379: I am very saddened by the state of the world


I am very saddened by the state of the world. While I can only speak of the nation I occupy, I gather enough from others that similar events are happening globally.

No matter how long I live on this earth, I am continually confused by many people’s behaviors and actions. Manipulations, lies, and false-intentions aside, I am dumbfounded by the angry-hearts and finger-pointing souls.

It seems so obvious to me: don’t judge another until you have entirely looked at your complete self and accepted who you are, learned to love yourself, and made a vow to be the best person you can be.

And hopefully, by the way of nature, having been through that process, the ability to judge simply ceases. Therefore, I find myself in a quandary, as what I feel within borders much on judgment, though I hope it resembles in form more of a heartfelt discernment.

I watch all around, in this place I find myself a part of, and see people acting out of spite and bitterness. To me, this seems as children at play, individuals who have somehow never gained what some of us were naturally born with. So many walking blindly, a victim of their self-created unbridled passion, set upon a path of feeding the darkness more dark.

I am at a crossroad of self, in many ways looking back at where I have been, without harboring much thought or even intention. Neither am I looking forward. I have tossed away the childish ways of dwelling anywhere other than I am, but still the present lingers here and penetrates my being, reminding me of why, in the past, I so often chose the route of escape over living. And I cannot help but think that the gentle souls of the world continue to choose the same, to slip back into a part of self, where the light is pure and the surroundings safe.

My hope lies in the minority. For in them I see this endless river of kindness, acceptance, and genuineness. And there is where I choose to see my own reflection, in the soul inhabiting this lost planet, which continues to shine despite the glaring dark broadcasted by the deceitful and righteous ones.

I am by no means a religious scholar, but I have had my share of studies in theology. What strikes me as evident is that many religions and spiritual paths have the answers; they speak of not judging, not lying, not cheating, not stealing; they speak of detachment, release of the desire for material ways, and unconditional love. Yet, it seems, that still most of society is buzzing all around, hounded by some beasts, corralled in like sleeping sheep, and made to behave in ways that may not be notorious but are as equally damaging.

It seems I am made, as I be, to walk in this world half-blinded to the ways of the majority, left outside of the fenced-in and blinded, and watching from a hilltop wishing for my brothers and sisters to join me and step out of the illusion of hatred. I am made this forever minority, for separation seems the only prize over entrapment of soul.

Today, I do not choose to celebrate tragedy or turn a disaster into a false idol. I will not choose to share grotesque images, nor to splatter hearsay and falsehoods. I see no benefit.

Have we become a united people whom can only feel close when disaster strikes? If so, what then will keep the disaster from repeatedly happening? What if there was silence upon disaster? What if there was just support, love, protection and safety; and the rest, the disastrous aftershock of tragedy, the spawned pods of evil, were left behind—just dropped, just forgotten, or at minimum ignored. What would the dark broadcast then, and what would we hold onto?

There is a part of me that knows I would be better to release this, to let go of this pain, as I do the rest, to detach from the horrors before my eyes—the dark aftermath of disaster. To close my eyes as the wolves circle in tighter and tighter, the false prophets, of modern day, spinning their webs of deceit; our neighbors joining in the game of hatred and rebel, or perhaps shedding their own tears in the spotlight. See me—notice me—love me. Why not just claim you need attention without the façade of displaying a tragedy to bring you forward? And why spread images of hope or horror based on tragedy with your name stamped upon the photo; how obvious that this is a way of profiting from suffering, whether for self-attention or material gains.

I don’t understand how people can be blinded to their own motives and own intentions. How they cannot feel what they are doing. See how they are acting. And if they are aware, how they can continue forward. Who are these people, as I do not belong to them?

And for the ones gently retreating, doing their part to help in silent fashion, without want of recognition, without need to scream, what of their dear, dear hearts? Who are these ones who humbly serve? How I wish to join you in prayer or meditation, and walk in the light at your side.

I do not understand this world or my place in it. Existing here seems like living on a giant stage of fools, with everyone rushing to be seen and be recognized, everyone in this giant game of Monopoly.

I am deeply saddened, today. I am not sad entirely because of the events of the original disaster—I hurt for the families and the loved ones—but at the same time I recognize disasters happen all over the world. People die in horrific ways all the time. People suffer. People are beaten, tortured, enslaved, persecuted, starving, and so on. There is no shock to me when disaster comes—the only shock is when I see what should by now be familiar, the clamoring for attention, resurfacing of the dark feeding upon the dark, ways and means that remind me of how far we’ve yet to come.

