The ABCs of Aspergers

The ABCs Of Aspergers

These attributes describe some of the wonderful qualities people with Aspergers may have:

A: Apologetic, Admit fault, Avoid superficial conversation, Accepting of quirks

B: Brilliant in chosen field of study

C: Capable, Caring, Complimentary, Creative, Clever problem solvers

D: Detail oriented, Driven, Devoted, Dauntless in Interests, Dependable, Deep Thinkers, Don’t Discriminate, Don’t have hidden agendas, Defend the weak

E: Enthusiastic, Exhibit Exceptional Endurance, Entertaining, Enlightened

F: Fact Finders, Forthright, Forgiving, Free from prejudice, Fruitful

G: Genuine, Good memory for facts and details

H: High-level of Integrity, Honest, Highly Focused

I:  Intelligent, Imaginative, Idealists, Ingenious, Instructive

J:  Justice seekers, Just

K: Knowledgeable, Kind

L: Loyal, Look for goodness and genuineness in friends, Listen without judgment

M: Memory can be exceptional, Memorable conversationalist

N: Not bullies, Not manipulative, Not deceptive, Not game players, Not inclined to lie and steal

O: Original thinkers, Open to new information, Outstanding, Optimistic despite setbacks

P: Puzzle solvers, Pattern finders, Pragmatic, Philosophical thinkers, Poetic, Passionately Pursue interests

Q: Quick learners, Quick thinkers, Question “truths” and opinions

R: Reliable, Regard others for their personhood, Routine establishers, Rule followers

S:  Sincere, Solution finders, Speak their mind, Strength in endeavors, Strong moral code, Sensitive to Sensory Stimuli

T: Talented, Trusting, Think in Pictures, Truth Seekers

U: Unique perspective and outlook

V:  Valiant, Vigilant, Advanced Vocabulary

W: Word interest, Witty humor, Wonderful Work ethics

X:  Non-Xenophobic

Y:  Youthful-outlook, Yearn for truth

Z:  Zestful, Zealous

I don’t know about you, but I think the world could do with a few more people like this!

It is human nature to classify and to make sense out of chaos. It is human nature to look for a reason and cause, especially in the aftermath of tragedy. It is also, oftentimes, a part of the human condition to find a scapegoat.

Using Aspergers or Autism Spectrum Disorders as a scapegoat is wrong. It is a form of discrimination.

Aspergers is not a mental illness. It does not lead to insanity or cause insane actions. Aspergers is a neurological condition that experts believe affects the frontal lobe of the brain, a condition that leads to differences in neurological function. It is a condition of the brain.

Though some would argue, Aspergers is a condition of the spirit, and simply a way of sensing the world in a different way than the typical person.

People with Aspergers are extremely bright, well-spoken, and loving individuals.

Claiming that a horrific event was caused because a person has an autism spectrum disorder does nothing but cause misery and pain to a group of individuals already facing discrimination and challenges.

It is a falsehood that Aspergers could in and of itself lead to violence. Aspergers, like all neurological conditions, causes challenges in day-to-day life, but it does not cause a person to be heartless or evil.

On the contrary, I know and relate to hundreds of people with Aspergers, and they have proven time and time again to be open-minded, wise beyond their years, fair and just, extremely honest, and compassionate. These people with ASD are some of the most caring and empathetic people I have met.

I am glad to call many people with Aspergers my friends and trusted confidants.

It saddens me deeply that we live in a society that is quick to lay blame without adequate research or inquiry. It saddens me that some of the brightest lights on this planet, often writers, artists, poets, and philosophers, are being pegged as somehow wrong and in need of fixing.

I know who I am. I know who my son is. We both happen to have Aspergers. This does not make us any better or worse than the rest of the citizens in our community. It is just an additional part of our personhood.

It is often the deprived, unloved and lost person who performs harmful acts. If we want to stop such acts we need to love others, provide safety, direction and support. We need to have a system in place that identifies children in need and then helps the children, regardless of financial implications.

There is much we can do to make a positive difference. I encourage you to stop supporting organizations and businesses that spread untruths for profit, and encourage you to start spreading your own truth.

Blessings ~ Sam


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24 thoughts on “The ABCs of Aspergers

  1. I love the final paragraph. Hearing the hurtful and bizarre suggestions that asd could explain the crime makes it tough to feel that I can protect my kids. Your final paragraph makes me feel a little more hopeful.

  2. They may as well as said he did it because he was a boy, or because he had brown hair, or because he wore a hat. Seriously, there is no explaining some things that happen.

  3. When I read the reports here in the UK, and they described Adam Lanz as being a loner, socially awkward, my heart sank 😦 I knew the Aspergers label would be put on. And I felt that this would label those of us with Aspergers as mentally ill, or violent, or dangerous. We’re not. Thank you for this blog post – it serves well to remind the world that we’re not dangerous people. We are not mentally ill; we’re just wired up in a very special, brilliant way xx

    1. Thank you for your comment. I believe all things that seem “bad” at first can be turned for the good, and with the rumors of Aspergers related to this terrible tragedy, a huge door was held open for people to advocate and share the beauty of ASD as well. Take care. Much light and love to you. ~ Sam

  4. If he had autism or aspergers, it is incidental to this horrific act. There is far more to this. News organizations want to hang it on something and harangue it to death. He may have had a comorbid condition, such as being a psychopath. Having ASD does prevent other conditions from being present. My daughter has ASD, severe learning disabilities and college degree in accounting.

  5. Way to go! More people need to hear this point of view. I have spent the past week trying to get people to stop remarking negatively (or at all, really) on some supposed link between ASD and violent behavior, especially premeditated violence–have never known a person “on the spectrum” to think like that with the possible exception of premeditating about violence to self, which is sad enough. Furthermore there is scant evidence to back up any of those claims. People are reacting with gut thinking based on ignorance. Keep writing!!

  6. My mother sent this to me because I also have ASD, I am now starting high school so it seems a lot to fit in. But over the years since I was 7 I have been doing lots of things like it said the talented part, I do softball, sing, write songs, theatre, motorcross, cheer, modeling, piano, track and field, draw, and maybe some more I can’t think of right now. I just want to say thank you for making this because I was believing this is why I’m so upset. I guess it was because of a problem a few years back that I cannot let go of mentally. I thank you now, for helping me go back to being happy like before and not constantly thinking I’m different. I am truly thankful.

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