396: The Hand


In painting this, I waited to see what would come to me from the canvas. The hand was instrumental and feels healing to me. Both faces switched gender—the one on the left from woman to man–the one on the right from man to woman. The man on the left has a heart-shaped face, and his eyes call to me. I can see how I still see the world a bit differently than some. Most of my paintings have two people joined or entirely connected. I love how he flows right into her; her hair feasibly a part of him. Also there is the elements of dark and light, a balance that is sublime to me, as his eyes are not painted, only outlined and hers are filled. The blue is balanced as well, with his atop and hers below. I love how the hand can be from his hand, her hand, or God: Support from self, from love, from Source. It seems to me the hand is supporting the entire feel of the art. I only asked to be guided in making this. I had no expectations. I listened to instructions. The watercolors were blended with water and a cloth. This is my first attempt at painting realistic faces.

Last night I meditated on the painting for some time, and when I woke up, again, I looked at the hand and the eyes. It seems my paintings look entirely more richer when photographed and shared. The first thing my friend sent me this morning was this quote from a hymn:

“All I have needed
Thy Hand hath Provided,
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Lord unto me.”

She did not know of the painting or that I had been meditating on the hand. I found the words fitting.

Last night I studied John of the Cross and now I am rereading one of my favorite Buddhist books. I feel very centered, balanced, and at peace. Much love to you, Dear one. Have a blessed day.

2 thoughts on “396: The Hand

  1. I love your artwork, it is pure and unpolluted by rules. The eyes are amazing. The blue eyes are like my grandaughter’s dad’s eyes..so pretty.

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