I am sad mostly because I live in a society that has been in essence brainwashed, a place where people are bombarded with negativity and bred to believe in lacking, and behave as if in desperate need. If the world were a spinning top, and I were still child, I would halt the toy entirely, and just let the earth breathe, let the people step out of self and watch. How I wish people could see they are love, they are light, and not these false illusions they have claimed.

I sit here very much isolated, unable and unwilling to share in the masses way of being, unable to take part in a celebration of the darkness. It is like being made to sit in the coliseum of ancient Rome, whilst crying, when all about people are cheering. It is like, this agonizing grief, a singular one watching from a singular window, waiting for the world to stop.

15 thoughts on “379: I am very saddened by the state of the world

  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel. Wow. I can’t get over how you described it…esp the last paragraphs…And I am in shock because my brain can not wrap around why people do what they do in hate…anywhere in the world. Daily I am in shock at the little and big betrayals. It baffles me. Yet I am also in awe daily at the light and love that is found in the little and big things too. There is both.

    1. thank you for letting me know your thoughts. I love how you say you are in awe daily at the light and love…. that brings me sweet comfort, indeed. There is both. Yes… there is. Huge blessings, Sam

  2. I see the world as wonderful. Many people try to bring it down; they try to destroy the goodness, but the world won’t allow this. As I told my students when they we concerned that we would destroy the world: “We cannot destroy the world, only ourselves. The world will simply start again, even after a nuclear holocaust. It will take something galactic to destroy the Earth. Perhaps, I shouldn’t feel comforted by that, but I am. It is nice to know that we cannot totally destroy everything; we can only damage it for a time, until it heals and continues. I would rather stay here, live, and enjoy, but still … it’s nice to know.

  3. One of my basic struggles right now is the juxtaposition of good and evil in life. I so want to have it all good, and I think that my HP is saying that is just not how it is. In my Aspie brain I have never been able to reconcile that. But it is true. It takes the darkness to make the light desirable. Or more like the tons of ore that has to be processed to get at the gold. Or whatever analogy one wants. I have always hated being Aspie and being on the outside looking in and being an alien on this planet, but now I am hearing that my HP does not see it that way. My heart is broken for those who lost limbs, and I find myself crying about the hurt and pain and appointment and yet in the midst of all that is Love. And so it is. .

    1. @ Sid I have struggled with this for so long too, Sid, and part of me still feels resistant at the idea that we need the darkness to make the light desirable. I know it’s true, but on another level I am wondering if it’s not true at all. When I am “in the light” and in that blissed out space where I’m just in the Oneness, even darkness can be there and can be loved. I feel like maybe there’s some paradox that goes on where we need to fully embrace the dark before we can fully embrace the light … which is the ultimate way to overcome the dark in the end.

      I’m rambling, don’t know if I’m making any sense 🙂

    2. I understand what you are saying. Such a powerful and dynamic area to explore, the concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, even “bad.” I like to read lots of perspectives and build my own ideas that feel comfortable based on a collection of thoughts and inner knowings. Each of us, I think, has to find this for him or herself. I think one can have it “all good” if he or she decides he is this good, or light, or spirit, whatever is comfortable. I have found a great inner peace this way; but I remain human and allow myself to have moments of not wanting the world to be the way it is, even though I trust in a higher purpose and have faith. It is wonderful to not judge myself, and let myself change as the seasons, flowers, and moon, between thoughts, emotions, and ideas. For me there isn’t ever one way pointing to the truth, so much changes based on each moment. Much love to you and thank you for sharing. May you be comforted in this time. What a grand heart you have. ❤ Keep shining bright.

  4. A truth..Only on the most superficial level, do people ‘not’ realize the falshoods they speak of for profit or recognition. The veil is thin and easily cracked. To varying degrees, this cannot be avoided. Here’in lies the seeds of mental illness. The more we hide the truth of ourselves from ourself- the sicker we become. Evil and negativity are forces we all have to face and name, and overcome. The beginning of peace is the reflection in each person’s mirror. That is the place we are least likely to look. Knowing this secret, is what allows one to begin to break free from the lie.

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