288: Winter Comes

dark tree

Winter Comes

Winter comes, as it often does, his cold face upon my flesh, burning,

And I am made as pine forest swollen thick, my endless branches covered in frozen stillness,

Swept across the carpeted white, my dreams shiver, the darkness rising with each fallen crystal,

Caressed, I was, in the tenderness of autumn’s promise, in the savoring of summer’s waltz,

In the incandescent spotlight of springing flower fields,

Dance, as we did, two drifting leaves upon the shadow of self,

Spun, as we did, our golden orbs woven true, one onto the other,

Until the sunlight ceased, and dawn dismissed her rays,

Like dripping-orange of long ago trails of children at play,

Come swing, come hide, come find me beneath the arching limbs,

I called, even as the last glimmer of day scurried down beyond the mouth of valley,

Even as the night embraced, father moon stretching arms about the stars,

I called, lamb of the vast sky and seeded land,

We mingled then, daughter I am, wed in delight to son of the mountain quake,

We quivered there, as two arrows set out together, to claim a destination,

Fine marksman he be, who willed us so, the child of the horizon stretched and bent into your clay-flesh,

Still, even as we clung in unison, our echoes the same, our landing near, one questioned,

Still, as if by chance the widow bleeds black and the talisman finds master, one denied,

And so dark winter claws came, as happens when beauty is stung, his steps the thickest snow marked in red,

And I as captive, deserted by the richest earth himself, had no choice but to follow,

My feet, my hands, my breath, my bosom, reborn rapacious, where your light was meant to live.

~ Samantha Craft, December 2012

18 thoughts on “288: Winter Comes

    1. Thank you for your gift of commenting. Means a lot to me. There was one line I fiddled with, but think all is set now. 🙂 Happy Holidays to you lovely George. Please feel free to send me a link anytime to your blog. I often go by invite now, as there are too many to venture into. xo Sam

      1. The poem is so very good that I stopped reading and scrolled down to see who wrote it! Imagine my ear-to-ear grin when I saw “Samantha Craft”! You’re a professional, Sam. I just do not see this level of writing here. Amazing work. Keep at it. 🙂

      2. Awe, thanks so much, George. I think you are one special lady. I think of you often and the post you wrote about your husband. I can imagine you; I know we’d get along splendidly. xo Sam

    1. Yes, indeed, I can!!!! I want, I almost have, it slips away, (not my fault of course) I want and weep. Hehehehehehe Thanks for reading and for your humor. Happy New Year Frank of the laughiing woods. ~ Sam

    1. You always have such unique comments and kind words. I would say “keep it up,” but that seems ironically self-serving. hehehehe Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face. Hope all is well in your part of the world. Blue skies here, today! ~ Sam

    1. Thanks BB. I try…… sometimes…. other times it (whatever it be) just leaks out of my pores…. or comes up like up chuck…. My I’m in a terrible mood today. Hugs, Sam

    1. I have carried your words with me on my last two walks….about the power of the forest in the winter. You are so very right! Happy, Happy New Year. Keep up your great works of light. I am happy to know you and your journey, and wish you times of great joy and glee…..spiced with giggles and peace. xo Sam

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