Day Twenty: The Wounded Healer (Enter with Caution: Super Deep)

The Wounded Healer

Often my philosophical prose presents itself to me as a stream of consciousness.  The words usually come as I am drifting to sleep or just about to awake. This particular philosophical prose The Wounded Healer appeared as I was resting on the acupuncture table. The message was shown as a page, resembling a scroll. I read the words (in my mind) and heard them simultaneously (with my inner voice).  It feels something akin to being a vessel that is downloading information.  This gives me the sense that there is much information in energy itself. I like to tease my husband and say, “I am either a genius or getting help from somewhere.” I tend to believe the latter.

I propose that many of us our wounded healers.

I offer this out as an example of philosophical prose. Take or leave what you want from this. It is my sole intention to shed light on my journey. Blessings ~ Sam


“There are many types of healers. They are all brave. No healer is better or lesser than the other. One healer is called The Wounded Healer. Sometimes this may be preferred to as The Wounded Warrior, as they are like warriors, in their undying effort to overcome obstacles and serve. Before coming to this earth Wounded Healers make a soul-contract to answer the calling of a healer. Those that answer the call follow a similar pattern in life; some eventually become healers of great magnitude through various means, others partially complete the process; and still some, as hard as they try to answer the call on this plane, cannot. Still the soul-commitment of a Wounded Healer alone adds to the positive vibration of the earth and heals. And in this way there is always success. A Wounded Healer need do nothing on this planet and still contribute to the healing effect. However, The Wounded Healer that does go on to complete his task will have a huge impact on others’ pain.

Human pain is perceived as physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and psychological in combination. No pain experienced is singular. Because no pain is singular, Wounded Healers “learn” to understand various levels of pain in their own life. To a great degree, each person on earth has the potential to be a healer. In fact each person in recognizing the light in another human being automatically heals. Thoughts heal. Words heal. But The Wounded Healer varies from many others in that their life’s purpose from birth is to heal. Because of this, there will be distinct markers of a Wounded Healer.

At all times it is beneficial to remember that a Wounded Healer is no greater or lesser than anyone on this plane of existence, and seeing oneself as a Wounded Healer is not meant to elevate or lift a person. In truth a Wounded Healer will feel a great degree of conflict in reading this; not wanting to feel prideful, pleased, or increased in any measure, there will be discomfort in the physical body upon reading these words. For The Wounded Healer’s main objective, above all, is to remain humble in spirit. Without humility, the healing efforts are lessened, not decreased entirely, but depleted with feelings of judgment of self and others. One cannot judge oneself lesser or greater than another, without losing humility. One cannot heal to the greatest degree without humility. Thus, these variants are dependent upon one another; that is to say, give up self to become humble, become humble to heal. Of course, as humans, there is a degree of self-giving and self-worth that is necessary to survive. Therefore, a balance is necessary—that  is to say, for The Wounded Healer there needs to be a balance of healing of others and self-love. Though most Wounded Healers, when reaching the fruit of their calling, will be naturally loved and healed through healing others in humility. And therefore, in its greatest capacity, the healing is contradictory in terms of existing as both self-serving and endowed with humility. This is a complicated matter in considering, but no less necessary to explain.

There are five distinct traits of a Wounded Healer. These traits can be used to identify a healer in yourself or others.


(1) Wounded Healers are set on a path of empathy from birth. This is referred to as the “pain-cycle.” Often over-sensitive and naïve in nature, The Wounded Healer will experience pain in all forms before reaching their final role as a Healer of Mankind. This pain will happen throughout many years of their youth, and likely into young adulthood. Some will experience strong degrees of pain for half or more of their life. When this pain-cycle is complete, differs for each healer. When they have experienced the pain intended to experience, the cycle will make a dramatic shift. This will be an obvious shift. Observers will recognize this shift, as will the individual. The shifting of the pain-cycle will feel like a rebirth. This is often predicated by a dramatic change in lifestyle or life choice. This is not to be confused of “hitting bottom” or breaking the cycle of addiction. This is the end result of years of trials and tribulations—one after the other of soul-experience of pain and human-experience of pain, until at last there is a sunrise of a new day. This will literally feel like a “dawning.” There will be no doubt that the pain-cycle has come to an end. Healers will thus still experience pain, pain does not disappear, but the cycle of learning through pain will have ceased to spin.


