Day 229: Phlegm in a Cup and Love

Now as much as I love, love, love someone else doing the dishes and fretting about dinner, the trade-off of viral bronchitis—so not worth it!

Seems some nasty bug is circulating the state, well at least this town. Watch out for the attack. Not fun in the least.

Picture red plastic cup marked “phlegm” and me in blue medical mask, and endless hacking. Fever seems to have FINALLY subsided; at least I no longer ache in places I didn’t know existed. And the paranoid thoughts of being the very first person to die of the new viral outbreak, set to kill 10% of the population, have stopped. At least for the most part.

Still I’m left rib-bruised, out of breath, and wondering what happened during the month of September, beyond what I learned from season eight of Grey’s Anatomy and seasons one through eight (yes, eight seasons) of Everybody Loves Raymond.

The good news is I’m in love! Yes. I am. His name is Robert.

He is a fictional character on the show Everybody Loves Raymond, a very tall, insecure Italian who is just one giant adorable bear. Though I realize the episodes are over a decade old (and therefore Robert is in his fifties now), and that Robert is fictional, and thusly doesn’t really exist, I am in love nonetheless. He’s more attainable than the young wealthy god-like creature in the Shades of Grey series anyhow.

When I was having fever dreams, during the early stages of my illness, my dreams were related to the fictional character Robert, (or to dimensional time travel during the era of futuristic war-ridden earth). I didn’t dream of Robert. I dreamt his dreams. Yes, indeed, in my fever-state I believed I was Robert. After over 100 episodes I imagine our minds had molded together in someway. As Robert, I dreamt as Robert, and had dreams about his circumstances that befell him while on the show. Yes, I had fictional character anxiety dreams. Who would have thought that was even possible?

Dreaming I was Robert was far better than the jumping from one dimension to the next dimension dreams, to recruit and “save” people who would make good warriors back on earth for the alien battle we’d soon be fighting. There was a sophisticated screening mechanism for determining what individuals were suitable to be pretty much kidnapped from their dimension and brought back to ours. Basically, if your life sucked, and probably would continue to suck, or lead to early death, or harm to others, we stole you. Nice mind I have. Don’t you think?

So that’s what I do when I’m sick: Watch lots of television, obsess about all the feasible ways of expiring, kidnap people in other dimensions, and fall in love with fictional characters. Probably not too far off the mainstream. That and write poetry—when the head’s not pounding and I’m not catching phlegm in a cup.


Love Leaves

I shall not tread

Into thy dark night

A cornucopia of lost cause

Landscape stripped barren

By voice of horned trumpet

Melody suffocated by circumstance

Mind bled out by tourniquet expired

Whistle blown at ruptured drum

Bleakness wrapped as toy for infant

Revealed broken, rusted blade

When torn

Open, his tangled mane made web of longing

Prepped and fondued to tempt desire

Lion’s thirst, a churning ache

Thick swallowed whole


A chest plate of veins, pulsing blue

Tulips turned stone

Roots in mire

Crushed sweet


Sour echo vines and chokes

Stiffens in eradication

Layers thick upon cake of earth

Stomped brittle leaves remain

Rocked forth

In cradle of you

~ Sam Craft, Sept. 2012



Love Enters

Love enters

Starlit glow aflame

Beauty infinite

Whispers honey

Recognition formed

Beyond womb

Of mother’s promise

As feather set upon chariot wind

I move within your substance

The sound of songbirds assembles

Lullaby of cherubs

And silence

He knows not

How to exist

When I am filled

With your beckoning

~ Sam Craft, Sept 2012



And this video Explains Exactly How I felt during my illness

17 thoughts on “Day 229: Phlegm in a Cup and Love

  1. lol….I fall in love with fictional characters all the time, and rarely do I have a fever when I do it. Right now, I’m completely in love with Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS — Gibbs. Hope you feel better soon, and know that I do all the same stuff when I’m sick, too. Now, save our planet and get well right after you’ve accomplished that!!

    1. Great to know you do all the same stuff, too. 🙂 Thanks for the visit. I hope to catch up on some blog reading soon. Very much out of the loop. I must go save the planet now….do you know anyone in another dimension that has a life that totally sucks? lol Hugs 🙂

  2. Lovely poems my dear! I take it you are feeling better? Thank goodness you are NOT “the very first person to die of the new viral outbreak, set to kill 10% of the population!” 🙂

    Your dreams of you being Robert sound strangely like my hazy months of when the twins were born and on opposite feeding schedules – I did not have cable or channels so instead I rented large series and time period pieces to watch all day and night since I was stuck on the couch feeling like a milking cow! One of the series was “All Creatures Great and Small (TV series), a BBC” I would fall asleep and dream that I was one of the animal doctors helping give birth to a cow or horse! Awwww… good times. 🙂

    Good to see your smiley face!

    Much love and healing bubbles to you!

    1. Hi Ms. Bubble Angel. How I missed you during my dark ages….where has September gone? Geeze! Ain’t it great I’m not the first to die from the viral outbreak….something tells me you get that. lol.
      I can totally picture you on the couch after having twins and watching shows….I have to admit, it has been nice to chill—though my mind goes off on tangents and won’t be quiet….you probably don’t get that. lol Funny how you dreamt of what your were watching. That’s so me.

      Hope you are doing well. Blowing you rose petals and ice-cream scoops with chocolate sprinkles.
      Love and light to you.
      🙂 Sam

  3. I hope you’re feeling better, Sam, bronchitis is not fun, at all! However, your poems are beautiful and I, too, have fallen in love with fictional characters. I know who Robert is, as I love that show! I seem to like a lot of the old shows, so I guess I’m old, too! Yikes! 🙂 Sending healing hugs your way!

    1. You know my Robert? I just love how TALL he is and his voice, and his eyes, and….oh I must stop myself….lol. It’s not that old of a show. Just late 1990’s and early 2000’s…we’re still young! Thanks for the visit and much love to you. 🙂

      1. I love that show and sometimes, I’m able to fit in some reruns, Sam! I’m not much into t.v. these days, but I love the old shows, incl. Three’s Company (so sad about John Ritter’s early death), Friends, even I Love Lucy (love Lucille Ball) and Family Ties (love Michael J. Fox)! Call me nerdy, but I love these shows! Love and hugs to you, too! 🙂

      2. I watched every episode of Three’s Company in ninth grade! lol. My obsession. Friends….bought the series and watched it all. I LOVE I love Lucy. And Family Ties was one of my all time favorites when I was younger. Hehehehe. I get a NERD button, too. We’re in good company. Carry on! xoxo

      3. Yay for NERD buttons! I got teary-eyed watching the Family Ties last show…so silly, but you start to feel part of their family…any of the shows you get hooked on! Thanks, Sam, I don’t feel so bad now, but it’s who I am anyway, so there! 🙂 Yes, carry on! xoxo

  4. Yay – good sign – 2 Sam Poems that rock and humorous post about phlegm and dreams of “Robert” from ELR!! = this all sounds like signs of healing on the way to me!! Now is your second poem for Robert too?? xxoo Much Love — your Savasana Sea Sister who can’t be seated for more than 5 minute intervals and is seeing new surgeon this Tuesday … keep healing!!

    1. Yes….signs of healing….and I actually picked something up off the floor today… tired, I haven’t even wanted to bend down. I’m sorry to hear about your 5 minute sitting struggle. I can’t imagine. You are such a strong spirit. I don’t know what you and I signed up for in this lifetime….but sure glad we found one another. I will keep you in thought. You are so lovely inside and out. Heal, heal, heal, Sea Sister. Let me know about the surgeon appointment. Hugs and love. xoxox

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