Day 128: Prude to Sexy

Now, I hope you do all know that I have Aspergers. With Aspergers sometimes comes this naive spirit (in a wonderful way) and sometimes (in my case: often times) a tendency to not understand sexual connotations. Well, luckily I ran this post by someone (my husband). He kindly pointed out that having the topic, learning to self-massage, as one of my It List’s items might be a little risqué. I didn’t understand why learning to massage my hands and feet with lotion would be inappropriate.

When I was still a youngster, in my early twenties, my mother took me to see her psychic. I was told that I would first have two children, much like twins, and everyone would think they were twins at first—this happened. I was told that I would live to be 86 and that at the half-point (age 43) my life would shift and be happier—happening (at least the age 43 happy part). I was also told that I was a French nun in my past life and brought a lot of that mindset to this lifetime, and carried around a bunch of Catholic guilt and felt I was always sinning with my very thoughts! SO NOT HAPPENING anymore….

I’ve been a prude for the first half of my life. For the second half, I’m going to be sexy. Of course last year at this time, I was going to be a Buddhist monk, and was seriously considering growing my hair out all grey, never ever wearing makeup again, and going braless. So, really, we don’t know what to expect from me. As you can tell by looking over my last two posts, where I went from exceedingly on top of all the universes, to basically, and literally, cry me a river.

But, despite my track record, I’d thought I’d give this sexy thing a shot, and at least make a list, since I love lists anyhow. And thusly, I’ve included my ten goals for the next eight months, that leads us into February 2013, and day 366 (leap year, remember).


Prude to SEXY!

My IT List for Sexy

The High SEXY boots

1. High Boots. A must. With a short skirt and leggings, and a powerful cat walk.

A small sexy ankle tattoo. Perhaps a tiny sun or a tiger symbol.

2. Must have a small, sexy ankle tattoo. A permanent stamp that says the prude is gone and to banish the nun in me.

3. Study sexy action. Study sexy poses, sexy movies, and  sexy singing.

4. Classic Guitar and Lessons. Preferably taught by a dark, gorgeous hunk of burning love.

5. Bikini on the beach. Yes, bikini.

Maui 2012

6.  Lots and lots of submerging in water. River walking. Hit the beach. Swim in the pool. Soak in hot tub. Go to hot springs. Bubble baths.

7. Kayaking tour and buying a kayak and wetsuit.

8. Belly dancing in this dress. Ooh la la!

Where I walk in Washington State

9. Nature

Trees and more trees. And hugging trees. Hiking. State parks. Forests. Resting on the grass by the lake. Sitting on the bench and watching the birds. Breathing in the air. Breathing.

10. Kundalini Yoga

Got to keep the second chakra fed, or I’ll never pose for that photo of me at the water’s edge, posing sexy in a bikini, donning a belly pierce and one high boot, with the other foot bare, as to show of my ankle tattoo, all while strumming a guitar in a kayak and mouthing “I love you.”

Woke up to this today.  This music is SEXY, too. 

45 thoughts on “Day 128: Prude to Sexy

  1. SAMMY!!!!!!!!!! OMG …..

    1. I had past life Catholic Guilt….lol…..the worst type. I totally can see me as a nun before, too!
      Me, all the time! Yay!
      Happy you are in my life, Sweet Cat.

  2. lol…oh you crack me up…I have always embraced sexy…but in a classy way…this makes me happy that you are starting to see you are beautiful, it always starts on the inside and transfers to the outside. Just don’t get trashy, that is not sexy…lol If I had been eating, this would have been another spit laugh

    1. and I haveto ask…you’ve never worn a bikini dear? Oh yes, your younger self is cursing you for not doing that a long time ago.

      1. oh sakes..I still weaqr one, and yes, it is a fun thing to look at your self, and say, yep! I got it!…oh dear, please do embrace the new sexy you, it is way fun 🙂

      2. You shake a finger at yourself? Don’t worry. When you turn heads your finger will shut the hell up….lol

      3. lol…I am totally laughing right now…ahhhh….I so wish I was there to cheer you on as you work it girl…Is there anything hotter than a confident woman…nope! So you got this one.

    2. Ooh, la, la……Glad we can crack one another up! I look forward to future laughs! Spit-laugh post….that is like the best compliment…I really like when you say that. LOL
      Don’t get trashy…..well…no promises!!!! lol
      Cheers to you,

  3. I’m loving the new you. I think your new photo icon shows the real you. A person, a real person – with passion and joi de vivre. I think this next stage of your life is going to be fantastigorical! 🙂 (Not to mention hotter than a greenhouse in the Sahara!) Love the piano vid by the way – I’m a bit of a pianist myself, and it is sexy and sensual and evocative.

