287: Neurotic Films That Make Me Feel Normal

I like the fact that the word neurotic and erotic rhyme. No point to this statement, except that the thought makes me giggle.

I’ve been under the weather, since the start of the week.

(Paused to look up origin of the phrase under the weather, as I couldn’t concentrate until I knew. Findings: The crew aboard ships become seasick most frequently during times of rough seas and stormy weather. People experience seasickness as a result of a ship’s constant rocking motion. Passengers seek refuge from seasickness below deck. Below deck, or the keel of the ship, provided shelter from the weather but is also a place where passengers experience less rocking motion. Thusly, when one is under the weather, he/she is seeking relief from suffering by going below deck, beneath the weather.)

My acute illness has mimicked my eldest son’s head-cold exactly: sore throat, followed by body aches and slight fever, followed by faucet nose and non-stop dripping eye.

I look lovely, truly: puffy faced, swollen eyes, and red nose. But seeing I’m well enough to post, despite my ghastly appearance, I’m surely recovering.

For Christmas, my cousin sent me dark-chocolate that is molded into the shape of a cherub. At first I believed the act of eating a cherub to be strange. But then, after I used a knife to decapitate the angel and dismembered and mutilated the entire body, I felt oddly sinful and delighted all at once as the sliced-and-diced sweetness melted inside my heated mouth.

Being sick during the holiday season sucks eggs!

Primarily as there is nothing to do but plumage through all of the festive goodies scattered about the house. This cold came with a ravenous appetite, and seems I was unable to satiate my stomach unless I devoured at least ten english toffee pieces (covered in nuts) a day, and washed these devilish-treats down with goddess-like, sugar-coated pecans.

I now pause to thank the scale for announcing my excess poundage, and reminding me of my pillaging. I thank the mirror for reinforcing my weight gain, in the form of chipmunk cheeks and a plump little belly. Indeed, I resemble a cross between Rudolph and one of Santa’s helpers. Quite fitting for the season, I suppose.

I’ve been fighting the miserly voices in my head, those poopheads that like to admonish me for indulgences, reminding me constantly of life’s dangers, including obesity, liver disease, and lethargy, from anything from the spiked eggnog and port wine, to the nighttime cold medicine. Severe liver damage, the phrase itself, keeps dancing in my head like some vivacious roadkill demanding to be dissected. How I long for visions of sugar-plum fairies or the liken, and all things sweet. Instead I am endowed with this overactive mind, that can’t seem to ever relax, especially when drugged up, over-stuffed, and immobile.

I’ve had way too much time to meander through the wilderness of my own thoughts, and have, as a result, circumvented all my previous avenues for planned respite and escape. Knowing I needed to bypass my own supercilious mind, while stricken with fever and while experiencing both emotional and physical angst, I devised an escape plan.

I keenly reasoned, if I had a goal that involved helping others, but that also incorporated the act of relaxation, that I might indeed be able to relax, and feasibly enjoy said relaxation without too much guilt.  (Goal + helping another = Happy Sam)

I am happy to report that my scheme against my very own self worked.

As I rested flat on my back, and set about to watch some ten-plus, romantic comedies in the stretch of 48 hour time period, I repeatedly reminded myself, that in actuality I was neither sloth-like or a waster of time, because I was partaking in the act of researching ten movies (goal) in order to report out potential films that might offer others happiness (helping another). Thusly, each time the icky, snotty interior voice (that lives inside me and eats at my joy) spoke up, sometimes several times in a quarter-hour, spewing words such as: useless or fatly couch spud, I was able to strike back with my plan. In so doing, in speaking up for myself to myself, I was able to savor at least a few stringed minutes of peace of mind.

While this likely sounds quite ridiculous, my resulting behavior has produced this glorious list of  Enjoyable  Films.

1. Happy Accidents

I’m a Marisa Tomei liker, so I’m biased. This is a year 2000 romantic comedy. If you are a romantic at heart and love happy endings, this one is a keeper. Plus the main characters pretend name is “Sam.”

2.  Overnight


There are several films with this same name. This one takes place on an airplane. “This romantic comedy follows two neurotic strangers who meet amid an odd group of passengers.” ~ Netflix

3. Sidewalls

Sundance and Foreign Flick…. artistic and visually stimulating. One of my new favorites. Odd and lovable movie. True love will find you in the end. Highly creative.

4. In A Day

A UK film. Heart-warming. A man and woman spend one day together because “someone” wants her to have a great day; the woman is spoiled. Sweet with a twist. Loved this one.

