 🙂 xo

    1. lol. You are funny. I don’t check my email related to this blog anymore…lol…I sure hope there is nothing important there. lol. I have had some interesting facebook messages….far too interesting. So glad to know you cutie. ~ Sam

  4. I have noticed some weird ones in my own blog (but I don’t think quite as weird as some of yours). I did a Google search on Kindredspirit23 and got a lot of hits, mostly from the pics I put in my posts. Interesting idea and good post!

  5. Hey Ho, (who you callin’ a ‘ho!) I’ve done search stuff but I turn it around with a…shall I say, “bit of a twist?” Sometimes not much to work with so the posts are sucky, but search for “Search Term Madness.” Majority are there.

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