    1. Well, thank you. I’m loving this person, too….though I never quite no what to expect from her. Passion! Yay! “Fantastigorical” lol
      That piano piece is divine. Lucky you….I couldn’t learn piano because of dyslexia…but sure going to give guitar a try!
      Thanks for the sweet words and have a grand weekend filled with joi de vivre.
      ~ Sam 🙂

  4. Well! More power to you! I was one of the first “goth” girls in my hometown. I feel like digging out my old fishnets and heels. Sadly, I need to update my size six leather skirts…

    Funny, despite the provacative clothing, it was never about being “sexy” to me. It was a badge of aloofness to protect me from other people. Like a (crazy!) frog with bright warning colors, I wanted to chase people away.

    Plus getting dressed was an artistic event! 🙂

    I embrace your new found mission! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. That has always been me. I actually dressed down, though, in attempt to blend in and not be seen. All the sudden I don’t mind being seen. I want my light to shine. HUGS to you. I want to see that goth photo of you!!!! Future blog??? Thanks for embracing my mission. xoxoxo love you, Sam 🙂

  5. #10 I really need to see this picture or get an update on how that goes!!! There’s alot going on in that one LOL! I loved it

  6. OMG i may have known in the past life i was the demon king remember the red eyed hood wearing fire breathing thing outside waiting for the nuns coming out to corrupt their mind….. he he ha ha
    so loving this new avatar Sam ,even if its a phase its a beautiful one and i love you 🙂

      1. how can i stay away from a belly dance in making…its going to change your world Sam
        i did this short course gotta tell you it rocks and you just fall in love with your body again

  7. If you want to feel sexy, do what makes you happiest! get in touch with your mini hedonist, and spend a whole day, wearing clothes that you love, listening to your favorite music, eating your favorite foods, and spending time at your favorite places. This can be anything from sweatpants and icecream, to a little black dress at a fancy resteruant. Whatever makes you feel comfortable for you. If it makes you feel is. If it doesn’t, then maybe it’s not for you. If your happy, and enjoying life..everyone will think you are beautiful. Sexy is a state of mind. 🙂 You have to love yourself before you can connect with someone else. I wish you luck on your Smexy journey!

    1. LOL….I kind of already do that! lol…I found that part of me last year. I’m sloth women most days. he he. It does make me feel sexy! I am happy and enjoying life. 🙂 Sexy is a state of mind—totally agree!!! I am loving the outside of me—-finally. Worked on the inside for decades and was afraid to love the outside. HUGS, and thanks for the well wishes. 🙂 ~ sam

  8. You look so young and happy in that photo! Glad to see you embracing you. You don’t “need” to do any of this to BE sexy, but every last bit of it sounds deliciously fun! 🙂

    1. To banish the nunnery upbringing from past life, I must do all of these things! he he
      Awe, thanks for the compliment. I’ve lost 12 pounds; 7 more to go. Also, I am very happy right now. I have wonderful friends and an outlet for this BIG BRAIN! We ought to do pedicures or something, when I’m in town. :))) Hugs, Sam

  9. You know, Sam, whether people admit it or not, even non-aspies change their minds and their looks and have shifts where they decide to be totally different. I have always wanted to save the world; I have settled for video games that allow me to do just that.

  10. 10 wonderful goals!!! and honestly…you’ve reached the first one because you are there!! you feel sexy and that makes a HUGE difference!!!!

    1. PS: I’d like to hear (read) your thoughts about past lives (unless you’ve talked about it in the past and I’ve missed it?)

      Did you know that apparently reincarnation was a commonly-held view in the Christian Church up until around the 3rd century? I think Christianity only makes sense if it’s viewed in that way … certainly your poor French nun would have had far less guilt if she wasn’t going around wondering if she’d committed the ultimate mortal sin and was now going to hell forever. What kind of a horrid god would send frail and fragile human beings to hell forever for not being superhuman? Bizarre!!! But I digress … 🙂

      1. I’m sure we share common views. Hey, feel free to facebook me as a friend (link above blog) and we can chat there. Not super comfortable expressing my views in comment section. Super human…sigh…ain’t that the truth. I like to watch the documentaries on the old parts of the Bible that they’ve now been found and had been hidden. That is interesting. I think as a collective we create most of our experience and truths. Chat soon, Sam

  11. As a small dog squeezing out every bit of adventure and excitement in a big world, I say, ” GO FOR IT SAM!!!!” . I love it, I love it, I love it. Have the time of your life- no one deserves it more.

    Although, secretly, I think you are already pretty sexy. Can a dog say that to you?

    1. awe, thanks…..he, he…silly dog. Thank you very much! Encouraging words for me. I’ll join you in squeezing out every bit of adventure and excitement…what a way to live…paws flying full speed ahead. 🙂 Sam

  12. Great list Sam! Fantastic—and fun—goals! You are so coming alive as of late!

    Also, I nominated you for an award in my last post. I don’t remember if you “do” awards or not, but I wanted you to know that I love your work either way! Keep it up!

    (By the way, Holy Smoke on the #5 photo! They don’t make women like that anymore!)

  13. Loved your post Sam… re: Kundalini : was nearly addicted at one time : I am taking his post as inspiration to return ~ Ong Naumo Guru Dev Namo my friend….

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