(2) Often, almost all of the time, the child will experience great trauma in childhood. This will be perceived at one pain-level at minimum, most commonly the psychological-level, but very often the pain comes in combination. Wounded healers choose to experience a childhood of trauma in order to obtain a higher degree of empathy. This trauma (during this current time period) can be seen in all forms of abuse, ridicule, shame, addiction, neglect, malnourishment, poverty and abandonment. In the absence of an outside force produced by others, or in combination, the pain may be self-inflicted, as in perceived ailments of the mind or body. This may take the form of disfigurement, or the inability to be considered by others as “normal.” In later life this pain-cycle may manifest itself in the form of repeated unexplained sickness. These traumas will make a mark on the child. Each mark will serve as a greater good in the years that follow. Each mark indicates a pain that will be released from another being other than the healer. This can be visualized as slashes on the skin. A Wounded Healer carries these slashes that have turned to scars. Each person they heal at a later date will cause a healer’s scar to heal. Thus it follows the more scars a child experiences, the mores pains she is destined to remove from others. But remember, the number of scars is not equated to the number of people. In the process of healing only one person, all of the healer’s scars can vanish. In this way, a Wounded Healer’s soul-purpose may be to heal only one. Whether one or millions are healed is of no difference. Healing one has as much power and magnitude as healing millions. There is no lesser or greater; this is of up most importance to remember. Therefore, a Wounded Healer may complete his contract by healing one or healing many.


(3) All Wounded Healers are called to serve since childhood. It is not uncommon for the child to know before the age of ten what they aspire to be. Whether this vocation transforms rapidly or slowly is dependent upon the pain-cycle the person is to experience. Some will arrive at the vocation at a young age, while other will change jobs many times before answering the call.  Still others will slowly transition.  All life experience will benefit the Healer’s vocation. In childhood, The Wounded Healer will seek out ways to help others. Oversensitive, they will feel drawn to saving, nursing, rescuing, and easing discomfort. They will notice the wonders of nature that others often overlook. They will cry if a creature is hurt. They will cry if a person is hurt. At one point, in an attempt to survive, they will learn to stop crying as much, and this can cause much inner turmoil. These children will seem wise beyond their years. They will have the strong need to serve the greater good. They will often feel like failures and not good enough. This will be mistaken for low self- esteem. This is not so. These souls have a strong, if not all encompassing need to serve and heal, and when they cannot do so they feel suffocated, inadequate, weak, and not good enough. They might be mistaken by others as depressed, failures, dreamers, or perfectionists.  Emotions may be out of control.


4)  All wounded healers are empathic and also considered Empathic Healers. The Empathic Healers carry empathic traits, but do not necessarily carry all the traits of a Wounded Healer. The Wounded Healer includes the qualities of an Empathic Healer. However, an Empathic Healer may or may not have the traits of the Wounded Healer, such as: traumatic childhood and pain-cycle. In distinguishing the two, there is no urgency or necessity. But for clarity we point out the difference. Traits of an Empathic Healer include the ability to read the emotional energy field outside of a person. This can or cannot be seen. Usually the energy is felt more than seen. But seeing can be developed with focused practice and attention. Empathics have the ability to pick up on others’ emotional state. They may feel “depleted” in energy around other people, especially in crowds. This is a falsehood to consider the experience a “depletion.” This interpretation implies that there is not enough energy left in the person, and that something has been removed, taken, leaked, or escaped. There is no depletion of energy that is possible. What is happening is the person is taking the others’ energy and reworking the energy so to say, and then returning the energy cleansed to the others. This is like a doctor removing a sample of blood, cleaning the blood, and returning the blood. Only the Empathic Healer is the doctor, the tube holding the blood, and the source of healing. Thus the Empathic Healer is left feeling tired from the process. There is no danger in this except the feeling of exhaustion and the possible susceptibility to taking on another’s pain instead of cleansing the pain. Each Empathic Healer will have to learn how to protect themselves from exhaustion and the transfer of pain. The key is to recognize ultimately there is no pain, and thus, what is really happening is an energy transfer, a giving of one to heal another at a soul-level. This “healing” is complicated, but it is suffice to say the one must recognize the other for the earth to heal, although, even this is very much not the true and ultimate meaning.


5)  All wounded healers are repeatedly humbled. This begins in childhood and does not stop for the course of a lifetime. For in order to heal to the greatest degree, as mentioned before, the person must practice and live in humility. Each will do so in various degrees. The greatest healers and shifters of mankind will be the most humble. We need not look far to see who these souls were that existed to transform this world. Not all souls who are Wounded Healers will retreat to the greatest of humility, there will be varying degrees based on culture and the necessity to affect change. How others perceive the healer is still important. Societal rules and regulations, and the status of a person, can all affect the perceived skill of the healer. Therefore, each Healer will have different degrees of humility. Not all seekers will feel comfortable with a half naked man with no teeth. Therefore, Healers are colored in all patterns, and dressed in robes that will attract those needed to fulfill their highest good. This may mean no robe, a tattered robe, a designer robe, or a robe of gold; what matters is not the robe the healer wears but what he houses beneath. A Wounded Healer will heal. This is a matter of practicality. There is no way she cannot.


