Day 218: To Be Happy

To Be Happy

Sometimes people remind others to tone down their joy more often than they remind others to boost up their sadness.

Sometimes people enjoy gossiping about others’ plights, misfortune, and perceived failures more than their successes.

Sometimes people analyze, judge, and label the glee-filled person.

Sometimes people make fun of smiles.

Sometimes there are more words spoken about sadness than of joy.

Sometimes people remind others to act more serious, but rarely do they caution to act more goofy.

Sometimes people think to get anything accomplished fun must be set aside.

Sometimes people hush the laughing child.

Sometimes people reflect upon the sad person’s dilemma more than the happy person’s celebration.

Sometimes fear and loss pulls people closer, while good news and abundance pulls people apart.

Sometimes more energy is spent on trying to relieve someone’s pain than on how to increase someone’s happiness.

Sometimes giddiness is perceived as immature.

Sometimes people don’t trust the funny person.

Sometimes a comic, joker and jester are made the bad guy.

Sometimes people run from circus clowns and punish the class clown.

Sometimes people mock someone’s laugh but never make fun of their cry.

Sometimes the sad news tops the happy news.

Sometimes brightly colored garb and shiny attire scare people.

Sometimes when passing a stranger, a frown feels safer than a grin.

Sometimes people gravitate towards the sad and are suspicious of the happy.

Sometimes people believe happiness is lost and to be found.

Sometimes to be happy we must smile through all the sometimes.

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28 thoughts on “Day 218: To Be Happy

  1. Wow, so true, Sam!!! I found this post especially validating. Countless times as a
    child I was told to “pipe down” when I giggled or danced around with glee. Your
    post reminds me that I get to do this now and I’d temporarily forgotten. Big hugs!!

  2. Wow! I’m searching for the “love this” botton. I’m so loving this piece! My mum once pointed out a lone guy walking with a large grin to me, I asked her if she would have done the same if he had a terrible frown! That’s just the way we make life look. Sweet sweet stuff you’ve got here! I’m so excited, I feel like screaming! Weldone! 🙂

  3. And there are the Sams and Robyns of the world …. (need I say more?)

    Wonderful post again dearest Sam… You hit so many nails on the head here and I know will make many people take notice. I really think that all those people who engage in “sometimes” noted so eloquently here, are looking through the wrong lens… and if they look within – they will find the right one, and turn it all around… Here is to hoping there will come a time we can say ‘Sometimes true happiness is the predominant state of our world!!’ ~ Much Love to you SS ~ Rxo

  4. It does seem true that we often tell others to settle down, to contain their joy. We do this to our children all the time–which strikes me as sad. It’s like that tv show–“Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Only that’s meant to be sarcastic.

    But sometimes I feel it is nice to have a ‘secret joy’ I keep to myself. That can be good, too.

  5. SOMETIMES….you just need to jump up and down, clap your hands and shout.
    ” Hey Basna… you know how bloody amazing you are?!!!”
    Smiling at you my lovely friend. 🙂 ))))) Me…the Banana bread. Hugssss

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