8 thoughts on “532: Painting Again

  1. I am so delighted to see this!! I too am an artist and when I did not know I had Asperger’s, I ended up going to see a Psychiatrist at about the age of 48 to try and figure out WHY I was the way I was. They said I was Bi-Polar 2 and I went through all sorts of medications until I ended up on a low dose of Topamax which actually gave me the least problems compared to anything else. They also kept trying to give me anti-depressants saying just one medication wasn’t enough. It took away all my artist side and I thought it was the price I had to pay for control. Lately I discovered transdermal magnesium and how almost everyone is low in magnesium but people on the spectrum are especially low. Magesium is notoriously hard to supplement with internally. So now I dose myself a couple of times a day (as does my family) with a mixture of distilled water mixed equal parts with either magnesium chloride or epsom salts rubbed onto our body. It has given all of us in my family so much less anxiety and helped us deal with people because our nerves are running smoother besides healing other physical problems. I am slowly weaning off the Topamax and yesterday for the first time I randomly started drawing as I was waiting to hear from someone. YAY!! Seeing your painting gave me a rush of happiness to think that my creativity could return and this person who used to show her work in art shows could still be here. I can’t encourage you enough to play and enjoy yourself! I always start out just feeling the colors and taking off on an adventure. Have fun and thank you for sharing it with us!

    1. thank you! your story sounds familiar to many of us on the spectrum.. I struggle with keeping my magnesium, calcium, and potassium levels up. I take a high dose magnesium pill and liquid and salt baths.. but I haven’t tried salt rubs.. great idea.. šŸ™‚ best to you in your future creations

  2. Hi Sam,

    Delighted to see your art again. The pastel colours are beautifully soothing, as is the style. ‘Across Time’ <—fave: almost like the evolution of love into enlightenment.

  3. Hey Sam!
    Beautiful paintings. Have you ever considered printing them in different poster sizes and selling them online? I’m sure they would sell like hot cakes…or icecream!

    Love me xox

  4. I haven’t seen your Art besides Writing til now and I love your colour ideas and fluidity. I’m an Artist also, whatever medium suits the idea and your paper towel material is classic and something I’d do. Happy New Year to You and Your Family! So glad your Book will be in circulation this Year!

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