Wounded since childhood, and sometimes before entering this plane, the soul of The Wounded Healer will seek out help from an early age. They will attempt to remove the pain in many methods. Many of the methods will lead to further humility. Sources such as strict religion, addictive relationships, drugs, alcohol, gambling, overwork, and the like will often accompany the Wounded Healer in his journey through the pain-cycle. Many will seek help through doctors, psychics, energy-healers, therapists, clergy, and counselors, and in this way continue to be humbled. Others may succumb to mental collapse or physical breakdown. Again, they will be stripped to the bare bone. Some will experience great pain through loss and affliction repeatedly, which end results leads to humility. The pain-cycle will continue. When the fruitful time has arrived, The Wounded Healer will break free from the pain-cycle. This is different for each person. If one were to know when the pain would end, this would be no different then knowing the age of death. On knowing the age of death all life is unavoidably lived and experienced differently. Therefore The Wounded Healer has made an agreement to not know when the pain-cycle will end, in order not to affect change or the end result.

Even as the pain-cycle ends, pain remains to a degree. Humility remains, as does the ability to see in others what is in thy own self. Humility then becomes a coat of armor and a friend. A blessed companion we thank the heavens for creating. For in this grand humility we find the comfort of knowing what has come before has served to heal.

In evaluating a Wounded Healer it is best not to use logic but instead to rely on instinct and feeling. A healer of such magnitude, who carries the armor of humility and the pain of many scars, will be notable to you on many levels. First, and foremost, they will carry with them a peace and inner light so that you will have a tendency to feel that you “know” the person or want to know them. You will be attracted to The Wounded Healer and not necessarily know why. This of course is after the completion of the pain-cycle—before this you might actually be propelled away or want to escape. But we speak of the end of the pain-cycle, when the cloak of humility, grace and service is evident. In this time seek you signs of a welcomed presence. This Healer will seem wise beyond his years, will gravitate towards serving others for the sake of healing alone, and will often be serious-minded and unable to easily let go and relax. Overall, in considering The Wounded Healer it is important to remember their coat of humility. For whatever they may say or do, or seem to say or do through your perception, their ultimate goal is healing.” ~ Sam

(No editing was applied to this prose. This all came out in one quick sitting.)



25 thoughts on “Day Twenty: The Wounded Healer (Enter with Caution: Super Deep)

    1. I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts, and offering your kind words. This prose came to me in one quick sitting, without any actual “thinking,” as odd as I suspect that sounds. Thanks again for the read; it was a long post. ~ Sam

      1. No, Sam, that doesn’t sound odd at all—that’s often how a person does their best writing. I’m very glad that you had an opportunity to write it all out before it stood the chance of being “lost to time.” —George

  1. Yes, I concur; deep, profound, beautiful and inspiring post! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Peace & grace,

  2. Hi,
    Do not normally write on these pages but this piece of writing is like someone from above handing me a life line. This is the first time I have read something so profound that for me is life changing, this article is me, for 47 years I have struggled with pain physical and emotional to the point of giving up. Have searched every avenue and being told it’s my own fault ‘my pain’, that I am stuck in my life but deep down I knew I was not…I am a acupuncturist and work with energy and often question my own ability that I cannot heal myself! Thank you for putting this out where I and others who feel at such at loss at times can read it….Hilary

    1. Hilary ~ Divine timing! You left a comment at the perfect moment. Today I saw my energy healer and I was talking about this exact thing! Your words reminded me of this post. I need to reread it myself. Much love to you! I see an acupuncturist every week; thank you for healing others. Many beneficial beings were unable to heal themselves. I do believe we can heal many aspects of ourselves though. Thank you very much for this comment. 🙂

  3. Sam, thank you for suggesting that I read this. I recognize something of myself in what you have written, and I can see that we have similar threads in our ideas. In a strange way I feel that I am ending the first phase you mention, and I hope I have the courage to find the humility you suggest. Interestingly, this coincides with a book I have almost finished that talks about what you describe: the cycles of pain, the dawning of light, and a commitment to answering the call of conscience. In particular, I am thankful that you recognize the great gift a wounded person has to offer the world… one of the most sublime and perhaps misunderstood processes is how a person who has indeed been wounded is able to forever reject the behavior they have suffered as a possibility in themselves. This in itself offers healing to those they meet, since they cannot be pulled into an emotional space that is corrupt or destructive. At least that has been my experience. I was also very interested to read the fourth item about crowds, which has given me much to ponder. I look forward to learning more from you, Sam. You obviously have much to teach me. With light, James.

