412: How to Create a Female with Aspergers

How to create a female with Aspergers

Gather unworldly ingredients selected from the finest of giving spirits
Place the all into a one-of-a-kind crystal bowl of beauty
Sprinkle in lots and lots and lots of unconditional love
Add a dash of spunk and assertiveness
Blend in gigantic masses of insight, perspective, energy and focus
Layer in aspects of divinity, forethought, accomplishment and inner-truth
Add sliced and diced reality
Stir in heightened awareness with a spoon smothered in wholesome goodness
Taste for the pure sweetness
Crack open the shell of authentic being and let the light drip into the blessed mixture
Whisk with wit and wisdom
Inhale the aroma of tender-hearted empathy
Embrace the healing sunshine in soothing hands
Form into cute balls of reasonable gratitude, generosity and forgiveness
Let the happiness of service and angel-kisses tickle the senses
Peek at the forming essence of angelic eyes of knowing
Watch the dough rise with the delicate rays of understanding, freedom and creativity
Bring into the creation the nurturing warmth of spirit
Divide and blend into the form of one cherished being
Baste with opportunity, benefit and connection
Cook until tender but firm in belief, integrity, and strength
Set wings upon her hopes and dreams
Place her on the window of soul-knowledge
And in joyous celebration let her flight be a light to the world

~ Samantha Craft, Everyday Aspergers

23 thoughts on “412: How to Create a Female with Aspergers

  1. Sorry for the typos yesterday… I must have been really tired, Sam. My last line should have read, “I reckon they des ribe Sam, to a “T”!!”

  2. With the crack of the whip
    and the slice of the sword,
    smash her into pieces.
    Let teardrops roll along her face,
    sting salt into her wounds.
    Leave her to lie, crumble and erode
    ’til you’re sure there’s nothing left.

    watch her grow.

    She springs forth
    as if from nothing;
    has she changed since before?
    Fragile and fractured, she’ll guard what’s left
    with a need for no one and
    She heals herself
    with sugar and honey,
    and the memory of bitterness haunting.
    A drum in her head
    which never does cease
    demanding that she listen.

    When it’s struck hardest, she can not ignore it,
    she breaks again many times.
    Still, she has honey
    and sugar
    and hope,
    she can heal herself many times more.

  3. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 4 and I write poems and write/tell stories. I also read things online and not online. I’m smart, creative, sweet, spunky, honest, assertive and capable of deep thoughts and emotions. I cried (a little) when someone I’m a fan of was upset and in the hospital. He was upset he couldn’t do his thing. I’m really energetic. I can leave my parents behind without even running.

  4. Beautiful!

    I shall tell you that I believe I have cooked up another fine aspie, 8 years ago. She is wonderfully delicious!

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