367: Touched By Grace

touched by grace two

touched by grace

(Touched by Grace ~ Watercolor by Samantha Craft)

Last night I asked Spirit how I could possibly display in creation how I am feeling.

I heard, “You will paint tomorrow to show grace.” I said, “No, I don’t want to paint,” the stubborn child I be.

But, as it happened, I could do nothing else but paint for two hours straight this morning.

I have this rush of passion that is filling up my entire being, and sometimes for most of the daylight hours I find myself in a state of pure serenity and peace.

When I am not in this ‘state,’ I feel isolated and alone, wanting to find comfort and peace in the simple things in life and nothing more.

Whatever this be, I have never felt moments of such complete love and acceptance of all.

The problem arises, if problem it be, when I am seemingly brought back to earth, left in this inadequate shell.

I am processing through this, as observer, stepping back and watching myself move through the motions.

In trying to make sense of my world, as I always have, I have been losing myself in research centering around various religions, spiritual belief systems, mysticism, gurus, and holy people. I am searching for answers, even as I hear my angels whisper I need not do so. I just feel so lost in this feeling, wondering where to go, where to turn, and where the person is, beyond self, with the answers.

I travel in waves, it seems, now, either in a state of pure grace, unmoved and lacking all suffering, or in a state of confusion about the state I had previously experienced. I am praying and holding tight, and knowing all will be for my higher good. But there is a part of me who wishes deeply for a teacher to be guidinging me and comforting in an audible “real” voice.

For my whole life I have sought out the “teacher,” the “seer,” “the sage,” and my whole life I have not found him (her). (Yes, I believe everyone in my life is a teacher to an extent, but by teacher in this instance I mean a guide for me through this spiritual journey.) During this period of spiritual transformation, I am left missing a knowing companion, more than ever.

I wrestled all day about whether or not I would share these current thoughts and experiences, and came to the conclusion that to stop now, when the healing in my life is truly taking shape, (emotionally, physically, and spiritually), would be symbolic of me running in fear of my truth. Though I still struggle with not wanting to share anymore, ever. To just keep everything to myself now—as that is what society dictates. But I know what happens when I do that. I know too well my silencing of self leads to sickness in all forms.

Touched By Grace

I am lost in the confusion of my mind, torn between your beckoning and my illusions of soul desire. How I want to embrace you, my being wrapped within your rapture, pulsating with disbelief and grandeur. My angles merged with yours, two made one in form and thought.

When you come, joined, my spirit, hung upon the highest line, sails in the wind of fantasy lifted and lingers momentarily at the shell emptied below.

Up above, we spin; the opportunity poured out of me, the chance for future cleansed, the past forgotten, with only the sound of fluttering light filling my chambers.

Here, I am the infinite, empowered by divine, a vessel for your making, poured through with your sweet honey, bitterness removed, heart grown as the ancient oak of worship.

I tower, my insignificant vessel a mere shadow of existence peering out in silenced awe. My spine in flight, tingling with sensation, the entire body pulsating with universal rhythm.

I am enough and not enough. Found and left. Forgotten and seen. The two of me split, while one dances and gleams and the other watches quiet in her observation.

Here I choose, and dive deeper into the sky, your queen, your princess, your moment, moving on the cascading groves of your robe, splashing in the wave of glory. In and out you move, bringing forth the bounty of the sea, in whispered words unspoken, in desert sunsets drippings –artist’s paints through my soul.

I am made, torn through with lucid-colors, spun and turned upright, eyes set to the highest peak.

I bend, I break, I beg, and taste your glory, lifted to a place beyond reason and given the taste of peace, merged and at long last unbroken.

And here the trembling comes, the seeing of the times, the movement of your making, the expectation of betterment surging through my veins. For how can I be anything? How can I, this shadow creature living in falsehood be worthy of your wanting? Yet, all about you beckon me, filtering me with your pureness, taking my very edges apart and sewing me in completion in your golden bounty. Threaded, I am mended, brought through to the start of me, when all was whole, and whole was all.

10 thoughts on “367: Touched By Grace

  1. Another Beauty Sam! I’m glad you pushed through and did the painting, I see a little Being hugging up behind the bigger being, and I see the ‘sad’ one, that was lost..but is found, Loved and protected. Wonderful!!

  2. I understand so much of this torture (that word may be a little harsh for what you are expressing). I think when you are in the state of being at one with everything…. all of a sudden you are jolted back into being human and earth centred which then brings doubt and confusion. I am yet to find a way of being in both. Having analytical minds about everything we see and experience isnt easy and the need to share is so important and yet so lonely.
    Thank you for always sharing and being so generous in your experiences xox (really enjoyed looking at your paintings)

  3. It’s the mind that always looks for answers, and can never be satisfied with ‘I don’t know, and I don’t need to know’, even less with ‘there’s nothing to know – you are that which you seek.’ We flip between identifying as the mind and just…being. There is nothing wrong or right in this, but just the awareness you, me, everything is, playing hide and seek with itself. The cosmic game. But then you know this:)

  4. wow the painting is beautiful

    “The best portion of a good man’s life,- his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.”

    William Wadsworth”Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things.” George Carlin


  5. Wow, we are so kindrid spirit. I think it was last year, I remember getting a similar message “go paint”. I’ve never painted in my life and never really had the desire to. I went and bought test pot house paints and for 2 weeks I painted furiously. My husband though I was mad. I waited to be shown what to paint and then I just painted it. I can’t remember how many pieces I painted – something like 120. I give them away as gifts. I made them so they can be displayed outside. I have one of the garden in my garden and my husband has one on his wall in his workshop and others have them in their gardens. They are like your paintings, abstract, and they each have a message in them. I’ve just started my blog, but you know what I might introduce one of my paintings in my next blog. Thank you for this inspiration and thank you for being you and thank you for sharing your delightful spirit. Love you always xx

    1. that is wonderful! Wow, you painted a lot! I had to paint today, again, too. Great to meet you. What will your blog be about? or is it about. Much love to you and thank you, again.

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