    1. I thought the same thing, about the similar threads. That is wonderful that you are almost finished with your book. Oh, yes….I’ve had the recognition of wounded healer since a young age. I like the thought of “…how a person who has indeed been wounded is able to forever reject the behavior they have suffered as a possibility in themselves.” I’ve had many wounds, so this is greatly encouraging and hope-filled, your words. And you, much to teach me. 🙂 Light and Love ~ Sam

  4. I love this post on the Wounded Healer. In astrology, i read that the wounded healer represents an asteroid called Chiron or Charon. I always love to sink into a different dimension…it’s very heartwarming. 🙂 *Bear hugs*
    ~Maya Sanders

    1. Bear hugs! I am so glad you enjoy sinking into different dimensions. Me, too! Obviously. You are such an angel in my life. Lots of love to you, Sweet Maya. xoxox Sam

  5. Sam, you slay me. A friend sent me a link to your blog after you ‘liked’ her post on her blog. She sent it because I am an illustrator/auther writing a YA fantasy novel and the main character is Aspie. I am not aspie. But I teach highschool art and have many who are student’s of mine over the years and they have changed my life. This novel burned a hole through me until I began to write it. Surely enough, even though it is my story, the main character (a girl) is aspie because the impact has been so profound on me that it had to be that way. So here I am reading your 365 days as ‘research’ and I loved your mind from the start. But it was on day 20 I began to cry and to understand once again that nothing is by chance. I have long been aware that I am a ‘wounded healer’ collecting different tools over the years; art therapy, teaching art, Reiki and most recently light work with the aura. I know I am meant to be around teens. I didn’t start out steering that way, it just is that way. When I read this post it consciously occurred to me for the first time that my own pain-cycle has been over for about two years and I know the exact day, hour, minute. I cannot credit the years of therapy and self help work though it helped. The peace and illumination came completely unexpected in a quiet miracle like a gift and it is much like what you right about here. You amaze me. I cannot relay in a blog comment, the extent of the impact being around my aspie students has had but if you would like to correspond you can reach me through my website:, I also am now a fond follower of your blog 😉 Cat

    1. Wow!! 🙂 You are SUPER talented….and I’m kind of picky with art, so that says a lot. he he
      What an awesome surprise your comment is. Instantly love you and want to make you my good friend. lol 😉
      If I ever publish, I would seriously consider collaborating with you and having you work on the cover. So impressed with your heart, talent, and art. Yay! I shared your kind comment with two of my best friends.
      So happy to be in touch. Keep me posted about your book. So happy you found your passion in life, and went through the healing cycle. Very interesting to read your journey. And glad to hear wounded healer resonated with you!!!
      Hugs ~ Sam
      Are you on Facebook? My link to facebook is above.

  6. That was amazingly beautiful! I was almost in tears by the end of it, and I don’t really know why. Where did you learn about that? I would definitely be interested in learning more…I think I’ve now picked up a new obsession, because I have to now read it all!

    1. It just came to me. I didn’t learn it from anywhere. Just came and I wrote what I “heard.” So glad you enjoyed. This is my favorite piece. You’ve inspired me to share this again. Thank you. 🙂 Sam

  7. It is incredible to read this and have it resonate. I felt so lost and out of control for many years in my adult life up until 6 months ago when my “pain cycle” ended. Feeling alone and confused without realizing that there was purpose in the pain made it difficult to heal those wounds but now I am committed more than ever to serve the highest good and heal others. Thank you for this beautiful post. It makes perfect sense.

  8. Wow, I’m speechless (rare occurrence for me). Over the last 5 years or so people have referred to me specifically as a healer. It was a shock to my very core every time someone would call me that. I don’t know why, it just did, still does. I would just laugh it off and think these people have no idea, I’m not a healer…I’m a survivor so I have a lot of experience to pull from. Recently, certain events brought the topic up again so in searching for a definition of the various types of healers I came across this post. The Wounded Healer is me and I know I was meant to find it now, at this moment in my life. I don’t know whether to cry, sigh in relief or go have a glass of wine. So, I will sigh in relief as I go grab a bottle of wine and since I’m not much of a crier, I will sit in stunned silence as I try to accept who am I and what I believe to my life’s purpose. Thank you so much for taking the time to receive this message and for posting it for those of us it was intended for. This is somewhat life changing for me, a little scary, definitely life changing. Sending warm wishes and big hugs your way!

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