18 thoughts on “378: Query… a portion of my book proposal

    1. Thank you for explaining it to me more in depth. It is such a HUGE connection for me. I have now charted the ten days leading up to the full moon and am acutely aware of where my pain and sadness stems from. I currently follow the full moon in cycle. I am so happy that this is a personal mission of yours. I am trying to eat small amounts of dark chocolate and drink apple cider vinegar in water these ten days, and honey at night. chocolate for seratonin, vinegar for ph, honey for liver. I shall see if this helps. But just knowing why I have pain and the blues helps so much. You have been my earth angel. Love you and much blessings. šŸ™‚

      1. Oh I just read this and it made my day completely:) I have not yet stomached the vinegar but good choices!!! I love you too- You have opened up new facets of my soul to understanding…Blessings back:)

    1. Your light continues to amaze me. You are always balanced in your heart: pure, giving, loving, and kind. I am so blessed to know you. I will keep you posted. Maybe you can throw out your Sam scrapbook eventually and hold a real book…hehehe remember how you used to tease me about that? hugs and much love… miss you… like a sister I was supposed to have tea with daily.

  1. This is very exciting Sam! I feel a bit giddy for you, and you look real happy and sweet in your picture I’m feeling a need to say, “Woot Woot!!”

    1. I like this picture too. I think it looks like me. 1 out of 100 usually does. lol. I love your spirit and joy and your support is invaluable to me. I love to see myself in you and your extreme grace and wisdom. muah and much love.

    1. Thank you Moonbeam. šŸ™‚ I appreciate your words and comment. Great name, you have taken on. I decided yesterday, I really like a friend’s relatives name: Lilly Eden…. isn’t that sweet. šŸ™‚

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