5.  HottieBoombaLottie

A geeky movie that really made me smile. There is a scene towards the end that involves a person with a paintgun shooting in a classroom; because of events in the USA recently, I was sensitive to this scene. However the rest of the movie was delightful and unpredictable in its quirkiness and oddity. I love a movie where the underdog finds happiness.

6. Take This Waltz

Oh my! Erotic and Neurotic combined. One for the ladies. The ending seems to keep coming. A mixture of lust, love and heart-break.

The movie truly mimics this song:

7. The River Why

If you like fish, you’ll love this movie. About a man finding himself and escaping the tight-grip of his parents’ opinions. Nice musical score, lovely characters, and pretty people. Based on an acclaimed novel.

8. Romantics Anonymous (LES EMOTIFS ANONYMES)

I loved this one so much, I might watch it again tomorrow. Innocent and adorable and passionate, all at once. And it is centered around chocolate!!!!

9. Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog

I had to include this one on the list. I watched most of this Japanese film. The beginning is adorable. The end slows down some, but it is nonetheless deserving of attention. I don’t think it classifies as neurotic, but it definitely was an endearing movie. My dog, Violet, really liked this one, and kept watching the puppy.

10. The Fairy

“Belgium-based trio Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon and Bruno Romy follow their acclaimed ICEBERG and RUMBA with another Tati-inspired, candy-colored romp: this time, a charmingly off-kilter adventure about a hotel clerk who falls in love with a wish-granting fairy.” ~ Youtube link above


If you live in the USA, these are all on Netflix.


Sam (aka: hopelessly romantic neurotic)

13 thoughts on “287: Neurotic Films That Make Me Feel Normal

  1. Just when I think you’ve hit the top in writing skills you post another winner! Glad you’re feeling better.. Chocolate is my best medicine! 😉 I had not heard of any of these films.. will check them out on Netflix. Love and hugs..

    1. So kind of you; it was a fun one to research, that’s for sure. Let me know if you watch any of these. Chocolate fudge found me today….and soon to start my cleanse and healthy eating again. xo Love you,

  2. Hey, I have the same stupid cold – going on three weeks now – but mine has a cough accompanying it. Thank you for sharing the tidbit about “under the weather”.I hope you get better soon, Sam – blessings to you in the new year.

    1. Oh….that is the virus I had in the autumn. I coughed for six weeks. hot tea hellped a little. This cold was nothing in comparison. I hope you feel better super soon. 🙂 No there is an end to it…

  3. Hey Sam: So sorry for your illness–That does suck on the holidays!
    I want you to do me some favors—PLEASE! Indulge away, You need to gain strength and there is nothing better for that than chocolately goodness, trust me I’m a doctor ( well…no I’m not, but I know chocolate!)

    Don’t worry about the weight thing–You are beautiful and you need a little extra in the winter to keep you warm! I have wasted too much time myself worrying about that and it is not worth it–believe me!

    It is your job to get better! Rest, Indulge and watch all the movies you want… and Happy New Year my friend–2013 is gonna’ rock!!! ;D

    1. I ate fudge today that my neighbor made…but alas I do need to get back to healthy eating as I feel much better in all ways when I do. But thanks for the suggestion…I totally took your advice and indulged today! Thank you for your very kind words. Please send me links when you post something you really want to share; I don’t get around to blogs much at all anymore but like to support when i am able. I saw another great movie tonight. The Departers, a Japanese movie. Excellent. Hugs and Holiday Love. Rock on cutie pie. 🙂

  4. Well, Sam, I just spent an hour here. I looked at the movies (I had seen one) and added them to my watchlist. However, I also watched some of the choices that came up after your trailer finished. I ended up watching a 25 minutes clip on the effect of sound vibrations on material objects. Very fascinating.

    1. That’s super cool Kindred Scott! So glad. I can see you really enjoying some of these films, as they are all artistic and well made, in my humble opinion. Let me know how some of them affect you. Curious. Have a great day. The Sam of blogging world

  5. Thanks Sam. Im going to call on your movies when I also need relief from those head hasslers. Plus your formula of relaxation while helping others…I also may steal. 😉

    1. Yay! I know that I would love to have a list like this….. just a list to turn to when I am in need of vegging and chilling. I do hope you like the formula of relaxation… it does work for the most part. Although I did find myself asking, “Am I relaxing the right way.” Always…always…. questions in my head. Hugs, Sam

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